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  1. Twinsdad

    Playoff scenario's...

    Thanks @rurbaniak I was worried after the slow start by the two Motor City Kitties in my lineup but Jeff Wilson and Davonte Adams saved my ass. It also doesn't hurt that Derrick Henry had to play with snow shoes on.
  2. Twinsdad

    Playoff scenario's...

    Good Luck @rurbaniak. We're about the only chance any Detroit team has for a Superbowl win. With 4 teams now from the Detroit area, this is almost FFTMDL light.
  3. Twinsdad

    electrical question

    Glad we could help
  4. Twinsdad

    2020 update.. (Team news)

    Take care JScott
  5. Twinsdad

    Drop screw up

    When I tried to move Tevin Coleman off IR, I inadvertently dropped him instead of moving him to my bench. Can I get the commish to add him back to my roster. Thanks
  6. Twinsdad

    2020 Dues

  7. Twinsdad

    Expanded IR and Free Agency

    I got it to work, but it wasn't for at least the first 20 minutes. Probably would have been a coin toss as my first choice was already gone by the time I saw this.
  8. Twinsdad


    I like the change in drafting on RTS, I think it will end up a little faster. I get emails when every pick is made and can sign up for text alerts as well. You can use the queue and have it auto draft your pick for the later rounds too. I think most of our previous drafts lasted 10-14 days. We'll see how this year shakes out.
  9. Twinsdad

    Draft Commentary

    I was debating between Regor and Higgins. Pittman was in the mix as well if he fell that far. Not sure what your board looks like, but I had a feeling you were going RB at 2.06. So I went Moss. Moss/Gibson were my top two of those left.
  10. Twinsdad

    2020 Check-in

  11. Twinsdad

    gratefulted is dead

    Thanks for letting us know Rusty. RIP Ted Like rubaniak, I was in a few FF leagues with him. Tried to meet up with him and Torrid years ago on a trip to Portland, but didn't work out.
  12. Twinsdad

    I slipped and fell today

    Distracted by a hummingbird?