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  1. shovelheadt

    Smear the queer?

    Yes, but free for all with music and wrenches.
  2. shovelheadt

    Joe Mixon

    Life long Bengals fan here. While a great talent, never seems to reach the level he’s drafted for. I believe he did have his best yardage season last year and led the league in yards after contact. With 3 big additions on that o-line, this year will be best chance yet to excel…but ranked too high for me.
  3. shovelheadt

    10 Times Socialism Actually Worked

    SEC, FDIC, Social Security, TVA…weren’t all of these created by the biggest socialism program in the history of the US. In fact, I seem to remember reading that Hoover refused to consider such programs because he felt them too Socialist.
  4. shovelheadt

    The Goose RIP

    About 22 years ago, I worked for the popcorn company that the Boy Scouts sell. The owners son came up with a big idea of including a DVD with some Colts branded popcorn tins. He gathered up 4 or 5 NFL’ers in a round table setting where they just sat around and BS’d with each other. Siragusa was one of them. The NFL got wind of it and said ‘hey, we have to review and sign off on everything’. Some of the sh*t Siragusa was saying was so inappropriate it took the NFL about a day to nix the entire thing. Cost the company millions recalling everything that had already been shipped.
  5. shovelheadt

    Looks like Watson just settled 20 of 24 cases.

    Florio brought up a good point. When you settle with 1 or 2 people, it’s easy to enforce and monitor a non disclosure agreement. With 20 folks, it’s next to impossible. He expects these details to hit the news cycle very quickly.
  6. shovelheadt

    Is America the gayest country in the world?

    I tell you one thing that we’re wayyyy down the list on…class. How not only the citizens, but also the leaders of this country carry themselves has made us an international laughing stock.
  7. shovelheadt

    $175K for Mac Jones' football card?!

    Yes, I believe they list somewhere what special inserts are included in the entire run...along with the ratios.
  8. shovelheadt

    *2022 June Mock No-Hassle Analysis*

    Thanks for the write up. In full transparency, the lack of a 2nd TE was a slip up on my part. Got distracted with the wife’s surgery and grabbed that last WR off the top of my head. We’ll see how it plays out.
  9. shovelheadt

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Heading out for the day. Well done guys...smooth sailing.
  10. shovelheadt

    **Round Sixteen Selections**

    16.03 - WR Corey Davis, NYJ
  11. shovelheadt

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    My bad
  12. shovelheadt

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Thanks! Nothing major, I’ll just be out of pocket for a while.
  13. shovelheadt

    **Round Fifteen Selections**

    15.10 - K Evan McPherson, CIN
  14. shovelheadt

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Can we just grab the next best kicker for Matt? I'd really love to get through my next 2 picks as my wife is having surgery tomorrow. Thanks.