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  1. robb

    Week 3 Waiver Wire (getting ahead of the game)

    so......back to the question of waiver wire pick ups!
  2. robb

    NFL Depth charts

    I use FFToday solely for depth chart input. They certainly know a ton more than I do and FFT is the best site for fantasy football anyhow!
  3. I knew that. Just pulling your leg here!
  4. Something is wrong here. I have a RB on my roster who is injured and out for the entire season. How did that happen??
  5. Shovel told me to have someone pick the best available D/ST for him now. He is OTC now.
  6. robb

    ** Round 16 Selections - July Mock 2021 **

    16.03 RB RaShaad Penny, Seattle
  7. Davis, WR will stack well with Allen my QB for the Buffalo Bills! I like him at 15.10.
  8. robb

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2021 **

    15.10 WR Gabriel Davis, Buffalo Bills
  9. Can someone contact Frozenbeernuts that he is OTC. Nice if we can wrap this up today.
  10. robb

    ** Round 14 Selections - July Mock 2021 **

    14.03 D/ST LA Rams
  11. Ralphster——you still there? If so, we can knock off 13 and get a good start on 14 now!
  12. 13.10 QB Daniel Jones, New York Giants
  13. I was wondering when Waddle would get taken. I think he is GREAT value here Mr Landry and personally, by the middle of the season, he will be Miami’s best WR.
  14. Glad to hear the feedback on Trautman, kind of why I selected him. As my TE2 I was looking for “opportunity” here. He very easily could be their 3rd option in the passing game. Gisecki has a ton of pass catching competition in front of him and I am not convinced he is a true “pass catcher”. Time will tell I guess. Thanks everyone.
  15. robb

    ** Round 12 Selections - July Mock 2021 **

    12.03 RB Tevin Coleman, NY Jets