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  1. craftsman

    Zach Wilson injured

    You and me both. They have been painful to watch. I'll be more interested in watching Washington this year when it comes to the NFC East.
  2. craftsman

    Trump's residence raided by the FBI

    I'm starting to think that the term 'pizza rolls' coming from SeanHauck is some kind of sick sexual advance on his part. He wants to know if you are in or not.
  3. craftsman

    Trump's residence raided by the FBI

    Maybe you are right. After seeing what my f*cking your mom produced in you, I should rethink about having sex with hillbilly hookers.
  4. Oh jeez TimMooney. Stick to whining about the Chinese Flu.
  5. Let's go Brandon is not crass. It's a classy adjustment TimMooney. You liberals are so stupid.
  6. craftsman

    Zach Wilson injured

    I thought those guys were on the NYG. Anyway, not sure why you think those guys are a compelling watch.
  7. I'm all in as a keeper. I have him in a dynasty.
  8. craftsman

    Salmon Rushdie attacked

    After stabbing the guy 11 times, attacker claims not guilty. The DOJ should go after Trump for this.
  9. craftsman

    Trump's residence raided by the FBI

    So you don't know what's going on. Nothing new I guess.
  10. Yeah. That's the funny part TimMooney. How did that go over your head?
  11. craftsman

    Armed man killed at Cincinnati FBI office

    And he's really bad at murdering people. He should have watched fiilm of the 2020 riots. Then he would have been better prepared to kill, maim, set fire, loot, and destroy.