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    June 2022 Mock, 6/6, Check-in

    I am ready to roll. ICEMAN
  2. Another year, another draft behind us! How did your team do? Let's hear everyone's thoughts on their teams selections. I'll start with the Patriots. Overall grade: D I'll be honest. I have never thought that Bill Belichick was a genius. Like myself, he was a legacy in the industry that he chose to join. He has just be exposed to so much more football/coaching, because of his father, that nobody can hope to catch up. Until Now. He is so set in his ways and at the point of his career that he refuses to change. This draft encapsulates what I am talking about. A Guard in round one? Not to totally dismiss the guard position, but when have you ever watched a game and at the end thought that a guard was the reason for the win/loss? I don't care if Strange is a perennial Pro Bowler, the Pats needed a difference maker on offense, or defense. Their biggest needs were (and are!) CB, ILB, OLB & WR. I'll give them credit that they correctly identified that they were lacking speed in all facets of the team (please see their disembowelment by Buffalo in the playoffs last year), but the players that they drafted seem to be structural role players. They aren't difference makers. Long gone are the days if "In Bill we trust." After last years draft, Bob Kraft admitted that the team had instituted a new draft philosophy that included more decision makers than just Bill and it was a good draft. This year it seemed like Bill went back to the old ways of doing things. ICEMAN
  3. What moves do you hope your team makes this offseason? As a Pat's fan, I pray that Belichick doesn't trade out of the first round. I hope that they take one of the WR's that can be difference makers. I also hope that Mac Jones hires a nutritionist and hits the weights. That kid has to put on some muscle, or he is going to start missing games left and right. ICEMAN
  4. Bob Kraft will be all over this opportunity for the Patriots to be one of the first teams to play in Germany. I'm sure that Belichick will be excited about the prospect! ICEMAN

    How Did You Win

    First 4 picks - Austin Ekeler, Antonio GIbson, Josh Allen & Cooper Kupp. ICEMAN

    GMs, Coaches Fired / Hired

    A 19-30 record will get you fired every time. ICEMAN

    Washington: New name, logo reveal on Feb. 2

    The Riot Police

    Rhmondre Smash?

    Another thing to consider is the running games of the teams that Indy has played against. In their last 8 games, they have only played against 2 decent running teams (TB and the 49ers). The rest of the teams that they have played have running games that blow. I think that Indy's defensive ranking against the rush is more than a little inflated. ICEMAN

    Is Barkley a 1st Rounder? Not in 2021

    Barkley just went 2.07 in a competitive 12 team PPR league that I have been in for 25 years. That OL is scaring the crap out of everyone. ICEMAN
  10. ICEMAN

    New Steelers OC - Matt Canada effect

    I agree with RC on this one. ICEMAN
  11. ICEMAN

    ** Round 16 Selections - July Mock 2021 **

    16.11 - WR Sterling Shepard, NYG
  12. ICEMAN

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2021 **

    15.02 - TE Eric Ebron, PIT
  13. ICEMAN

    ** Round 14 Selections - July Mock 2021 **

    14.11 - D/ST Baltimore
  14. I thought long and hard about Gage as well. It's a good situation. ICEMAN
  15. 13.02 - RB Alexander Mattison, MIN