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  1. Gypsybrat

    Rule Change Vote

    Just one voting poll taking place at the moment. Voting on playoff seeding. and yes, we are a GO!
  2. Gypsybrat

    Rule Change Vote

    haha good point. Shelving this until we decide on divisions.
  3. Gypsybrat

    Proposed changes for 22 season

    I added polls for Fractional Scoring for field goals and Playoff Seeding. Two topics that could use some more discussion before any voting: 1. starting lineup proposed by Bier (reduce by 1 starting requirements of each RB, WR, & TE. Increase by 1 maximum allowed to start of each RB, WR, & TE. 2. Divisional realignment. All over the board here, everything from 2 divisions, no divisions, random realignment each year, and realignment based on records.
  4. Gypsybrat

    Rule change vote #2

    Change kicker scoring to fractional. field goals to be scored as decimal (example: 34 yard FC is currently 3 points, the change would make it 3.4 points).
  5. Gypsybrat

    Rule Change Vote

    Effective rule change on vote will be: Seeds 1-3 are the divisional winners. Seeds 4-5 are best records of all non divisional winning teams. Seed 6 is the highest scoring team of everyone else not qualified for the playoffs.
  6. Gypsybrat

    Baby Chickens

    I put in 10 planter boxes where the lawn used to be. That is where all the summer garden is. I also used cattle panels to make trellises between the planter boxes so I can grow all my beans/cucumbers/peas vertically. All the perennials are along the edges and up the hill. Exactly. That and pico de gallo. Sux is wanting beefsteaks and such, so will have to find some room for them.
  7. Gypsybrat

    Baby Chickens

    They should be safe, I require them to wear masks and practice social distancing. I give them free food and shelter, so they tolerate it. I dont like stupid laws, so I tend to ignore them. I did some research on the area chicken ordinances, and decided to become an outlaw I did go the no rooster route though, they are just annoyingly loud. I have more garden than one man needs, so I give most of it away to coworkers and neighbors. My latest craze is perennials like your blackberries. Last fall I planted about 10 blueberry bushes, 2 goji berries, couple beds of strawberries, and some blackberries & raspberries. I bought some grapes that I will trellis through the chicken run I am building, and will put a some blueberries, currants, and a cherry tree in there too. I can harvest all that or let them fall to the ground for the chickens. as for my summer garden....well, you asked! 20+ okra plants 30+ soy bean plants 50ish garbanzo beans (chickpeas) 8 cherry tomato plants (2 each of Lemon, Black, White, Red) a dozen roma tomato plants a dozen jalapeno plants 6 hot datil pepper plants one lonely habanero pepper plant Couple different other pepper plants that cant remember name of but am trying out this year a dozen sweet datil pepper plants 6 bell pepper plants a dozen eggplants a dozen cantaloupe 6 cucumber plants a dozen snow peas a dozen yard long red beans a dozen yard long green beans couple dozen potato plants 50+ red/white/yellow onions a dozen garlic bulbs 6 ground cherry plants 30ish corn plants and I think that's about it. Typing that all out makes me realize I might have a gardening addiction.
  8. Gypsybrat

    Baby Chickens

    I actually don't do it for the worms, I do it for the worm poop (castings) which is one of the best amendments you can use in your garden. You can buy that too, but I like being self-sustaining when it comes to the garden. Its just a one time purchase of worms that you can feed scraps and garden foliage to and they will reproduce like crazy. Once I get enough worms working to sustain my garden, I can just toss the extra worms to the chickens as treats.
  9. Gypsybrat


    Sounds good! I am fine with you joining, and I assume Bier is too since he sent you here. As for the rest of you goofballs.....what ye say? or
  10. Gypsybrat


    If Medstudent (Putin's Bitches) is truly out, then we will have two open teams. I will give you the choice between the two open teams, but that is about as much as I can offer in incentives. For the other slot if Taco Breath joins us: If we can find another bored poster, that would be first choice. 2nd choice would be Bier's friend. If neither of those happen, I will take it over.
  11. Gypsybrat

    Geek Super Bowl SQUARES 2022

    Much appreciated Ed!
  12. Gypsybrat

    Geek Super Bowl SQUARES 2022

    @edjr In for 5 square boxes as GypsySuxbnu. Sent you $25.00 via paypal, that is 5 square boxes @ $5.00 each. Feel free to double check my math skills.
  13. Gypsybrat


    If needed, we will. Was planning on it before Medstudent bowed out just to keep the league with the same owners. Since we need two replacements now, if we find two good replacements, then no reason to break up. IF we only find one, then we will break up.
  14. Gypsybrat


    That works, thank you. We need one more owner, but have room for two if you find good candidates.
  15. Gypsybrat

    2022 $$$

    Excellent! Everyone* is now all paid up. *Everyone = people with Papal. Infidels will be paid by check once local league concludes.