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  1. Hawkeye21

    Brand new Reels

    That's what it's all about. I just bought a new tackle box for my jigs and now I want one for my crankbaits.
  2. Hawkeye21

    Brand new Reels

    @kilroy69 Abu Garcia has their Revo MGX spinning reel on sale for $149 right now. That's half price. http://www.abugarcia.com/abugarcia-clearance/#sz=15&start=0
  3. That's just Trump for me, he always seems awkward when out in public. He can't help it.
  4. Hawkeye21

    Brand new Reels

    I haven't used either of those reels but I know they have a great reputation. My main spinning reel is a Pflueger President and I also have a Lews and Daiwa. I usually only bring two spinning rods on the the kayak with me, the rest are all baitcasters.
  5. It didn't bother me at all. I thought Trump looked awkward out there walking but other than that it all went well.
  6. I was watching and expected to hear some boos but I didn't. It sounded like all cheering and lots of USA chants. I don't think anyone can argue this one.
  7. Hawkeye21

    Sleep Number Beds

    What beds do you guys recommend? I considered ordering a Purple mattress.
  8. Hawkeye21

    Dilemma - with self-serving interests

    I'm not sure what you're looking for here. While I was reading this the thought popped in my head that it seemed like I've read about other saying they were divorced as well. This made me curious to find out how many people posting are actually divorced here. That's all.
  9. Hawkeye21

    Dilemma - with self-serving interests

    Like I said, I was curious. I feel like I've seen it mentioned a lot on here.
  10. Hawkeye21

    Dilemma - with self-serving interests

    I was curious. How did you come to that conclusion?
  11. Hawkeye21

    Dilemma - with self-serving interests

    You must enjoy being wrong. Happily married for 12 years now with two kids and I'm not even close to being Newbie.
  12. Hawkeye21

    Sleep Number Beds

    I'd be curious as well. I'm in the market for a new bed too.
  13. Hawkeye21

    Dilemma - with self-serving interests

    After spending some time on here the last few months it looks like there are quite a few members here who have gone through a divorce.
  14. Hawkeye21

    Did Cheers ever get bad?

    I've been watching a ton of Cheers lately on Netflix and I'm almost done with every episode. I feel the show gets better as it progresses. Diane is my least favorite character on the show and the relationship with Sam got very old. The whole series is amazing though.
  15. Hawkeye21

    Spicy beer

    I'm not a big fan of beer with a pepper spice flavor but I don't mind a light pepper spice in an imperial stout.