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  1. Beaker15

    Solve this

  2. Beaker15

    Sho Nuff

    Agreed. By far the most clueless guy I have ever interacted with online. I am amazed at how stupid he is.
  3. Beaker15

    Did FBG FFA and Politics Board Shut Down?

    Weird, now it works for me
  4. Tried to go there today and forums are down. Maybe Joe finally pulled the plug.
  5. Beaker15

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    Wow, I can't imagine sharing similar opinions as Shotard. That guy is a complete moron.
  6. Beaker15

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

  7. Beaker15

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    My wife and I went in and voted here in Arizona this morning. No line at all but it was early. Some jackass stopped us as we were walking in asking if we were there to vote. Uh yes. He tried to hand me a piece of paper saying it listed all the Democratic ticket names. We said no thanks. How is that legal?
  8. Beaker15

    Another week, Another FU 8

    Cooper FU!
  9. Beaker15

    Joe Biden said what?

    I assume Newbie is the same Jackass that went by JuniorNB on FBG. He is clueless and enjoys getting owned daily.
  10. Beaker15

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    That was pretty funny but I am not shocked that asshat Clayton suspended you. How long did he suspend you?
  11. Beaker15

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    I need to create some aliases but it seems like a lot of work
  12. Beaker15

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    My favorite is when one mod gives you a warning and then a day later a different mod bans you for the same thing. It is clearly Clayton or Aaron showing their bias.
  13. Beaker15

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    Damn. I got permabanned by a faceless mod a few weeks ago for replying to anti-Trump political posts in the FFA. Of course, the libtards I replied to were posting the next day with no penalty. They don't even try and hide their bias anymore. So stupid.
  14. Beaker15

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    Yep I got banned for "spamming" when I linked the video that was on here that showed the guy resisting arrest going to his car to get his gun and shooting the two police officers. They didn't like me proving them wrong that officers acted correctly against Blake. I got a ban and the link was deleted.
  15. Beaker15

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    A year or so ago while my main account was in a suspension I created an alias and responded to a quote from Joe saying only thoughtful, well thought out posts came from the left leaning posters. I said "I really wish there was a dislike option". Bam. That alias was permanently instabanned. So dumb.