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  1. Beaker15

    Seth Rich murdered by the dnc?

    Sho Nuff is a tard?
  2. Beaker15

    Big Papi Capped

    That explains a lot. JuniorNB at FBG is one of the stupidest posters I have ever seen over there. He is constantly getting owned, just like Newbie is here.
  3. Someone go to FBG and dig up all the crazy predictions in the Russia thread
  4. Beaker15

    Mueller to speak on Russian probe at 11:00 am EST

    So Mueller's office is agreeing with Barr that he told Barr and Rosenstein that he would not recommend charging Trump on obstruction regardless of OLC policy?
  5. I would tell him I took it to Goodwill with the rest of the stuff and that it was really weird how Goodwill called me the next day thanking me over and over for bringing it a bunch of crap.
  6. Beaker15

    FBGs down?

    With the certificate expired I was able to hack into the following FBG users and get their passwords: Timschochet - Iluvhillary sho nuff - proudtroll TobiasFunke - Ihavenolife The Commish - menotknoweconomics Henry Ford - believemeiamalawyer squistion - callmeburt whoknew - russia!!! JuniorNB - myiqis75 Dickies - ilooklikemypicture SaintsInDome2006 - echochamber>geekclub
  7. Beaker15

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    I got a 2 day timeout for saying it is amazing Americans are stupid enough to consider voting for a socialist like Bernie Sanders
  8. Beaker15

    ***Official Geek Club Moderation Thread***

    FBG Libs are a special type of stupid
  9. Beaker15

    Bad day for FBI/DOJ scumbags.

    You should check out the Trump and the FBI thread at Footballguys. Saintsindome keeps posting like this recent news is good for the Dems.
  10. Beaker15

    Top 5 over rated TV series

    The Wire is the most over rated show ever. So bad I had to stop in 4th season
  11. Beaker15

    New muslim congresswoman on trump

    what a kuunnt
  12. Beaker15

    If you owned the TN Titans...

    Sign Mariota long term, he is a stud. He has just had some bad luck with injuries.