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  1. -Vyse-

    I’m gone

    Yea I’ve had enough of the people here. Specifically vomit and his different handles. I honestly don’t care about this board but guess what? You’ve run someone off because they’ve gotten tired of the constant arguing and baiting. Have fun with this because I’m about to see about deleting my account here. Few people here are cool but majority here suck major ass. You all have fun playing the “who’s an alias” game. But I’m not playing.
  2. No reply I see. Shows that I was right
  3. Aren’t you whitewonder/vomit/gutter/chronic? You REALLY want to try saying other people have different handles?
  4. Now I know you’re a old dumb tramp
  5. Sorry I don’t do school. I do work. Something you don’t seem familiar with since you are constantly swapping out handles
  6. Awww now he’s going and doing the sad reactions. Like we all don’t know he’s grasping at straws and throwing the gun
  7. This guy will do anything but admit he’s wrong who in their right mind would be logged in years ago on different devices just to try and throw people off of them having an alias for years down the road What an idiot
  8. Stayed logged in this time huh
  9. Had to log back in I see
  10. Doesn’t vomit defend this type of behavior?
  11. Better be careful. Vomit is a narc so he might just report this post
  12. Awe poor little guy must’ve forgot to look in this thread cause digby posted in this as well as I did. Same day. Same time. Your “theory” doesn’t hold water at all and you just proved yourself wrong
  13. Took you a while to log back in I see
  14. -Vyse-


    Better watch out. He’s logged into his white wonder alias to try and make it seem like he has back up
  15. Says the guy that keeps pulling up old threads to try and start arguments