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  1. shovelheadt

    Ryan Jensen down with knee

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34306813/tampa-bay-buccaneers-starting-center-ryan-jensen-carted-knee-injury Marpet gone, Cappa with Bengals, now this.
  2. shovelheadt

    August Half-PPR Mock Draft

    I cannot make this one. Thanks
  3. As a Bengals fan, it’s hard to be unbiased from the disappointment. Where does everyone rank this game all time as far as excitement?
  4. With her comments about preferring not to “force gender-based preconceptions” on her child, sounds like she's a typical nutbag.
  5. shovelheadt

    Year, make, model and miles on your daily driver

    2019 Chevy Silverado...12k (I work from home)
  6. shovelheadt

    Secrets Of The Zoo

    Love that show...watch a lot of Dr Pol too
  7. shovelheadt

    Another PSU Football sex scandal?

    Thought you might be referring to this guy. Stone cold psychopath. https://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/32496588/before-jerry-sandusky-penn-state-football-had-another-serial-sexual-predator-untold-story-crimes-fight-bring-justice
  8. I kind of long for the days of when I was back in high school, having to camp out all night to be first in line. I remember Huey Lewis being so popular in the 80a that there was an 8 ticket limit per person. I had to take 2 friends with because we needed over 20.
  9. shovelheadt

    Round Eleven - Sixteen Commentary - July Mock 2022

    A lot of traveling for me in August. I’ll have to decline. Thanks though!
  10. shovelheadt

    Round Eleven - Sixteen Commentary - July Mock 2022

    Thanks guys. These are a nice break in the dead season.
  11. shovelheadt

    ** Round 16 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    16.09 - WR Corey Davis, NYJ
  12. shovelheadt

    Hair in my food…Chipotle

    Doing well. Still chilling in Fishers, IN and bass fishing a lot. Doing a couple mocks on the other board then I’ll probably disappear for a while again. Go Bengals!
  13. shovelheadt

    Round Eleven - Sixteen Commentary - July Mock 2022

    Sorry…appears I missed an entire round of updating my sheet