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  1. Twinsdad

    Happy 20th, CHIMI

    Congrats Silverbacks. Only 12 seasons for me.
  2. He's a remnant of a previous super-advanced Geek Club.....
  3. Twinsdad

    I have Cancer :/

  4. Twinsdad

    2021 DUES

    sent - Venmo
  5. Twinsdad


    did she wiffle your pickle?
  6. Rare earth magnets will work to remove the security devices.
  7. Twinsdad

    Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones...GET OFF MY LAWN!!!
  8. Twinsdad

    2021 Schedule

    Either option would be fine with me
  9. Twinsdad

    Now THIS is a real sport.

    Nope, still around. Mostly . Ever hear from Swirve?
  10. Twinsdad

    Now THIS is a real sport.

    I know a few of these kids. My boys played little league with them a few years back.
  11. Any of those 4 dates work for me.
  12. Twinsdad

    A chick just came in the store...

    Then maybe the zipper down was a ploy to see if she could get out of the late charges.
  13. Twinsdad

    A chick just came in the store...

    Was she there to return a VHS tape?
  14. Twinsdad

    Take on me.....Fock off if you don't like it...

    That is Save Ferris, not Not Doubt. See my post edited to add the link