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  1. robb

    Dynasty Rankings

    Thank you Mike! Much appreciated
  2. robb

    SBarkley now questionable

    Breida worth a pick up now?
  3. Does Pittman not fit into what you think the Colts will focus on?
  4. robb

    RB Waiver - full ppr

    100% agree with this post!
  5. robb

    2022 - July Mock Draft Website

    Agreed. Defense scoring not up for the first 2 weeks. Can I help with that Mr Landry?
  6. robb

    SF RB

    Best waiver pick up: Davis-Price or Mason? Both available. Warren better than either of them?
  7. robb

    2022 - July Mock Draft Website

    So…. Before a preseason game is even played, I lose a player I drafted for the entire season…..Mr Tim Patrick
  8. robb

    August Half-PPR Mock Draft

    Thanks for the opportunity, but having participated in the June & July mocks...... I feel it is time to let others in! I felt guilty doing the July mock and not letting others participate and learn.
  9. It was a joy mocking with you all this July. Enjoy the season this year. I am not thrilled with my draft as I made a number of mistakes and mis-judgements. But, I learned from it and will take those mistakes and turn them into positives for the 2022 season. If I finish 10th........I would consider it asuccess.
  10. Thanks to everyone for this year's Mock. I enjoyed the comments on why you selected who you selected. That is how I learn for my "real" drafts!
  11. robb

    ** Round 16 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    16.11 WR Mercole Hardman, KC
  12. White Wonder out there?
  13. I agree…. let’s make it a priority folks.
  14. robb

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    15.02 WR J Dotson, Washington