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  1. One of the liberal pack come to pay a visit. You guys are so consistent in your obsession.
  2. craftsman

    Can we?

    Tell us your views on the Catholic church. Of which I am a part of and support.
  3. craftsman

    the left slowly pushes to normalize pedophilia

    At least I can admit that I would vote for her over any liberal out there that is running for office in this day and age.
  4. Well, "That's Interesting" to some people. Where as mass slaughter in our country is ho hum.
  5. craftsman

    the left slowly pushes to normalize pedophilia

    You don't have to live in California. This kind of shlt is happening in liberals cities all across the country. Own it.
  6. craftsman

    the left slowly pushes to normalize pedophilia

    Your people. You vote for them you support their actions. This is happening across the liberal nation. You are a pedo supporter. Thousands of California’s Convicted Pedophiles are Being Released From Prison in Less Than a Year https://californiaglobe.com/articles/thousands-of-californias-convicted-pedophiles-are-being-released-from-prison-in-less-than-a-year/
  7. 672 homocides, 3357 people shot this year. Liberals don't give a shlt. They never will. They don't care about letting pedos out of prison either. But Trump, and a bunch of selfie takers? Or a random couple murders here and there!!!?? Woah woah woah. We can't have that.
  8. Selfies are so much more heinous than piddling with kids. Liberals have shown that they treat this as fact over and over again. Actions speak louder than words, and all the liberals on this site vote for those types of actions to be taken day in and day out.
  9. craftsman

    Libs on Tik Tok

    Funny. That's what I would do with my white friends if any of us wanted a colored person to attend. I give her a thumbs up.
  10. Liberals... https://www.foxnews.com/media/california-returned-thousands-pedophiles-streets-year-jail-shocking-report-finds California returned thousands of pedophiles to streets after less than a year in jail
  11. You people in Houston. Shut up and boil your water so it's safe to drink. And go work harder so you can give us some more of your money so we can use it on someone else outside of this country. Chop chop. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-admin-pledges-additional-53m-bolster-ukraines-power-grid President Biden's administration has pledged an additional $53 million in aid to Ukraine to assist in fixing the war-torn country's electrical grid.
  12. There's one of my other followers. I knew he would be along soon. Now we just need some mooney, timhack, herbivore, rusty, edjr, and the rest of the liberal posse to continue their obsessing. Bring it on girls.
  13. Nice. Following me around at midnight on a week night. Hope you slept real well.
  14. That's been underway since the beginning of Obama with a short Trump reprieve. Liberals are the equivalent of societal cancer. It's a long proven fact.
  15. craftsman

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    Seriously. They attack in packs. The liberal posse. All they have left in life is their old age and name calling.