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  1. robb

    *2019 No-Hassle June Mock Analysis*

    Robb: 1.03- RB Christian McCaffrey, Car. 2.10- RB Todd Gurley, LAR 3.03- QB Patrick Mahomes, KC 4.10- WR Kenny Golladay, Det. 5.03- WR Tyler Lockett, Sea. 6.10- WR Allen Robinson, Chi. 7.03- RB Ronald Jones, TB 8.10- WR Corey Davis, Ten. 9.03- RB Royce Freeman, Den. 10.10- RB D'Onta Foreman, Hou. 11.03- QB Cam Newton, Car. 12.10- D/ST, Chicago Bears 13.03- TE Chris Herndon, NYJ 14.10- WR Josh Gordon, NE 15.03- K Ka'imi Fairbairn, Hou. 16.10- TE Rob Gronkowski, NE Analysis: If this draft were held last December, we'd already be handing Robb the trophy. A backfield of Todd Gurley and Christian McCaffrey would have been unthinkable (in a good way) at that time and Patrick Mahomes in the third round would be considered a massive steal given last year's tidal wave of success. But, this is June. McCaffrey is still stable, but Todd Gurley is anything but and Mahomes is looking at being without his top weapon for part, if not all of 2019. As such, this is a team that could boom or bust pretty easily. The boom is simple: Gurley achieves at least 80% of his 2019 regular season production and in doing so, becomes a second-round steal. In addition, Mahomes proves that he's the true engine of the Kansas City offense and hardly misses a beat with or without Tyreek Hill. The bust is simple, too: Gurley is a constant source of fantasy frustration and the fact that this team has no real star at WR doesn't allow for a Plan B to emerge. In addition, the late selections of Gordon and Gronkowski end up being 100% wasted picks. Key to No-Hassle Success: This will be the easiest answer in this entire write-up. I'd like to offer up something obscure, but I won't. Todd Gurley is the key to this team's success. If it turns out that Robb stole Gurley based on unfounded concerns, you could have 2 of the 3 most productive RBs in the whole league on one team. Add in the odds-on best QB and a bunch of wide receivers who at least have to potential to be great in newly minted #1 roles on their respective teams and you've got something great cooking here. Also, Chris Herndon better stay healthy and be a decent producer because he's on an island at the tight end position. Every pick between Rounds 4 and 10 could improve by leaps and bounds this year. Robb will need at least two to make that leap. Favorite Pick: I know taking a QB early is not looked upon favorably in "expert" fantasy circles, but Patrick Mahomes is not just any quarterback. Getting him in the third round just seemed a bit ridiculous to me as I thought long and hard about taking him as early as 2.05. Additionally, Robb did what was necessary after taking no WRs in the first three rounds- that is, he loaded up on upside guys moving forward from that point on. Least Favorite Pick: Ronald Jones in the early seventh was not a pick that I was fond of. I think that will remain Peyton Barber's job primarily on a team whose RBs don't produce much anyway historically. Also, Gordon and Gronk were clever picks, but also empty potentially if not for something unexpected. Overall outlook: Murky. That's what will be said about any team with Gurley until September rolls around. You have to love the potential that this team possesses and as was noted previously, every WR chosen is still on the proper side of the career arc in terms of fantasy potential/production. But, potential means that a flip side exists and with Gurley, that flip side looms large at this point in time. Can this team win a No-Hassle championship? That is an absolute yes and in the end, that's all you can ask for in evaluating how well you did in putting together a team. But, few teams in the league carry more risk and Gurley is the poster child for that to be sure. ==================================================================================================== Again, thanks Fumble for your time and analysis!! Yes, I have a team where it may not work out, especially if Gurley fails. But, IMO, even if he does flounder I made it a point to pick up some RBs with potential and who when they start, will score me points. You can disagree with me, but I believe Jones will be the TB starter and Foreman will start for Houston and points will be had by both backs. My entire draft was about "potential" and honestly, I am pleased with the players I have chosen. I won't go into detail on each player, but it played out well for me IMO. Yes, I had Reed and Walker qued up as TEs and they got taken right before my picks, so, I waited. Not a TE fan anyhow so I didn't let it bother me. Best QB, best Defense and a talented WR corps is an okay team. As for Gordon and Gronk..... I am not a Patriots fan at all, I just thought that late in the draft they could provide value if they play this year. Gordon as my WR5 is a good risk......Gronk, we'll have to wait and see! Thanks again to everyone as I always enjoy the back-and-forth along with the reasoning behind selections (best part of this draft!)
  2. Nope, not a Gronk fan. In fact, just the opposite as I don’t care for NE in any manner nor do I trust their FF is usage. As the 190 pick, I thought it worth the risk. If he does play, I have a TE1 in the 16th round. And, I thought I’d throw this out as a draft strategy to the group.
  3. Not sure what you mean by “cheeky”. But, if this pick is not acceptable or not appropriate for this draft, I will certainly make a different selection. By no means do I want to impinge the integrity of this draft...I simply am willing to take on this risk. But, again, if not appropriate, I will re-select.
  4. robb

    **Round Sixteen Selections**

    16.10 TE Rob Gronkowski, NEP
  5. robb

    Controlled Destruction

    Thanks much RC! As you can see, I am not a fan of drafting a TE very high. Is my last position I value. And, I need to “hit” on WR given I went RB-RB-QB.
  6. That is an excellent generous selection for RLLD by Mike.
  7. robb

    Controlled Destruction

    Robb: QB Patrick Mahomes, KC Cam Newton, Car. RB Christian McCaffrey, Car. Todd Gurley, LAR Ronald Jones, TB Royce Freeman, Den. D'Onta Foreman, Hou. WR Kenny Golladay, Det. Tyler Lockett, Sea. Allen Robinson, Chi. Corey Davis, Ten. Josh Gordon, NE TE Chris Herndon, NYJ Rob Gronkowski, NE D/ST, Chicago Bears K Ka'imi Fairbairn, Hou.
  8. robb

    **Round Fifteen Selections**

    15.03 K Kaimi Fairbain, Houston
  9. In Telluride for the 46th Annual Bluegrass Festival but will keep available.
  10. Just like Shovel, I changed my pick very quickly after making it. Nobody had selected after me so I hope it was okay with everyone.
  11. robb

    **Round Fourteen Selections**

    14.10 WR Josh Gordon, NEP
  12. Anyone have a list for RLLD? is he oversees now?
  13. Who are the St Louis Rams??
  14. robb

    **Round Thirteen Selections**

    13.03 TE Chris Herndon IV, NY Jets
  15. You sniped him right before I was going to take him, had him typed in and ready to select! Nice pick V4E