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  1. Beaker15

    Smear the queer?

    Yep, I remember on Thanksgiving dinner we had when I was around 10 years old and my Grandparents were visiting. As we were finishing up eating someone asked what we should do. I jokingly said how about a nice game of smear the queer in the backyard? My brother started laughing but my Grandparents had a look of horror. I found out later from my Mom that Grandma thought I was gay after that!
  2. Has anyone heard from @Sean Mooney since this happened?
  3. Beaker15

    Dodds leaving FBG

    So tempted to post in that thread that I would assume I was mentally ill if I thought I woke up as a woman but it would result in a ban no doubt.
  4. Beaker15

    The Sopranos vs The Wire

    The Wire was so bad I stopped watching in season 4. The only reaaon I stuck with it so long was because of the reviews I read. Sopranos for sure but Breaking Bad number 1 all time for me.
  5. Beaker15

    Your gas price

    I don't charge for my gas, I give out for free. Crop dusting is my favorite.
  6. Beaker15

    Name the woman and what you’d pay to own her

    Dude, she is 19. How old are you?
  7. Beaker15

    NFL Draft 2022

    Kayvon is not a punk at all. He will have a better career than Hutch.
  8. Beaker15

    Golfers -- what are your 14 clubs?

    Driver 2-9 Iron PW 50 degree wedge putter
  9. Beaker15

    I find it hard to not see trans as mental illness...

    Where do I sign up?
  10. Beaker15

    March Madness— Doomsday

    Big 10 starting their tank early this year
  11. Beaker15


    Joe Biden will crap his pants on live tv
  12. Beaker15

    March Madness— Doomsday

    Big 10 way overrated again. None of them will sniff the Final 4.
  13. Beaker15

    March Madness— Doomsday

    Can't wait for next week! Will be in Vegas betting on every game.