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  1. mattman7168

    Chargers moving on from Rivers

    Winston gets lasik... link
  2. mattman7168

    Trading Brees in Dynasty

    Wow! He's usually the first automatic keeper for me. With 12 teams and rosters of 20 players being cut down to 9, I don't see how Brees wouldn't be a keeper.
  3. mattman7168

    Trading Brees in Dynasty

    I guess. I've given up picks in years past when making the push for the playoffs/suber-bowl. It's win now and worry about next year next year.
  4. mattman7168

    Trading Brees in Dynasty

    Got a 2nd for Brees. It's a snake draft so depending where the other team finishes, it could be pick 13-18.
  5. mattman7168

    Trading Brees in Dynasty

    Appreciate the reply. I agree, he's getting older. But just so we understand each other though...it's a 1st in a dynasty/keeper league where we keep 9 players, so round 1 is the equivalent of the 10th round in a re-draft league.
  6. mattman7168

    Trading Brees in Dynasty

    I play in a 12 team Dynasty/Keeper hybrid league. Roster size is 20 spots. Pretty much standard scoring, 1 QB starts...Prior to the draft we cut down to 9. The draft is then 11 rounds with all cut players and rookies in the pool. The big name rookies tend to go first but there are usually a couple big names that no one could trade away and/or could not be kept after cutting down to 9, so those players are likely scooped in the late 1st or early 2nd. This year, my team fell apart. The first time I am not making the playoffs in 10 years. Have had Brees since he was a rookie, but his time is fading and I am hoping Daniel Jones can be my QB for the future (Mariotta and Rosen were supposed to be my future too...see how that worked out ). Anyway, I've put Brees on the block and am expecting a 1st, or at the very least a 2nd rounder. So far, I've only received an offer of a 3rd...since "sweetened" with the 3rd and Rivers. I don't care about Rivers...he's not my answer either. Am I out of line to think Brees is worth a 1st in this format? Considering the person wanting him is a serious contender for the title? Thoughts?
  7. mattman7168

    FU week 10

    F me for all the stupid decisions I've made this year & all the dumb luck. For the 1st time in about 10 years I won't be heading to the playoffs in my keeper/dynasty league. Won't bore you with all the details but by far the biggest blunder was picking Darwin Thompson over Devin Singletary. Maybe followed by holding AJ Green rather than cutting his worthless arse! FU!!!!
  8. mattman7168

    AJ Green Is it time

    I am so pissed at myself. In my keeper/dynasty league I've had him since his rookie year. I've been down on him the past couple seasons with his injuries/shortened seasons, and considered dropping him before this years draft. Was going to make a clean break and let some other schmuck deal with him. But did I? NOOOOO! I kept him since he was going to be back by week 6. Instead I became the schmuck who is dealing with him. So, all though this is the wrong thread...FU green!
  9. mattman7168

    F.U. Week 4

    Classic! Made me LOL for real! I've been lurking here forever but signed up just for this post. Of course, that was Friday and I didn't get any actual account activation until this morning so the whole spontaneity of it all is moot now...so FU to the spam-bots that delayed my account activation! Also, FU to OJ Howard, useless oaf! ...And my entire team in general. Through 4 weeks I have a TOTAL of 4 touchdowns...4. Only 4 f'in TDs in 4 weeks. How is that possible? (Not including QB -Brees & Foles, & now my dynamic duo of Dalton and D. Jones. This year is done! FU 2 me!!!