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  1. Trying to decide if I should roll with him or Michel… can’t wait for a game-time decision on Gibson. So whaddaya think? Will Jackson make hay against Houston?
  2. I have the same decision… it’s a tough one because you’ll think Brown would be ripe to go off…. But he could just be plain ripe…. Lol… I’m going with Gage.
  3. Dawgoneit2

    Need 2 WR Please!

    Assuming that Keenan Allan is a lock vs KC (he is, right? Please tell me I have a least one WR lock heading into the playoffs!) then I would need 2 out of the below: M Brown (Bal) vs. GB Renfrow (LV) @ Clev R Gage (Atl) @ SF A Green (Arz) @ Det K Bourne (NE) @ Ind .5 PPR. Thanks for any and all replies!
  4. I have Kamara, but had to pick up Ingram, who can’t be trusted to start today, so had to pick up Jones…. Question: if Ingram can’t go, would you go with Jones or J. Wilson? thanks greatly for any and all replies!! And have a great Thanksgiving!!!
  5. Dawgoneit2

    Marquise Brown Out

    I’m a Bears fan, so I’m pretty familiar with their Defense… Lately their DB’s can make any quarterback look good, And Mack is out. With that said I would still go get them if I didn’t have the Titans defense.
  6. Dawgoneit2

    Marquise Brown Out

    I have Kamara. And Marquise, and A. Brown. hope my Fantasy D is on it’s game today!
  7. Dawgoneit2

    Jeff Wilson Jr was just activated for Sunday

    That’s what I’m doing. Godson doesn’t get a pass after only one decent outing and now heading into a tough match-up. I need to see it again. I’d rather take a chance with both Wilson and Forman over Gibson.
  8. Dawgoneit2

    Which would you flex this week?

    Hahaha….. Awesome!
  9. I initially asked about the ‘Guess-a-flex’, but my line-up’s been jumbled up with all the Q’s and O’s… My RB’s: Ingram, Forman, J. Wilson, & Gibson (Kamara(O)) My WR’s: K Allen, Renfrow, M Brown(Q), & A. Brown(Q) Assuming M Brown plays, and A. Brown doesn’t, I’m leaning this way: (2) RB ‘s — Ingram & J. Wilson (2) WR’s — Allen & M. Brown Flex? (Gibson scares me… finally had 1 decent game, but vs a tough run D this week. Forman might be the guy, but still could be heavy RBBC. If A Brown plays, well that’s a no-brainer, but that’s doubtful. I’m thinking Renfrow is the guy. ? Would you do it differently?
  10. Dawgoneit2

    Russell Wilson R.O.W.

    I’ve held on to RW as well… but I also picked up Fields and am planning to start him at least until RW shows me he’s close to his usual fantasy output. But I feel pretty good about Fields going forward.
  11. Dawgoneit2

    Jeff Wilson Jr was just activated for Sunday

    Mr Wilson, Time To Shine!
  12. Dawgoneit2

    Elijah Mitchell Doubtful

    Thinking Wilson might see an opportunity to show he’s still a difference maker…. This is why I’ve held on to him for the last 6 weeks… Time to Shine!
  13. Dawgoneit2

    Aaron Rodgers - COVID/Out Week 9

    https://www.statista.com/statistics/1113051/number-reported-deaths-from-covid-pneumonia-and-flu-us/ “Over 6.1 million people in the United States died from all causes between the beginning of January 2020 and November 5, 2021. Around 751,178 of those deaths were with confirmed or presumed COVID-19. There were also 9,574 fatalities involving influenza, which had pneumonia or COVID-19 also listed as a cause of death.” Covid and the flu do not have the same death rate… not even clise.
  14. Dawgoneit2

    Aaron Rodgers - COVID/Out Week 9

    All you have to do is Google Covid vaccinated vs unvaccinated… For example, here’s Michigan numbers from NPR: https://www.michiganradio.org/health/2021-11-17/the-unvaccinated-are-driving-michigans-current-covid-surge-these-five-charts-show-how Spectrum Health currently has 359 hospitalized COVID- 19 patients. Of these, 310 (86%) are unvaccinated and 49 are vacinated. November 17, 2021 Spectrum Health currently has 359 hospitalized COVID- 19 patients. Of these, 310 (86%) are unvaccinated and 49 are vaccinated. Of those 359 patients, 81 are currently in the ICU. Of these, 73 (90%) are unvaccinated 8 are vaccinated. Of those 81 ICU patients, 59 are on ventilators. Of these, 57 (97%) are unvaccinated and 2 are vaccinated =================================== These numbers are not made up. This is not fake news. Vaccinations save lives. How can anyone argue that they don’t?
  15. Dawgoneit2

    How droppable is Zack Moss?

    He Gone! Soooo many disappointing games outta him. Just letting you all know so you can go out and trade for him right now, 'cause he's a sure bet to go off for 3 TD's and 120 yards!! Grabbed Renfrow for a replacement. I like that trade-off.