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  1. Hawkeye21

    Caitlin Clark debut

    11 PTS 10 REB (9 DREB) 8 AST 4 STL 1 BLK
  2. Hawkeye21

    Caitlin Clark debut

    I think context is important. https://x.com/itsAntWright/status/1794142628637716511
  3. Hawkeye21

    Caitlin Clark debut

    Finally got that first win out of the way. She did not shoot well but still managed a double/double. It's ridiculous that they have played 6 games already and have another one today. They have barely practiced since the season started.
  4. Hawkeye21

    NCAA = rooned?

    Most likely going to see a lot of sports being dropped at schools.
  5. Hawkeye21

    NCAA = rooned?

    What do you consider, "very few?"
  6. "use deadly force only when necessary." People need to stop blowing things out of proportion.
  7. Hawkeye21

    NCAA = rooned?

    Not when the schools are making millions off of them. Not every athlete gets a scholarship either.
  8. Some of you really need to take a break from the news. All the stupid crap that's being fed to you is rotting your brains.
  9. Hawkeye21

    June Mock 2024 - Check In

    I'm in
  10. Hawkeye21

    Caitlin Clark debut

    Women treat each other worse than any man could ever treat them, minus the raping. They’re insufferable on social media.
  11. Lol https://x.com/acnewsitics/status/1793793264518037967?s=46
  12. Hawkeye21

    What Is The Best Newer Movie You Watched ?

    It’s pretty badass
  13. Hawkeye21

    What Is The Best Newer Movie You Watched ?

    I haven't watched many movies lately but I really enjoyed this one.
  14. Hawkeye21

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Any time I see Biden talk all I can think about is how easily a republican candidate would win if it wasn't Trump. So many people are only going to vote for Biden just because he's not Trump. It's embarrassing.