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  1. They most definitely identified it. The remove it demand was clearly implied and was confirmed by the way the social media companies woukd report back and confirmed they removed the content and/or individual. You may think fascist control of social media is a nothingburger, but people who value real American freedoms know otherwise.
  2. That is exactly what they did. There was no law which the New York Post broke concerning Hunter's laptop. It was legal protection speech which also happened to be true.
  3. Spinning facts differently does not make one disinformation and that is the problem with censorship. The difference between truth vs. disinformation in politics is usually just perception.
  4. Lol...just like Brutus and company were Caesar's government.
  5. They were proactively trying to censor a story they knew was true from damaging their favored candidate before an election. It does not have to be explicitly demanded. It was a partisan conspiracy between government and the owners of public platform, two groups which freedom of speech demands neutrality from.
  6. When the government meets weekly with social media platforms and identifies material which breaks no law that should be removed, it is censorship.
  7. Lol....keep telling yourself that. FBI warned Twitter during ‘weekly’ meetings of Hunter Biden ‘hack-and-leak operation’ before censoring The Post
  8. Awesome. So lots of censorship is ok, as long as it is not 'all'. This kind of sounds like just be a little bit pregnant.
  9. That is so cute how speech nazi's rationalize their war on opposing speech. Trump makes false claims about elections, so then nobody is allowed to raise legitimate concern about about elections. Some kook makes terrible arguements about global warming, then no one is allowed to raise even factual points against global warming. One police officer makes an unjustified killing, the all police shootings are unjustified. There is one false claim against vaccines, then all criticism is disallowed. There is one violent protest against an abortion clinic, then the left tries to outlaw all protests at abortion clinics. The Chinese hack Hillary's server, then Hunter laptop must be a hack or misinformation. There is one threat against a transgender clinic, then all legitimate criticisms promote violence. Just rinse and repeat. Anything and everything the right says is labeled hate or misinformation and gets censored for some bs reason. Of course this doesn't work the other way. Leftist commit far more violent acts and lies are far more extensive, but all your crap is excuses as rare or one-off acts. You and your censorship-loving cowards can take your butts to Canada.
  10. You and leftists buddies clearly don't give a rats ass about freedom of speech. You want your safe places to be free from any information that contradicts all your asinine positions or goes against your agenda. The whole reason to hate Musk is because you do not buy into the open exchange of ideas.
  11. Not if it clearly illegal. Nobody ever alledged the New York Post did anything illegal.
  12. Logical position my arse. There was not legitimate reason to blackout the Hunter laptop story, and everyone knew it. It was 100 percent pure censorship design to save the Biden's blundering campaign. This is the very reason we have a First Amendment to stop crap like this. But you hate freedom. And BTW, government declaring things disinformation is what authoritarian dictatorships do, not a free society.
  13. Absolutely. As long as they are not on video stating, "hey look, we are interfering with the election and breaking the law" they are all good with it. And even then, if it is from a right-wing source, it can be ignored since they are all frauds. There is not once ounce of integrity in modern leftists.
  14. Going over 90 in Southern California is just flowing with traffic.
  15. The government has no business even suggesting someone or something be censored unless it is clearly illegal. Nothing illegal about the New York Post's Hunter Biden laptop story or people believing COVID was leaked from a Chinese lab. The government and big tech colluded to defeat Trump. Our public platforms need to be free from government censorship and political manipulation. Of course you leftist authoritarian bastards believe otherwise, and I respect that you acknowledge your stupidity and inability to win a debate on facts.