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  1. Gypsybrat

    Proposed changes for 22 season

    Really want some input on how to proceed.
  2. Gypsybrat

    Proposed changes for 22 season

    Looks like everyone but me got it right So the question is, now what? Should I change it from this point on, or change it to cover our previous games also? I am inclined to put it into effect from week 1 and have the scores adjusted since everyone thought that was how the scoring went.
  3. Gypsybrat

    Proposed changes for 22 season

    Took me a bit to figure out what you were referencing. I see your initial proposal (first post of this topic) was 0-30 yard FG's are 3 points, all other FG's are fractionalized. I never caught the 0-30 yard = 3 pts aspect, I just assumed all FG's would be fractionalized. The league vote topic i created concerning the scoring change did not specify any other scoring parameters outside of fractionalizing Field Goals. I guess this comes down to what everyone thinks they were voting on. Either 1, all FG's were fractionalized or 2, 0-30 yard FGs are 3 points and all longer kicks are fractionalized. Speak up Dienastians on what you thought you were voting on, and how to proceed.
  4. Gypsybrat

    Chumba casino mail in cash

    Here is the link for the mailing: https://www.chumbacasino.com/sweeps-rules I checked it out...was gonna throw $20 at them, but my bank Chase and Capital One both refused to give em money lol
  5. Gypsybrat

    Nasty Bucks

    Each team has 120 Nasty Bucks to start the year with. You use them to bid on waiver claims each week (or trades). After waiver bids are processed, First Come First Served goes into effect.
  6. Gypsybrat

    2022 fees

    Hah You and El Padrino get mixed up in my head. You have paid, he has not. Sorry! (its the darned Falcon aspect) Confirmed!
  7. Gypsybrat

    2022 draft comments

    a full round on day one, nicely done folks!
  8. Gypsybrat

    2022 fees

    Confirmed! Also Confirmed paid, El Padrino
  9. Gypsybrat

    2022 draft comments

    Draft in less than 12 hours, footballs officially back! Ridicule of all draft picks go here
  10. Gypsybrat

    2022 fees

    That works.
  11. Gypsybrat

    2022 fees

    yeppers. Sorry I didnt confirm it. I did put "paid" next to your team name though
  12. Gypsybrat

    Proposed changes for 22 season

    As for the league realignments, I have no issue with that being implemented immediately. Really my main reason for pushing these back is the posts about it being decided before the draft. The draft starts in 2 days. I do not see us as figuring this out before then
  13. Gypsybrat

    Proposed changes for 22 season

    The only two changes happening for this year are the playoff seedings and kicker scoring as said above. As for realignment and the RB/Flex rules....they should be discussed and if we decide to do either of them, we can set what year they go into effect.
  14. Gypsybrat

    2022 fees

    Confirmed! Also confirming payment for Taco Breath.
  15. Gypsybrat

    2022 Draft

    I have the draft set up to start on the 31st of July. Check in here if that works or not for you. Bier is starting a new job around that time, so not going to be a stickler for drafting on time.