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  1. Hawkeye21

    Ever have a waterbed ?

    I had one in high school.
  2. Plenty of other fish to catch this time of year. October can be a major feeding time.
  3. Hawkeye21


    I thought it was pretty funny. Seeing the actual video now it does look like he was tucking his shirt in. The whole thing was cringeworthy though.
  4. Hawkeye21

    I'm building a house

    Wouldn't a concrete pool be more durable than a fiberglass pool, therefore being the better option?
  5. That's what this forum is all about in my experience. Here are some posts towards me just from the last four days. "Reported...for referring to MDC, Hawkeye, Honcho and Herbi as dumbshits." "It wasn't for Trump. You're an insignificant clown. How does that feel" "How do you know what he thought? It’s a Borat movie. Stop being such a chump." "Wow you're a creep" "It’s a Borat movie. Moron."
  6. Hawkeye21

    Favorite black film

    Does Glory count?
  7. Hawkeye21

    Favorite black film

    I've always been a fan of Friday but it's been a long time since I've seen it. The Wood was decent. What qualifies a movie as being a black movie? Would the movies Get Out and Us be black movies?
  8. Hawkeye21

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Coming from you? Doesn’t bother me.
  9. Hawkeye21

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Already voted and it wasn’t for Biden.
  10. Hawkeye21

    Buck Aikman don’t like flyovers

    Was from an article I read a few years ago. Talked about the military's relationship with the NFL and how they paid the NFL. Maybe that's not how they do it anymore.
  11. Hawkeye21


    You guys are trying way too hard for something so stupid. Yes, the girl/woman was actually 24 but they called her a 15 year old for the movie. Simple as that.
  12. Hawkeye21


    I was curious as well. I'm not sure. I don't think the title was inappropriate. It wasn't misleading since that's what the article was about.