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  1. I am sure being jacked up on hormones played zero role in her mental condition. There is no link between testosterone and aggression.
  2. The Real problem is you are being manipulated by big corporate and big government alliance but have your head so far up your arse you have no clue.
  3. It is one of the biggest goals of the deep state to disarm the population as much as possible. It is all about wealth and power. The idea that the deep state bastards give one rats ass about 3 dead children is laughable. They use murder to manipulate.
  4. Because they are being manipulated by the the fascist alliance. The structural hierarchy which is the root of all evil in this country is not based race or gender, but instead is the secret alliance between our mega corporations and intelligence bureaucracies which operate way above the reach of our elected government. Our schools, universities, and media & Tech are nothing but mouthpieces for this fascist alliance which serve to divide the population and control the information which is consumed by the masses. We must be monitored 24/7 and we must e disarmed from having any means of defense from our fascist overlords.
  5. That is the typical authoritarian useful idiot. They think they are part of the ruling elite, but they end up being lined up for the gas chambers just like everyone else.
  6. The left are manufacturing these banning. It is their usual crock of crap they cook up. The people who are banning books are the leftist behind the scenes. They don't want an open process which determines the contents available in the library. They want some leftist kook who spent four years studying the 757 flavors of genders to be picking out pornography to fill the schools bookshelves and curriculum. Leftist have become nothing but a bunch of lying sicko bastards who has lost all concepts of what good governance is and instead want everything done by leftist perverts behind closed doors.
  7. jonmx

    Onside Kick -vs- 4th & 20

    Why make a team which dominated the game for 59 minutes more likely to lose on some fluke play?
  8. jonmx

    Liberal parents lock boy inside a dog cage

    How many did they kill? Oh yeah zero, you lying Biden cuck-sucking idiot.
  9. History question in 2080... Which society had mass castration of perfectly healthy children? A. 1930's NAZI Germany B. 1940's Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin C. 2020's Woke America.
  10. Show me all the Democratic politicians who speak out against gender surgeries for children. There might be one of these unicorns somewhere, but I doubt it.
  11. Having the Chinese CDC investigate the cause of COVID is like having Allen Dulles being the main investigator in the assassination of JFK.
  12. Every single Democrat is an enabler of so-called gender-affirming care which includes providing castration procedures to children. Funny how the poster whining about others obsessions, is the poster who posts the most on the topic.
  13. How does it help? We are spreading awareness of the issue and combating the narrative which is being force feed to us via big tech and big media. It is slowly gaining momentum in the red states and hopefully will spread nationally in the next election.
  14. Why is talking about a problem which has grown 100-fold during recent years impacting the future of millions of children be so offensive to the leftists? I know I would feel like a moron if every politician I voted for continues to support such an evil practice. This topic must embarrass the f out of you.