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  1. Dawgoneit2

    I Need Your Help….

    1/2 pt ppr I need two out of these: RB Gibson vs NO RB Collins @LAR RB Carter @Atl WR Cooks vs NE WR Beckham @LAC Thanks for any and all replies!
  2. Dawgoneit2

    For the championship, please help

    How anyone with Perriman is not starting him is beyond me....
  3. Dawgoneit2

    Championship WR (Pick 2)

    McLaurin Perriman
  4. Dawgoneit2

    The Full Monty

    Ok Gurus, Here's a full breakdown of my decisions for the Championship Week matchup. Please let me know if you would change anything up. PPR, (1) flex (RB-WR-TE), and (1) Superflex (QB-RB-WR-TE). Base roster: (1) QB, (2) RB's, (2) WR's, (1) TE, (1) K Full Roster (** denotes starter locks - * denotes leaning to start) QB Winston ** Trubiskyl * Brissett Cousins RB Ekeler * Elliott * Fournette * Jones, Aaron WR Perriman ** Robinson (Don't trust - nothing to play for?) Chark (dont' trust coming off of injury) McLaurin or Watson * (hoping to pick up on waivers) TE Ertz * Waller BONUS QUESTION: Who would you prioritize off of the waiver wire this week? McLaurin (was) Watson (TTB)
  5. I need one to sit the bench. I’m leaning Fournette (struggling team, away game...) PPR league what do you guys think? Ekeler vs Min Elliott vs Rams Fournette @ Oak A. Jones vs Chi Thanks for any replies!! and with my second edit... I could play all four of those running backs if I only went with one quarterback out of the four below ( instead of 2 - we have a flex and super flex in this league ) Cousins @ Chargers Trubisky @ GB Winston @ Det Brissett @ NO
  6. Dawgoneit2

    Which QB's?

    I need (2) of the 4 below (leaning towards Brissett & Cousins): The last 2 numbers are opponent rushing rank and passing rank. Brissett @ TBB 2 31 Cousins vs Det 23 30 Trubisky vs Dal 16 8 Winston vs Ind 9 12 Thanks for any and all replies!
  7. Dawgoneit2

    Browns at Broncos: In-Game Discussion

    Sutton predictions?
  8. I need your opinion on which recr to play from: J. Gordon C. Sutton Pettis Tate Fading Tate due to QB change Fading Pettis due to foot issue Fading Sutton due to Rookie issues Fading Gordon due to Belichick issue Aaaahhhhhh!!
  9. Dawgoneit2

    YOU make the TRADE!

    Fair enough. But I think he's looking at a pretty bleak RB production with Bell coming back and Conner on concussion protocol. Almost any 2 of my RB would be instant starters on his squad. and throw in Gordon? Just say'n...
  10. Dawgoneit2

    YOU make the TRADE!

    I want Brown, but would like to keep Adams to pair up with. What would you offer from my team (he's hurting at RB) PPR Start: 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE Flex My Team RB's & Rec's WR Adams WR Gordon WR Tate WR DJ Moore WR Nelson RB C. Johnson RB Chubb RB Mack RB Howard RB Peterson His Teams' RB's & Rec's WR Brown WR Cooper WR Cooks WR Landry RB Conner RB I. Smith RB Yeldon RB Hines RB McGuire This weekend is the trade deadline. Thanks for any and all replies. -Behr
  11. I have Anderson slotted currently, but thinking Allen might be a better play with Gronk out?
  12. Dawgoneit2

    Josh Gordon 1st round of the playoffs

    Starting Hill Fitz Gordon Benching Jeffery Lee
  13. Dawgoneit2

    Pick 2 wrs

    Gorden, and then you're best pick. I'm with Thomsoad... Gordon is going to blow-up (I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, hope!)
  14. Dawgoneit2

    Flex - Burkhead, Ty Hill, Funchess or Diggs

    I'd go with Hill, but I see you're putting all your eggs in the KC basket.... great if they go off, season ender if KC lays an egg.... just say'n. If you had to diversify, then I'd say Diggs. And thinking thru a little more, I might bench Hunt & play Hill & Burkhead... just another option to consider, since Hunt has to have you climbing the wall by now....