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  1. Hawkeye21

    NCAA Football

    Stephen F. Austin beat Warner 98-0 today
  2. Hawkeye21

    Wagering thread

    Not a bad Saturday. Hard to plan for two defensive TDs from Iowa.
  3. Hawkeye21

    nuclear war - doomsday⌛

    Concerns? Sure. There is nothing any of us can do about it though so I'm not going to waste much energy worrying about it right now.
  4. Who said it doesn't work. It just hasn't lived up to the hype yet. It's not quite where it's suppose to be yet. It's strange that you feel the need to defend it as if you have some major investment in it or something. I'm sure there are places where it works amazing, it's not working the same everywhere though.
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/ajdellinger/2021/02/28/feel-like-your-5g-network-is-slower-than-promised-you-arent-imagining-it/?sh=563394ed451a However, 5G networks have not always outperformed 4G LTE in a significant way. In fact, Speedcheck found that in nearly 30 percent of cases, 5G provided either a marginal improvement in download speed or actually underperformed the 4G LTE network. In about 12 percent of tests, the latter was the case, with 5G offering speeds slower than the available 4G connection. https://www.zdnet.com/article/why-is-my-5g-so-slow-comparing-the-hype-to-the-reality/ https://graphics.reuters.com/USA-5G/jnpweyldnpw/ There are also plenty of discussions in forums about how their 5G service is slower than their 4G service.
  6. You're making yourself sound like a moron here. I didn't say anything like that. I've also said nothing about 5G being a scam. Why do you refuse to do any research on this?
  7. I don't have 5G where I'm at and I'm glad. It sucked for me every time I've been in a major city. Takes forever to load a satellite view map. WiFi and 4G has been much more reliable for me compared to 5G. Once again, do a google search and you'll see we are not making this up.
  8. Hawkeye21

    Wagering thread

    My picks for today as of now. Rutgers +8 Iowa/Rutgers u33.5 Baylor +2.5 Arkansas +2.5 UNLV -2.5 Kansas St. +13.5.
  9. Do you think we were making it up? Do a little research and you'll see that we're right.
  10. Hawkeye21

    Wagering thread

    I bet the under
  11. Hawkeye21

    What's your favorite candy bar? or any candy?

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 100 Grand Snickers Caramello
  12. Hawkeye21

    What's your favorite candy bar? or any candy?

    They all have swirling chocolate in the commercial!
  13. Hawkeye21

    Wagering thread

    Virginia +9.5 Syracuse u31.5
  14. Hawkeye21

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    Why is Tucker such a trusted person but all other MSM are the devil? Isn’t he just another MSM rube?
  15. Hawkeye21

    Wagering thread

    With the amount of bets on Syracuse tonight I’m leaning towards Virginia +9.5 Took Syracuse under 31.5 total points.