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  1. jonmx

    I have the Moderna flu

    I had zero issues with both Pfizers shots.
  2. Hold on a minute, let me finish.
  3. jonmx

    MLB Pulls All Star Game from Atlanta

    California is #1 @ 7.25% Georgia is tied with a few other states at #40-44th place @ 4.00%
  4. So instead of landing on properties and paying rent, you loot them?
  5. jonmx

    The NBA stands with the Asian Community.....

    At least you know when to backtrack. When you lose an argument pull the race card. Liberals are real turds.
  6. jonmx

    March Madness Bracket Talk

    At 50 to 1 they are a great long shot bet. I have $60 on them.
  7. jonmx

    The NBA stands with the Asian Community.....

    You need to get away from whatever ivory tower you belong to and talk to real people. 88% of whites think the media coverage of police shootings are overblown (UMass Lowell Research). 63% of whites think our country has done enough in giving equal rights to blacks (pew research). 54% of whites do not believe they receive advantage from their race (pew research) . So most white people think you as full of crao with your white privilege rhetoric and your excessive media coverage of these issues.
  8. jonmx

    The NBA stands with the Asian Community.....

    I don't know what universe you are living in, but those terms are used to marginalized all white people. It is the rhetoric which pits whites against non-whites. Your words sound good in theory, but in reality they are complete bs.
  9. jonmx

    The NBA stands with the Asian Community.....

    White privilege. Systemic racism. These terms are used to condemn all white people.
  10. It is even worse. Black on Asian crime is all about white supremacy too.
  11. jonmx

    Greatest boxing match ever

    Nothing beats the first Balboa vs. Creed.
  12. jonmx

    How can the blatant lies not be challenged?

    The Nashville police knocked off a black women yesterday. How dare the cop shoot a black woman! She did absolutely nothing except pull a gun on the evil police officer and shot him first.
  13. jonmx

    WTF happened to Brooke Shields

    Still bangable.
  14. jonmx

    Any chance this gets tagged as a hate crime?

    You forgot to empasize it was armed attack since he had a pair of nail clippers.
  15. But the stats prove it! There has been a huge spike in anti-Asian violence in major cities with New York, Los Angelas, Boston and San Francisco leading the way. You know all those hot spots of MAGA supporters.