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  1. shovelheadt

    *2020 June Mock No-Hassle Analysis*

    Thanks man
  2. shovelheadt

    June Mock Self Analysis

    Mine is simple...I dislike my team. Drafting at the 7 spot is no man’s land and I always felt like I was grabbing an iffy prospect. Was not fun. Having Ekeler, M Thomas and Kittle as your first 3 picks doesn’t scream championship.
  3. shovelheadt

    **Round Sixteen Selections**

    16.06 - RB Anthony McFarland Jr, PIT
  4. shovelheadt

    **Round Fifteen Selections**

    15.07- K Matt Prater, DET
  5. shovelheadt

    ** Round One-Three Commentary - June Mock 2020 **

    If there was a guy that was going to get it, you’d know it would be his dumb ass.
  6. shovelheadt

    **Round Fourteen Selections**

    14.06 TE Adam Trautman, NO
  7. shovelheadt

    **Round Thirteen Selections**

    13.07 - DEF 49ers, SFO
  8. shovelheadt

    **Round Twelve Selections**

    12.06 QB Derek Carr, LVR
  9. shovelheadt

    **Rounds Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Robb...good pick on Hockensen. Couldn’t believe he was still there. Had him typed in, but decided to add another WR over a guy backing up Kittle on my team.
  10. shovelheadt

    **Round Eleven Selections**

    11.07 WR Jalen Reagor, PHI
  11. shovelheadt

    **Round Seven-Ten Commentary**

    I still think this mock needs to go 18 rounds. A lot of talent left on the board at the end.
  12. shovelheadt

    **Round Ten Selections**

    10.06 WR Jamison Crowder, NYJ
  13. shovelheadt

    **Round Nine Selections**

    9.07 - RB Marlon Mack, IND
  14. shovelheadt

    **Round Eight Selections**

    8.06 QB Drew Brees, NO
  15. shovelheadt

    **Round Seven-Ten Commentary**

    BTW...I absolutely hate drafting dead middle of the draft like this.