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  1. Gypsybrat

    2019 DNDL Weekly Winners and $$$

    Did you give up on this Beer?
  2. dude, that is so not true. You are in charge of kickers and defenses, that is a third of starting positions. But I understand if you feel a bit left out and am willing to give you another position to make it 50-50. As long as you start George Kittle, you can be in charge of TE's too.
  3. Gypsybrat


    all good, dont worry about it. Keep fighting the good fight.
  4. Gypsybrat


    Money received, rant over! Thank you sir!
  5. Gypsybrat


    It has been over two months since league fees were due and I still have not received fees from Raiders Haters. I have asked multiple times to no avail. I now will assume he just does not plan on paying.....so I will adjust the payouts accordingly unless anyone else has a better idea. I am willing to remove him from the league immediately, give sole ownership of Kat Fancy to Suxbnu, and take over his team if an alternative is not reached soon. Feel free to thow out some solutions.
  6. Gypsybrat


    2 months now......getting rather annoyed having to chase this. (copied from 2019 starting up thread) JULY 15th!!! Rosters cut down to 25. League Fees ($55) due. 2019 rollovers and dues: Infedels - (Joel - Big Dog): $0 -- Owes $55 PAID Kat Fancy - (Chris - Suxbnu /James - Gypsy): $60 DEDUCTED - ROLL OVER $5 The Vudu Balls - (Jack Kenhoff): $0 -- Owes $55 PAID IN FULL Die Nasty El Padrino - (Chris-CB Falcon): $0/$12 from Mobb Deep -- Owes $43 PAID IN FULL $50 Peaces - (Kutulu): $0 -- Owes $55 PAID IN FULL Ski Colts - (MTSkibum): $5 -- Exempt (last year of exemption) Professor Stats - (Dylan - Raiders Haters): $0 -- Owes $55 The Mighty Sweatermeats - (Mmmm....Beer): $70 DEDUCTED - ROLL OVER $15 Putin's Bitches - (Med Student): $60 DEDUCTED - ROLL OVER $5 Drunkin Knights - (Mike - Beir Miester): 0 -- Owes $55 PAID IN FULL Tampa Pron Doctors - (White Wonder) $5 -- Owes $50 PAID IN FULL Neckbeards - (BigTrain): $10 -- Owes $45 PAID IN FULL
  7. Gypsybrat


    I am this close to my angry face Please DO NOT ignore my PMs.
  8. Gypsybrat

    Week 1

    You got it...... Kirk, Christian ARI WR ARI 27 v DET 27 Final Rush: 1/12; Rec: 4/32, 1 Re2P 10.40 That thing thats says " 1 Re2P " is your 2 point conversion
  9. Gypsybrat

    Weekly NFL and Survivor picks

    Don't forget to get your survival picks in! also Let the festivities begin!!!! Enjoy tonight's game gents!
  10. Gypsybrat

    2019 Rookie/FA Draft

    There is. It is set to run Thursday morning at 8 eastern time.
  11. Gypsybrat

    Submit waivers?

    I added an extra day because of the hic-up. Waivers will be processed Thursday morning.
  12. Gypsybrat

    Submit waivers?

    okay.....I think I got it set up! Play around with it and let me know if there are any issues
  13. Gypsybrat

    Submit waivers?

    Sux got em and he ain't sharing. Must have been impressive...or catlike.
  14. Gypsybrat

    Submit waivers?

    I set this up over 2 months ago and it was working. Not sure what happened. I assume you took it upon yourself to make sure it was working at that time, correct?
  15. Gypsybrat

    Submit waivers?

    There was a 1 day waiting period before you could drop them...that is why they are not showing up. I removed that waiting period, so you may now drop them.