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  1. robb

    June 2022 Mock, 6/6, Check-in

    I am in again. Thank you Mike!
  2. robb

    Which rookie RB?

    "I had the 2nd pick last season and took Kyle Pitts over Javonte Williams." I did this also! And, so far, I am not regretting it. Gordon sure hampers Williams value while Pitt is a star in the making , as we speak!
  3. robb

    Chase Edmonds heading to MIA

    I had the same decision, will 100% keep Connor and will wait and see some pre-season games on Edmonds to see if I keep him also, but guessing it's 50-50
  4. robb

    Dynasty Rankings

    Thank you kindly Mike! I use these on a daily basis since Dynasty is a "year round" league.
  5. robb

    Playoff Rankings

    I have played in a contest with these exact same rules for the past 10 years. Rather enjoyable. Thanks Mike for the Rankings and thanks HatchetElf for your picks.
  6. robb

    Hurts owners..

    I have Stafford as my 2nd QB, and I will start him instead......with confidence.
  7. robb

    Week 3 Waiver Wire (getting ahead of the game)

    so......back to the question of waiver wire pick ups!
  8. robb

    NFL Depth charts

    I use FFToday solely for depth chart input. They certainly know a ton more than I do and FFT is the best site for fantasy football anyhow!
  9. I knew that. Just pulling your leg here!
  10. Something is wrong here. I have a RB on my roster who is injured and out for the entire season. How did that happen??
  11. Shovel told me to have someone pick the best available D/ST for him now. He is OTC now.
  12. robb

    ** Round 16 Selections - July Mock 2021 **

    16.03 RB RaShaad Penny, Seattle
  13. Davis, WR will stack well with Allen my QB for the Buffalo Bills! I like him at 15.10.
  14. robb

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2021 **

    15.10 WR Gabriel Davis, Buffalo Bills
  15. Can someone contact Frozenbeernuts that he is OTC. Nice if we can wrap this up today.