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  1. Respond like a 15 year old, stomp your feet, call names, insult, and ignore facts written in plain English. Yeah, now I know what I'm dealing with.
  2. Did you? The very last word states the instruction is "FALSE".. As I said before, learn more about reading comprehension. And again you are not credible with anything you post. Try harder.
  3. Curious where you got this info (Instagram, really???) because it's wrong. Facts matter, and not alternative ones. Your credibility has sunk even lower, as if that's possible. This was really easy enough to find the truth though..https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/unanimously-agree-trump-jury/
  4. Your schtick is old - time for new material. You are the epitome of projection and not worth anymore of my time.
  5. I see you listed all your other traits. Good for you!
  6. Personal attack. Check Trump committed crimes. He's using his candidacy as a shield and you are falling for it. Brush up on reading comprehension.
  7. For everyone saying all Trump's indictments are political, why did Trump announce he was running for president on November 15, 2022? Everyone agrees that was crazy early! But...he announced it so early because he knew these indictments were coming. He wanted to plant the seeds that his legal issues were political attacks. His supporters ate it up and still spit it out. Regardless, this has all played out exactly how he wanted it to, and it was all predicted here. The 2nd to last paragraph says it all, and it was written in 2022.
  8. Funny. I mentioned the same thing a page back and it was "ignored" as well.
  9. I wish the emoji reactions also included a "Thumbs Down" or more appropriately, "Are you FOCKING kidding me?" A confused reaction just doesn't cut it with statements like this.
  10. So Trump is alleging that BIden wanted him assassinated. I seem to recall arguments in Trump's immunity case where his lawyer agreed that in certain cases it would be within the realm of the president's duties to have political enemies assassinated. Maybe that isn't OK then, huh. Go figure.
  11. mattman7168

    ***Wagering thread***

    I was going to jump on the Henry 15+ TDs but DK only had him at 10.5 TDs for +105. Still a good bet but not as juicy as the 15+ you mentioned
  12. This statement is correct. 45 different men have been president. Grover Cleveland was president for 2 consecutive terms and a 3rd non-consecutive term, so he was the 22nd and 24th president. Regardless of Trump being 45 and Biden 46, there still have only been 45 different men that were president. Carry on.
  13. mattman7168

    Strange Man vs Bear Hypothetical

    What if it's Cocaine Bear?
  14. mattman7168

    What do we think of the new MÖTLEY CRÜE?

    What? I read that several times and, congrats. You confused me. Anyway, the Stones and Springsteen (in addition to Motley Crue) come to mind as artists that recently put out new music that doesn't have the same energy/vibe as their older stuff. It seems uninspired and lazy...like it was just released for a money grab.