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  1. jonmx

    More grooming from the right

    There were 350 cases of teachers charged with sexual assault on students last year. It is estimated thst 6 percent of all sexual assaults result in convictions. For schools, the local government has an interest in protecting the integrity of their schools and tend to hide them, so that number will be lower for teachers. In many cases teachers are simply moved to other districts. It is estimated a single teacher can have as many as 73 victims.
  2. jonmx

    More grooming from the right

    Actually it is a lot more. If 29,000 represents 37 percent of the Total, then the Total equals 29,000 divided by .37, or over 78,000.
  3. She expresses joy at beating an incompetent lawyer instead of disgust that a sick pervert was set free.
  4. It is like you have not read a headline in the last 10 years. Whits criminals are immediately labeled white supremist based on little or no data....seriously, you would not bet these guys were white if I have you 10 to 1 odds. The authoritarian race-baiting bastards propaganda techniques are getting old and easiky predictable.
  5. With 100 percent certainty. If they were white, the race would be in the headline. Only minority criminals have their race hidden. If they were white, the political motivation would not have been dismissed. They would be trump-sipporting white supremist until proven otherwise. Blacks are not political, but act rationally based on generations of oppression. Very little effort will be made finding three guys.
  6. Because there is some truth to it. Only leftist are upset about a movie about a man who helped arrest pedophiles and free children from being trafficked. Epstein ran pedo-island and so many elitist leftist-authoritarians were entrapped by it. Even if they were not left-authoritarians before, the CIA-FBI have tapes to blackmail and control the richest most powerful people in the world. Pedophilia is a tool used by authoritarian leftists.
  7. jonmx

    Math Geeks

    Pythagoras plagerizes?
  8. It is a disgrace, and the pedophile-loving leftist in here defend those bastards. These prosecutors grossly over-execute and target those independant anti-establishment types, while they let the most violent criminals and child molesters go. Oh a few will come in here and give some lip-service as if they care, but as long as these rogue prosecutors go after political enemies they will be protected and excused. There is a high-probility George Soros money was behind getting these prosecutors elected.
  9. Really big dumbfuks who have been brainwashed by a government-controlled media and institutions they ignorantly believe are indelendant. Universities are mouthpieces of leftist authoritarians. Big Tech is the gateway for access to all information, on-line commerce, and social media is also in cohorts with the government elitists as well as having a ridiculous amount of access to all kinds of personal information. Constant exposure to the propaganda and very limited access to alternative media has grossly distorted their thinking leading them to very irrational conclusions. The whole OP hitpiece is a perfect example of this, with numerous associations to any independant thinking to white supremacy. Only dumbasses like Tim would swallow up such BS.
  10. https://www.newsweek.com/joe-biden-faces-disastrous-defeat-if-rfk-jr-runs-third-party-candidate-1828858 If the Democrats and Republicans nominate Biden and Trump respectively, and Kennedy runs as an independent, 33 percent of Democratic voters would "likely" vote for him according to the poll, including 14 percent who would be "very likely" to back him.
  11. jonmx

    Sound of Freedom

    The US is top three in the world of human trafficking. We are more worried about spending three years making sure some guy who put his feet on Pelosi's desk spends his life in prison than we are human trafficking. When illegal minors cross the boarder with no parents, the United stated government has put thousands of them in the hands of traffickers. And when someone blows the whistle on it, they get prosecuted. Post your stories away, but they are mere antadotal stories and ignores the big picture of the corruption. The problem of human trafficking is largely ignore while the media is busy drumming up race wars highlighting every incident which they van turn into a racist event. We are being brainwashed if you bother to look at the numbers.
  12. jonmx

    Sound of Freedom

    You mean the law enforcement that does nothing about stopping child-sex trafficking? Of course someone working undercover needs a believable cover. Just because some dumbass leftist says something to attack someone you hate, you swallow it. Seriously, you are nothing but a bootlicker.
  13. jonmx

    Sound of Freedom

    Left's new motto: "Make Pedophilia Great Again!"
  14. Yea, highly selected interviews which goes out of their way to select the biggest idiots, so brainwashed brownshirts like you can keep their tongues up the authoritarian asses believing you are superior. Exactly how are you fockers different from the Nazies, because I don't see anything different. You are all the same bootlicking authoritarian bastards.