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  1. jonmx

    Sounds like Rodgers is retiring

    When has Rodger's complained about his contract? Rodger's is upset with ownership whose had the boot on Rodger's butt and was not trying to win immediately. Rodgee's wanted to play several more years and wanted some help on offense. Instead of keeping or getting key players to help them win now, they draft his replacement. That is what Rodgers is mad about, he wants some additional offensive weapons. And then instead of giving Rodgers help, they leak a bunch of crap to the media trying to make the issue about money. It is pretty dysfunctional if them.
  2. jonmx

    I Got Banned At A Different Site

    I can think of one site...
  3. jonmx

    Top 5 song of all time?

    I am all over the place to.. From 1970 all the way to 1982. War Pigs - Black Sabbath Stranglehold - Ted Nugent Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull When the Levee Breaks - Led Zepplin Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
  4. jonmx

    Well, this is a new experience

    He is not totally gay if the she calls herself a he. On the Kinsey scale of 1 to 6, it is probably only a 5, mostly gay. So there is still a slight hint of hetersexuality, but a few more dates could change that.
  5. Yep, but yet white supremacy is the biggest problem mankind faces we are told.
  6. Just like Clinton was the first black president, the Bidens are blacker than most blacks. All Democrats are honorary minorities of their choosing. It is OK for them to use derogatory terminology. Like it is acceptable for family members to sell access to foreign entities. They are Democrats so they are honorable people.
  7. jonmx


    I doubt it goes down to $20k. I think more like $26k, and regardless it is not going to settle anywhere for a long time. It will be at $100k at some point in the next year or two.
  8. jonmx

    Actual Racism

    I think it looks like the psf.
  9. jonmx

    NFL QBs by the Numbers

    16 Joe Montana
  10. jonmx

    NFL QBs by the Numbers

    10 Fran Tarkington.
  11. jonmx

    Oh no, Anyway

    That slave owning Ben Franklin for discovering the stuff.
  12. This just will encourage more protests.
  13. jonmx

    Disaster Girl meme sells for 430K

    I sold some pictures on shutterstock for $0.60.
  14. jonmx

    Ahmaud Arbery

    That line of defense is weak and will fail. That does not justify their actions which resulted in Arbery's death. They cornered him and provoked it. Some trespassing or alleged past theft does not justify brandishing weapons and tracking him down. As much as I am vocal about defending Rittenhouse and Zimmerman, this is a terrible case to defend, IMHO.
  15. The media and Twitter were really embracing this Asian Live Matter movement. We had a mentally ill white dude go on a shooting spree and shoot up a couple of Asian Massage Parlors. We had stats that showed crimes against Asians were going up. It was all Trump and those white supremacist fault! We could finally rope the wildly successful Asians into the social justice movement! One minor problem, the assailants seem to be mostly blacks. The latest story is 61-year old Yao Pan Ma was brutally beaten to near death and caught on video in New York. It appears to be a black male in the video stomping on him. The New York Post has some stories on it . The New York Times, nothing. CNN nothing. MsNBC....nothing. All the networks .....nothing. LaBron James....silent. Do Asian lives really matter to them? Or does promoting their anti-white narrative all that really counts?