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  1. Gypsybrat

    Wiaver Wire RULE vote

    we only had 10 of the 12 teams vote....so will implement the rule next year.
  2. Gypsybrat

    Wiaver Wire RULE vote

    September 4th will be the first time waivers are processed under the current system. then we have a couple days of FCFS
  3. Gypsybrat

    Wiaver Wire RULE vote

    we have only had 9 of 12 teams vote. I do not want to put in a FCFS without everyone knowing, so that wont happen this year. Hopefully we get a 100% response by next week so we can move the Waiver Wire period up.
  4. Gypsybrat

    IR expansion

    BUMP - Need to see more votes
  5. voting on changing the following: Currently Waivers start the day before first NFL Thursday Night game and end week 14. Voting to change it to having a 1 week FCFS the week after the DNDL draft and then having Waivers start 2 weeks before the first NFL Thursday Night game and ending the final week of the NFL season. Edit: We can have this take effect this year as long as all 12 teams vote. We can always adjust the 1 week of FCFS for this year if we wish to.
  6. Gypsybrat

    2019 Rookie/FA Draft

    The Vudu Balls needs to make their pick soon or I will skip it.
  7. Gypsybrat

    NEW Waiver Wire time period

    thanks! right now looks like the majority want a FCFS for a week after the DNDL draft....but Rookies will be excluded, you can only add veterans (which will have to be on the honor system and I sure as hell am not gonna monitor 12 teams every day for the week!)
  8. Gypsybrat

    NEW Waiver Wire time period

    Yeah...me too. I dont understand why just having the Waiver Wire a couple weeks before the season starts does not suffice.
  9. Gypsybrat

    NEW Waiver Wire time period

    Looks like the popular vote will end up looking like this: DNDL Draft 2 weeks before 1st preseason game. (lasts one week), then, FCFS the week before the 1st preseason game. (first Monday following DNDL draft), then, Waiver Wires first processed 1 week before the first Thursday Night game of the NFL season and will continue throughout the season ending on week 17 kickoff.
  10. Gypsybrat

    NEW Waiver Wire time period

    Did some Commissioner research. I cannot separate Rookies from Veterans for a FCFS period. So it is either done on an honor system or we have to allow both.
  11. Gypsybrat

    NEW Waiver Wire time period

    Okay....everyone seems to like Bier's idea. I would like to point out we already have the Waiver Wire implemented before the season starts. This already handles teams that do not have full rosters or 1st week lineup issues. just adding a FCFS period before that would create the "run to your computer and be first" issue. Just opening the Waiver Wire a week or two before the NFL season starts, then having a FCFS period after waivers are processed seems like it would handle the situation. I like this. Should be able to do that.
  12. Gypsybrat

    NEW Waiver Wire time period

    what parts do you not get? There are basically 3 bullet points that we need to discuss as a league. I punctuated for you
  13. Gypsybrat

    NEW Waiver Wire time period

    I like the idea of the Nasty Bucks never resetting. Now that we can trade them, would add a bit of strategy. I would not include the Free Add/Drops outside of the NFL regular season....if it was available.....would make it a race to the computer whenever a Breaking News Bomb dropped. Keeping it to just a Waiver Wire would give everyone time to make moves. I dont think it would be good to have the Waiver Wire open during the NFL and DNDL draft. Dont want to detract from that. In fact....I think the Waiver Wire should be open for a set time.....say off the top of my head, August 1st of every year until March 1st. We could have a 4 month off season that way.
  14. since we have a majority vote on expanding the Waiver Wire to include the DNDL playoffs, we need to discuss when it will start and end during the year. RHR would like to see the waiver wire open up at least a month or so before week one of the NFL games....so we should consider both when the Waiver Wire starts and finishes. Some points that need to be considered with this are: When would Die Nasty Bucks reset to zero? (we also have the option that they roll over year to year) outside of the NFL season, would we also include the Free Add/Drop period that usually follows the Waiver Wire period? Do we want the Waiver Wire being open during the NFL draft and also during the DNDL Draft? Please....everyone needs to speak up on the matter.....even if its an "I Dont Care...Go With The Majority" type comment.