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  1. grandpahoo

    What's going on?

    I’m definitely in. Who’s the commish?
  2. grandpahoo

    Finals and Off-season Info

    A buddy of mine may be interested in stepping in for Abdullah.
  3. grandpahoo

    Playoff matchups!

    Fun fact: I’ve made the playoffs 10 of the last 13 seasons, and that was my *second* playoff win during that period (not counting byes). That seems…not good.
  4. grandpahoo

    Playoff matchups!

    It turns out that once you remove Dobbins, Mostert, D-Hop, Thielen, and Antonio Brown from my lineup, what’s left is basically an expansion team.
  5. grandpahoo

    Two weeks to go, playoffs on the line!

    That’s looking pretty likely at this point. If he gets hired it will be interesting to see if he retains any of our assistant coaches. I’d love to keep our QB, receivers and OL coaches. Are you on Twitter by any chance? I have an account with a decent following (@HoosFootball) and have gotten to know some Clemson folks pretty well.
  6. grandpahoo

    Two weeks to go, playoffs on the line!

    Won the division but it wasn’t pretty. Crazy year for injuries: Dobbins, Mostert Juju, Antonio Brown, Deandre Hopkins, Corey Davis, Kadarius Toney, and now Adam Thielen At least Aaron Jones’ injury turned out to be relatively minor.
  7. grandpahoo

    Happy 20th, CHIMI

    I just noticed that this is season #20 for CHIMI. That’s pretty impressive, as is the fact that half of us have been here since the beginning. Cheers; fellas.
  8. grandpahoo

    I/R question

    Can players be moved on and off I/R during the season? When I saw Dobbins get injured I put him on I/R so I could fill his spot while he’s out. I’m holding off on picking anyone up for the time being.
  9. grandpahoo

    Trade Announcement

    Hopefully he decides to, you know, play.
  10. grandpahoo

    Trade Announcement

  11. grandpahoo

    One of these days…

    I thought I was in the sweet spot to get Lawrence, but given the GVP’s atrocious history with qbs taken in the first round (I drafted Jamarcus AND Johnny Football), it’s probably better that he went early.
  12. grandpahoo

    2021 DUES

    I paid on time for once!
  13. I’m going to get a stud qb. I was certain Lawrence would be there at 1.7.
  14. grandpahoo

    2021 Check-in Thread

  15. I’m good any of those weeks as well. Will cut down to 22 today.