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  1. shovelheadt

    Sergio Marchionne dead

    I think he's the head of Chrysler/Fiat...well, was
  2. shovelheadt

    Demi Lovato - Heroin OD, rushed to hospital

    Always thought she was hot, and recently discovered she actually has a decent voice. Oh well.
  3. shovelheadt

    Jimmy johns subs are the suck

    Same...only when you request it dug out. That being said, JJ is ass IMO. Ass is better actually. I need to try a Firehouse after hearing a lot of you brag it up.
  4. shovelheadt

    Ken Burns Vietnam

    One of the better documentaries I've seen was concerning the very last Marine detachment (embassy guards) that were the last soldiers out of Nam. Telling folks outside the compound that all is well (as they back away towards the building), running towards the chopper while lobbing tear gas behind them, kicking folks off the runners of the chopper, etc.
  5. The rambling nature of this post is what makes it great.
  6. shovelheadt

    ** Rounds 11-16 Commentary - July PPR Mock 2018 **

    LMAO....."F it....you're all getting kickers!!"
  7. shovelheadt

    ** Rounds 11-16 Commentary - July PPR Mock 2018 **

    Take care guys. Thanks for the effort (from some of you).
  8. shovelheadt

    Round 16 Selections - July PPR Mock 2018

    16.01 - TE Nick Vannett, SEA
  9. shovelheadt

    Round 15 Selections - July PPR Mock 2018

    15.12 - QB Andy Dalton, CIN
  10. shovelheadt

    ** Rounds 11-16 Commentary - July PPR Mock 2018 **

    Sorry for what you'll go through over the next few day. I've lost family members that didn't affect me as much as when I put my Golden down 3 years ago. I sat in that vet office for 45 min till I could get it together to leave. Thank god I didn't take the wife and daughter's with me.
  11. shovelheadt

    ** Rounds 11-16 Commentary - July PPR Mock 2018 **

    Forget my comment about finishing today
  12. shovelheadt

    ** Rounds 11-16 Commentary - July PPR Mock 2018 **

    Be real surprised if we don't finish today.
  13. shovelheadt

    Round 14 Selections - July PPR Mock 2018

    14.01 - K Justin Tucker, BAL
  14. 1. shovelheadt - K Justin Tucker, BAL 2. Hawkeye21 - RB Latavius Murray, MIN 3. Mr. Landry - QB Alex Smith, WAS 4. WhiteWonder - RB Bilal Powell, NYJ 5. Ray Lewis' Limo Driver - D/ST Vikings 6. remote controller - D/ST Eagles 7. Matt Mueller - RB James White, NE 8. ICEMAN - D/ST Broncos 9. The Football Guru - WR DeSean Jackson, TB 10. robb - WR Josh Doctson, WAS 11. Frozenbeernuts - WR Keelan Cole, JAX 12. Ralphster - WR Anthony Miller, CHI
  15. shovelheadt

    Round 13 Selections - July PPR Mock 2018

    13.12 - Defense LA Rams