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  1. Bigtraine

    2019 DNDL Rookie/FA Fraft Order

    Works for me!
  2. Bigtraine

    2019 Who is in... Who is out?

    Im in next year if Leveon Bell actually plays football
  3. Bigtraine

    Roller Coaster Dez

    Welp, that was a fun 3 days of hope.
  4. Yeah I focked up with Gordon. I checked my lineup two hours before normal game time, saw he was inactive (surprisingly) and went to replace him. Didnt realize it was a London game and was already in the 3rd quarter. Certainly not intentional, I am in win-now mode and not tanking at any rate. Also as mentioned, I didnt have a great replacement on the bench anyway. But yeah, a Fock-up for sure, but Im sure you guys can understand how that could happen.
  5. Bigtraine

    2018 Rookie/FA Fraft Discussion

    I didnt need both the 1.12 and 2.01 next year.
  6. Bigtraine

    2018 Rookie/FA Fraft Discussion

    I really wanted Anthony Miller at 14. Best WR in the class.
  7. Bigtraine

    2018 League fees and sh1t

    I dropped a kicker and defense. So there.
  8. Bigtraine

    2018 League fees and sh1t

    Well thats just dumb.
  9. Bigtraine

    2018 League fees and sh1t

    I only have 3 draft picks, so 27 is fine for me.
  10. Bigtraine

    2018 Rookie Fraft Date?

    I am good with any day.
  11. Bigtraine

    How do you like your team Pre-Fraft?

    You had a great season, but lets not pretend you werent incredibly lucky. You were only 5th in points scored during the regular season (3 teams in my division alone were ahead of that). You also had the least amount of points scored against you. It was an average team getting incredibly lucky and making a good run.
  12. Bigtraine

    How do you like your team Pre-Fraft?

    This team is sick. QB: Stafford, Rivers RB: Bell, Gordon, Fournette, McCoy, Foreman, Lacy, JStew WR: Diggs, Cooks, C. Davis, Demaryius, Dez, M. Williams, T. Taylor, Floyd, Carroo TE: Ertz, Brate, Hooper, Njoku, Shaheen K: Tucker, Succup DEF: Jags, Lions QBs are fine - middle of the road fantasy guys. They'll do enough to get me by and sometimes have big weeks. Probably need a youth infusion here soon though. RBs are insane. 4 legit RB1 candidates here. I'm hoping Foreman comes back from injury, I liked him alot coming out, but I shouldnt need him this year. WRs are very good and very young. Diggs and Cooks are legit WR1 types. Davis and Williams didnt have the best rookie seasons, but I have lots of faith in both of their abilites and draft pedigrees. Demaryius should give me 2-3 more years of legit production. Dez is a wildcard, but if he ends up in GB or NO he could have a great year. Trent Taylor is a fine 7th option slot guy. Carroo and Floyd are filler garbage. TEs look strong, with Ertz being the main guy. Njoku and Hooper are young and hopefully on the swing up. Brate is solid, and the new contract is nice, but OJ Howard could be taking his spot as soon as next year. Shaheen is a flier but had Gronk-like metrics coming out, so I am holding out hope in the new CHI offense for him. K - Tucker is great DEF - Jaguars are very good and young, very happy to have them There is not a weak spot on the team. There is a good mix of vets and young players. We looked like the favorites going into the playoffs last year but got upset. Anything can happen. I expect to be contending for a title again this year.
  13. Bigtraine

    Das Playoffs.

    I'm willing to give Dez Bryant back.
  14. Bigtraine

    The Weekly Winners Thread

    Money received, thanks Ed! For what its worth, I am good with upping the yearly fee next year as well.
  15. Bigtraine

    Das Playoffs.

    I propose a new rule: the highest average score in the playoffs wins the championship.