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  1. So some guy speculating about something he has no real insight about is better than testimony from the actual bookkeeper whose handwriting it is on? No one is saying Trump did not approve the payment, but the so-called fraudulent memos on the checks were the work of the bookkeeper, and there is nothing sinister about putting a note on a check. Seriously retarded.
  2. How can pointing out facts like the judge's daughter raised over $100 million on campaigns for Democrats based on the idea that Trump must be put in jail, fuk up this trial? It calls into question a clear corrupt conflict of interest the judge has and it is the judge's corruption thst fuks up the case. Why doesn't Trump have the right to point out facts.
  3. Nothing you posted has anything to do with election interference.
  4. No. This is a one-way gag order. Very unique and does not come close to meeting the standards the Supreme Court established for issuing such an order. The usual purpose is to protect the defendant against the jury pool being corrupted. This order allows everyone involved to trash Trump, UT Trump can not respond. This judge is rigging the case every way he can. The purpose is not for a conviction, but to control Trump during the election cycle.
  5. Yes...he is under gag orders from two courts.
  6. Equal treatment and free speech are for everyone you moron.
  7. You will always be a total bootlicking retard. It is so sad.
  8. Equal treatment. The right to be free from malicious prosecution. Freedom of speech. The ability to run a campaign.
  9. According to the opening statement, Trump had zero knowledge of what was written on those checks. The entries were made by his bookkeeper with zero direction from Trump, and she will testify to this. She was simply paying the bills as she always does. The legal bills paid totaled over $430k, so most of those payments were actually legal expenses. It is unbelievable that this case is in court.
  10. Perfect example of what low-life bastards modern leftists are. At least a few are being honest about what total scum they are.
  11. Equal treatment and free speech are hills I would die on. I hate authoritarian bootlickers.
  12. Quit being such a stupid dumbass.....good lord, you are the stupidest MFer on the internet.
  13. Please articulate exactly what Trump did and exactly how it applies to election interference.....
  14. I am not scared. What i despise are Nazi tactics by the left to influence an election. The leftist bastards are: 1. Trying to make Trump look like a criminal with all these phoney cases. 2. Using state money to prosecute Trump, so Trump has to defend himself with his money. 3. Putting gag orders on Trump to deny him of his rights to speak. 4. Tying him up in courts through the election cycle so he can not campaign. Abusing the court system to try to win an election is fuking disgusting. Sieg Heil to Biden.