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  1. shovelheadt

    Terrell Davis air terrorist

    As others have said, the moment I read this story I pictured the flight attendant as a flaming Karen.
  2. shovelheadt

    Liver Lips

    My stepfather used to call my stepbrother Liverlips as a kid because he was constantly licking his lips causing them to always be chapped.
  3. shovelheadt

    Windows outage

    Yet another example of why tossing all your eggs into that cloud basket can be very risky. The only systems affected for us were our hosted solutions. Everything onprem was good.
  4. shovelheadt

    Mike FF Today - July Mock

    Sorry for the short notice Mike, but could you possibly find a replacement for next week's mock. I have all day meetings just dropped on me at work and it will be next to impossible to stay on top of this. Please still consider me for next year though. Thanks, and sorry again.
  5. shovelheadt

    July Mock 2024 Check in

    I'm in. I'll be out of pocket for 1 hour on the morning of the 22nd, but good otherwise.
  6. shovelheadt

    Fock it we'll do it live!

    Love seeing meltdowns like this...journalists, sports commentators, actors. A nice reminder how many of them are pieces of shiz on a personal level.
  7. shovelheadt

    Clam Slam

    She'll be massive in a few years.
  8. shovelheadt

    Your top 5 grunge era bands - 1990 thru 1995

    Good topic. In this order.. Alice In Chains Candlebox Pumpkins (Lesser faves) Toadies and Blind Mellon (Most overrated) Nirvana
  9. shovelheadt

    Favorite one syllable band.

    Clutch and/or Cake
  10. shovelheadt

    If Trump gets voted into office this year...

    Not sure what you're referring to..maybe no new wars started? At least 65 active duty troops died in hostile action in Trump’s presidency, the records show, as he ramped up commitments in Iraq and Syria to fight the ISIS terrorist group while also launching airstrikes on Syria as punishment for a chemical weapons attack. (During the town hall, Trump bragged, “We beat ISIS, knocked them out.”) Trump also escalated hostilities with Iran, including the killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. Trump said at the time the strike was carried out in accordance with the Authorization for Use of Military Force resolution of 2001.
  11. shovelheadt

    If Trump gets voted into office this year...

    As someone who leans a tad left, I would love for him to come in if elected and absolutely crush every remnant of woke policy. Other than that, he's too stupid and/or vile to get much else correct.
  12. shovelheadt

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    5.06- QB C.J. Stroud, Hou. 9.06- QB Caleb Williams, Chi. 1.06- RB Jonathan Taylor, Ind. 2.07- RB James Cook, Buf. 3.06- RB Joe Mixon, Hou. 13.06- RB Alexander Mattison, LV 4.07- WR George Pickens, Pit. 6.07- WR Calvin Ridley, Ten. 7.06- WR Jameson Williams, Det. 11.06- WR Rome Odunze, Chi. 12.07- WR Curtis Samuel, Buf. 15.06- WR Jermaine Burton, Cin. 8.07- TE Jake Ferguson, Dal. 10.07- TE Brock Bowers, LV 14.07- D/ST, Kansas City Chiefs 16.07- K, Cameron Dicker, LAC. QB - A bit of risk with this group. If Stroud doesn't have a sophomore slump and plays like last year, I'm golden. While I fully expect the typical rookie ups and downs from Williams, his rushing ability should offset it some for a decent game here and there. RB - Obviously the strength of my team. If everyone can stay healthy, this group should keep my out of the basement by themselves in most weeks. Cook might be the wildcard. With the turnover at WR, you'd expect him to get more usage this year. My hope is that only having 2 TDs last year was the floor. WR - When you go RB/RB/RB to start, you're obviously going to suffer at WR. Looking at my group, I don't know whether to cringe or be somewhat excited for the upside. A lot of raw talent, but question marks across the board. Pickens' head, new teams for a couple, injuries and rookies. TE - A solid group. Ferguson should should be consistent weekly with hopefully the occasional splash week from the guy rated near the top of most NFL mocks. Overall, I view this is a middle of the pack team. I wanted to try something new with focusing on RBs. While the team isn't horrible, it had the feel during the entire draft of being behind and reaching for picks.
  13. shovelheadt

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    I'm off to mow in 100 degree heat index. Fumble...I sent you a message with my kicker preference. Thanks.
  14. shovelheadt

    **Round Fifteen Selections**

    15.06 - WR Jermaine Burton, CIN
  15. shovelheadt

    **Round Fourteen Selections**

    14.07 - DEF Kansas City