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  1. Hawkeye21

    NCAA Football

    That game was so frustrating. The score does not represent how the game went. Iowa could not get out of it's own way or catch any breaks. They don't have the offense to survive that.
  2. Hawkeye21

    Failure of the public education system

    Some here think teachers are paid too much.
  3. Hawkeye21

    Has the weather/climate changed where you live?

    The only major thing I've seen here the last couple years is the lack of rain. Been in a drought and the river has been the lowest I've ever seen. Sucks for fishing.
  4. Imagine being that bad at your job.
  5. Since when is that a drug that one political party prefers over the other?
  6. Hawkeye21

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    How is this thread still going?
  7. Hawkeye21

    Band of Brothers sequel

    It looks like Masters of the Air will be available to watch in a few months. Here's the first trailer.
  8. Iowa Hawkeye's DB, Cooper DeJean.
  9. At least it has draft implications.
  10. Go Bears. No Fields or Herbert again.
  11. Middle school is a bit cringe. Very understandable for the high schoolers though.
  12. Ah yes. The days we learned how to hide a boner. Need to wear a belt and tuck that sucker behind it.
  13. When I was in high school we had a couple hot teachers right out of college. We hit on them like crazy. Now that I'm older I totally agree with you here.