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  1. Bigtraine

    Ok, so I could use a QB

    My man!
  2. Send me reasonable offers. Reasonable. REASONABLE. Use a trade calculator if you can't figure out reasonable. I dont mind paying a bit of a premium, but I'm not trading 5x the asset value for your QB that you are never going to play. Sorry.
  3. Bigtraine

    Off to a great start

    Super excited about trading for Luck and then drafting Campbell now. FML.
  4. Bigtraine

    NEW Waiver Wire time period

    I agree with Bier Meister's proposed timeline. Open FCFS for a week after the DNDL draft (non-rookies only), then close it again and open normal waivers after week 3 of the NFL preseason. I also would be in favor of having the pre-draft roster be 30-n instead of a flat 25, but not a huge deal either way for me. I am not opposed to rolling Nasty Bucks forward from year to year, I kind of like that actually. But it would have to be a flat amount + rollover given to each owner, not just the rollover amount (otherwise we have no new Nasty Bucks entering the system while we have them being spent --> eventually no Nasty Bucks left).
  5. Bigtraine

    2019 Rookie/FA Draft Talk

    Pick 7 is open for trades. I’ll pick in about an hour if I don’t hear anything (I’m stuck in a meeting at work until then anyway)
  6. Bigtraine

    2019 season starting up

    Money sent.
  7. Bigtraine

    2019 season starting up

    I missed the PayPal address too... what is it?
  8. Bigtraine

    2019 DNDL Rookie/FA Fraft Order

    Works for me!
  9. Bigtraine

    2019 Who is in... Who is out?

    Im in next year if Leveon Bell actually plays football
  10. Bigtraine

    Roller Coaster Dez

    Welp, that was a fun 3 days of hope.
  11. Yeah I focked up with Gordon. I checked my lineup two hours before normal game time, saw he was inactive (surprisingly) and went to replace him. Didnt realize it was a London game and was already in the 3rd quarter. Certainly not intentional, I am in win-now mode and not tanking at any rate. Also as mentioned, I didnt have a great replacement on the bench anyway. But yeah, a Fock-up for sure, but Im sure you guys can understand how that could happen.
  12. Bigtraine

    2018 Rookie/FA Fraft Discussion

    I didnt need both the 1.12 and 2.01 next year.
  13. Bigtraine

    2018 Rookie/FA Fraft Discussion

    I really wanted Anthony Miller at 14. Best WR in the class.
  14. Bigtraine

    2018 League fees and sh1t

    I dropped a kicker and defense. So there.
  15. Bigtraine

    2018 League fees and sh1t

    Well thats just dumb.