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  1. Gypsybrat

    2019 DNDL Rookie/FA Fraft Order

    you are replacing 2017 DNDL Champs, so your first pick is 1.06. you can also look on the league site under REPORTS/LEAGUE/DRAFT and it will give the complete order of the draft.
  2. Friendly banter, suggestions, opinions, and most any other communications are great! really it just livens up the league and makes it so much more engaging for everyone. I have been in leagues where there is no communication whatsoever...and they are boring as hell. And also........I was born in the Arm Wrestling Capital of the World, Petaluma!
  3. Gypsybrat

    2019 DNDL Rookie/FA Fraft Order

    Monday July 22nd looks good. Anyone have issues with the draft starting then?
  4. as the new Commissioner, I promise you more of everything! I'm not going to bother fixing the Cancer or building a Wall. Instead, my focus will be on increasing owner involvement, and it will start with me. Yes, I AM your Big Toe. Throughout the season all Trades, Adds/Drops, Weekly Matchups, Starting Lineups, and a couple of your Mothers will all be scrutinized and commented upon. Good or Bad, my goal is to get everyone to participate in creating an active DNDL that everyone will enjoy.
  5. Gypsybrat

    Get us a new owner

    so ya'll need to find us a new owner to replace Ed. I would do it...but me and my 20 post count dont hold much water around these parts.
  6. Thank you. I know you were handling the league finances....is that all up to date?
  7. I don't view anyone as getting "taken advantage of" in the recent trades. Everyone places different values on players and draft picks...so there is bound to be some differences of opinions, which I totally understand. None of the trades that have recently transpired are egregious enough for The Stick though!!! If you want to quit due to lack of interest, that's up to you. But you have been part of Die Nasty forever and would be greatly missed if you left us....even more than that other guy who just quit!
  8. You cant leave. sorry! In all seriousness...what trade are you displeased about?
  9. nice day of trading for the Bum. getting 2 first round picks will have the old GoColts team up and running in no time. And the Neckbeards upgraded their QB to make a run for this year. Good trading by both franchises.
  10. *Big Hugs* everything will be all right Ed. You just tell me what has you upset and we will get you some ice cream and see if we can get a smile back on your face.
  11. Gypsybrat


    3. Tradable assets are limited to currently rostered players, future draft picks and “Nasty Bucks”. Something I am sure that has bothered ya'll to no end and has caused more than one sleepless night has been the inability to use your Nasty Bucks in trade. I have fixed this. Sleep well tonight my weary friends.
  12. Gypsybrat


    Since we have a full roster of owners now I set up Trading to start this upcoming Monday, the 13th of May. 75% of the league is still not compliant with IR....fix yourselves pretty please.
  13. Gypsybrat

    2019 DNDL site

    dont sweat it Peenietulu.
  14. Gypsybrat

    2019 DNDL site

    Raidershater said he is "in" via email and expressed his desire to stay in the league via PM with me but he also said he would understand if we wanted to replace him since his future is a bit cloudy in RL. I am fine with him staying in the league of course. Worst case scenario is we have to scramble for a new owner sometime down the line. Anyone have any opinions they would like to share with the class?
  15. Gypsybrat

    2019 DNDL site

    In the midst of a conversation with Raiders about his participation....once I can pass on anything concrete, I will.