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  1. robb

    June Mock History

    I would like to add Matt's Eagles as the 2018 winner to this list AND list him with 1 title winner at the end.
  2. robb

    June Mock History

    I am ready as soon as it is announced! Starting to "feel it" now.
  3. robb

    Vic Fangio new Broncos head coach

    Don't be too harsh to judge this move. "Papa Vic" has an excellent record and inherits a pretty damn good defense as it is. If Kubiak can get an offense going, maybe a new QB as he has the receivers and 2 RBs, then possibly Vic can concentrate on the defense and the team as a whole. Not a sexy pick.......but a darn good one still! (offense is way way over-rated)
  4. robb

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    Doug-thank you for using my question in your article. Yes, I made it to the Championship with mediocre RBs throughout the regular season......but now they are my STRENGTH!! I sure appreciate all you do for FFToday and for us "posters" on the Forum and in the Mock Drafts. I value your opinion and look forward to the July Mock with you next year.
  5. robb

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    Greetings Doug! Half-point PPR scoring, TDs worth 6 points and you get points for yardage, maximum start 2 RBs. I have: D. Cook, Minnesota Mixon, Cincinnati D. Henry, Tennessee Which two would you recommend to start.....and why?? Thanks so very much Doug.
  6. robb

    Devonta Freeman out

    I have him as a possible play weeks 15 & 16.
  7. robb

    Crazy to start Josh Allen over Cam

    I hear you! I am debating starting Allen versus starting Luck (vs Houston) or Ryan (sucks lately). Thoughts here?
  8. This is a great question!! The answer for me is.......either one or both! If you can start a defense against either of these teams, IMO, you would be well served.
  9. Just the normal WW fodder at this time of the year.....Cobb, Parker, Mike Williams.
  10. With Moore and Samuels getting more attention lately and with Olsen & McCaffery vying for catches...... is it time to drop him? I realize his WR schedule looks inviting for weeks 13-16, but.........time to cut bait on this fish??
  11. robb

    Defense week 12

    I took a chance in Waivers tonight. Dropped Balt & Ten defenses to pick up Denver & Buffalo. Just got tired of Baltimore (vs Oak) defense low scoring and Buffalo (vs. Jac) just as good this week as Baltimore. Then, use Buf and Denver ROS into playoffs.
  12. robb

    Doug Orth - Fantasy Pros Podcast

    Thanks Doug! So, no turkey for you but lots of Sweat Potatoes!! I hope you are right about D Cooks and Mack!
  13. robb

    2018 July PPR Mock - Rules/Draft Order

    Question: Why is it that not a single defense has scored a single point? Were they loaded into the weekly scoring?
  14. robb

    Article: WR/DB Matchups to Avoid

    As you all should know by now.................................. ANYTHING that Doug writes and puts out there is worth the read!!!
  15. robb

    Maurice Harris

    Yes, that QB who threw 124 yards on 10 completions last week.