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  1. Shell

    Who wants to piss me off today?

    Ok fatty. That was a tad too much to read.
  2. Shell

    Wednesday Mirror Reflecting

    Why are we on here and phone? lol.
  3. Shell

    Wednesday Mirror Reflecting

    Dude. Gretna Fest schedule came out. I’m not impressed
  4. Shell

    Wednesday Mirror Reflecting

    I have to be quiet. I’m hunting wabbits
  5. Shell

    Wednesday Mirror Reflecting

    This looks like me. You know you don’t like this chubby chaser.
  6. There were bricks of coke that was found in Alabama.
  7. Shell

    Peanut Man

    No perm. I’m not a 70s black chick or a 90s white girl.
  8. Shell

    Peanut Man

    Makes we want to sing Queen.
  9. Shell

    Peanut Man

    Also.. I have grace issues like Bunny. I fell days ago bc an oppusum scared me. I fell trying to get away and tripped over a cat and chair outside. I called him on the cement laughing. Bunny and I have gravity issues.
  10. Shell

    Peanut Man

    Only one person on this forum has talked to me and Bunny at the same time on the phone. I think he got an earful and probably regretted answering that call
  11. Shell

    Peanut Man

    Bunny. I had to read all this. I’ll call in a bit. I’m just getting home and laughing at all this. I don’t use the phone or internet when driving.
  12. Shell

    Peanut Man

    I’m definitely not adding my girlfriends here. They don’t have a backbone like me.
  13. Shell

    Peanut Man

    That made me want to sing Meatloaf- 2 out of three
  14. Shell

    Peanut Man

    I don’t care. Y’all are ugly fat hairy men.