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  1. Armchairwarrior

    L Murray top 12 rb this week?

    Would you start Murray over Coleman and Singeltary. Both in time shares but the matchups are so darn enticing.
  2. Armchairwarrior

    L Murray top 12 rb this week?

    With Kamara out does he finish the week as a top 12 rb
  3. Armchairwarrior

    Week 6 streaming DSTs

    Bmore, Washington and Denver all available. I'm leaning towards Bmore, but Washington vs Miami is intriguing.
  4. Armchairwarrior

    Gore or Singletary ROS?

    Singletary is the more explosive back and for a team that has a good shot at the playoffs they will start to utilize him more. I expect a 50/50 split for the next couple of weeks and if he keeps breaking off long runs and catching passes that split should trend more towards a 60/40 with Singletary having the ability to bust one for a longish TD and Gore getting the carries inside he 10. But like you said, the upside for Devin is there. Could perform at top 12-15 level given his ability and upcoming schedule if he can manage 14 touches a game.
  5. Armchairwarrior

    Handcuff vs RB2/3

    Thx, I'm holding on to Mattison with Cook on my roster.
  6. Armchairwarrior

    Streaming defenses: Who ya got Week 5?

    Trying to decide between panthers and iggles. Iggles worst pass defense vs the worse past offense.
  7. Armchairwarrior

    Handcuff vs RB2/3

    Just wondering how others value rostering a handcuff to their stud RB vs having an RB2/3 on their bench.
  8. Armchairwarrior

    Tyreek - the wait is almost over

    Probably not starting him his first week back if he does play this week, as I expect they might limit his snaps. Hopeffully, a full go week 6 and let the 10/100/1 weeks commence.
  9. Armchairwarrior

    Devin Singletary

    If Devin can stay healthy he really has a shot at taking controlling of the Buffalo backfield and could perform at top 10 level. He can run and catch so especially valuable in PPR. At worst a flex play.
  10. Armchairwarrior

    Melvin Gordon Holdout Ending Soon?

    Bummer, thought I could ride the Ekeler train another 4 weeks.
  11. Armchairwarrior

    Tyreek upon his return

    Where do you rank him upon his return. KC has demonstrated that they can win with the other WRs and so maybe they limit his snap counts until the playoffs. Nothing too extreme but less then anticipated prior to the injury.
  12. Armchairwarrior

    Thoughts on Kittle ROS

    #2 TE pre-season under performing thus far and Deebo seems to be getting a lot of attention. Does he turn it around?
  13. Armchairwarrior

    AB cut by Patriots. BB has had enough!

    Edelman owners rejoice.
  14. Armchairwarrior

    waiting to breakout

    Singletary. I am hoping he becomes the lead back by Week 8
  15. Armchairwarrior

    Trade value of Tyreek Hill

    Guy in my league has the good fortune of owning both Tyreek and AB. So yeah he's a bit desperate. Has anyone made any offers for Tyreek. I'm trying to guage what others consider as decent value.