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  1. Gypsybrat

    2021 Fees

    all good!
  2. Gypsybrat

    2021 Fees

    got your payment today
  3. Gypsybrat

    2021 Draft Discussion

    Kat Fancy is pleased with adding 2 potential starters in the 2021 draft. 4.04 Harrison Butker, K, KCC 4.07 Indianapolis Colts Defense oh....and we got Dwayne Haskins too!
  4. Gypsybrat

    2021 Fees

    Bump. I want your monies!
  5. Gypsybrat

    2021 Draft Discussion

    Monday August 30th starts the first week of Waivers. We actually have that week and the next week of waivers before the season starts.
  6. That would be Joel. I think he is unemployed or retired or something. He wakes up around noon I think wait ...I bet Skibums could do it come to think of it...I can too
  7. Gypsybrat

    2021 Fees

    You all owe me $55.00 each! By now you should all have me as a contact in Paypal (James White). Send me a DM if you need assistance. Kat Fancy: PAID Peaces: Owes $55.00 Paid 8/11/21 The Mighty Sweatermeats: Owes $55.00 Paid 8/5/21 Drunken Knights: Owes $55.00 Paid 8/5/21 The Vudu Balls: Owes $55.00 Paid 8/10/21 Putin's Bitches: Owes $55.00 PAID 8/1/21 Dream Wrecker: Owes $55.00 Paid 8/2/21 Neckbeards: Owes $55.00 PAID 8/1/21 Infidels: Owes $55.00 (check in the mail) Die Nasty El Padrino: I respectfully ask you donate $55.00 to the common folk Fed and Clothed the (male) subjects 8/2/21 Ski Colts: Owes $55.00 Paid 8/5/21 Professor Stats: Owes $55.00 Paid 8/5/21
  8. Gypsybrat

    New Commish *UPDATED*

    Yes you do. I just checked, you have the power sir. You now have the power too! You know way too much about this stuff to be idling sitting away as just an owner.
  9. Gypsybrat

    2021 League Page?

    30 is max roster, cut to 25....unless we still are playing with Covid rules. As for a deadline, the commish would need to answer that.
  10. Gypsybrat

    2021 League Page?

    New site is up and paid for.
  11. Gypsybrat

    New Commish *UPDATED*

    you didnt piss me off You are like my third favorite person in the league! The first two spots are held by El Padrino.....he is that awesome!
  12. Gypsybrat

    Are you Prepared if SHIF? Prepping

    little things first......see if you can actually leave the bored before you try the country.