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  1. Armchairwarrior

    waiting to breakout

    Singletary. I am hoping he becomes the lead back by Week 8
  2. Armchairwarrior

    Trade value of Tyreek Hill

    Guy in my league has the good fortune of owning both Tyreek and AB. So yeah he's a bit desperate. Has anyone made any offers for Tyreek. I'm trying to guage what others consider as decent value.
  3. Armchairwarrior

    Edelman’s value with AB

    Up down unchanged
  4. Armchairwarrior

    Is Eifert being overlooked

    Or is injury history just too much of a concern
  5. Armchairwarrior

    Fantasy MVP for 2019

    Wentz 40 TD's or Kamara 20 TD's
  6. Armchairwarrior

    Playoff fantasy football

    In our league you can retain 3 players from your regular season roster as keepers that no one else may play. Then with the remaining players you fill out your normal 10 players roster. Its only an eight team league so we find this works for us. There is some obvious duplication of players but its all for fun and an excuse to make the season last just a bit longer. We save $40from the entry fees to award the ff playoffs champ.
  7. Forte on trading block so Powell even more of a bump for me plus garçon and ameer Abdullah
  8. Armchairwarrior

    Theilen or diggs

    Thielen was playing the slot and Bradford is a game manager so I would tend to think he has the higher per upside in this offense. Thoughts?
  9. Armchairwarrior

    Qb to break into the top 5 and top 10

    Derek Carr will break into the top 5. I think the addition of cook with Crabtree and cooper should do it. Only concern would be local boy beast mode getting to feast on carries inside the 5. Eli manning with Marshall and obj should have a monster year and no running game to rely on should easily make it into the top 10
  10. Armchairwarrior

    What Do You Need Monday Night?

    Ef u jack Del rio Goal line give it to Murray
  11. Armchairwarrior

    What Do You Need Monday Night?

    Down by 6.9 points. 70 yards on the button from Lat Murray would be perfect.
  12. Armchairwarrior

    Brandon Marshall...is he even worth rostering going forward?

    10 team league, limited rosters and gronk injured i picked up Z Miller
  13. Armchairwarrior

    Brandon Marshall...is he even worth rostering going forward?

    If you can't start him and you can't trade then he is droppable. I did and it feels so much nicer not having to drag him around on my roster anymore thinking of what it was supposed to be vs what it actually is.
  14. Armchairwarrior

    Was offered des or fitz for ingram

    Ingram has been frustrating for much of the year but I am wary of Dez based on injury and performance thus far with a rookie qb and the run first offense. Larry fitz , I like everyone am waiting for age to finally catch up with him.