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  1. Doug Gabriel is a completely mediocre wr. He is NOT a difference maker. But Brady certainly is.
  2. grandpahoo

    Blacked out names supposedly released

    Why do the O's suck so much if they're all juicing?
  3. grandpahoo

    Going to Ravens v. Chargers

    It's in south Baltimore. It's almost directly south of the Inner Harbor, whereas Fells Point is east of the Harbor. Federal Hill is east of the stadium, about a 10 minute walk away. Agreed - Power Plant is much younger than Federal Hill. There are definitely some meat markets in Federal Hill (e.g., Mad River), but there are tons of cool places to hang out.
  4. grandpahoo

    Going to Ravens v. Chargers

    All of the bars that have been recommended thus far are great...if you're looking for someplace that smells like vomit. If you want a good gameday experience with a bunch of people who are into football, go to Mother's in Federal Hill. Relatively high meathead factor, but that's true of most places before and after games.
  5. grandpahoo

    Is there any geek that you would...

    If it makes you feel any better, I'm not even sure who you are.
  6. I assume you don't smoke.
  7. Damn dude, you must be pretty important working with spreadsheets and whatnot.
  8. grandpahoo

    Golden State - Ex Coach

    Depends on the contract's provisions regarding termination. My guess is that he gets it all.
  9. So the answer to the questions is "balding, alcoholic, metrosexual Frankentards with fake tans."
  10. grandpahoo

    DO I need a palm pilot?

    I can't do it. I'm too weak.
  11. grandpahoo


    Hey, jets24's wife made it too! http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/dimtext/...le/heaviest.htm
  12. grandpahoo

    DO I need a palm pilot?

    I thought all Asians were required to have the latest techno-gadgets.