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  1. Mr. Iceman: Are you planning to put up your Tier Rookie Rankings by position for the 2021 rookie class? I have enjoyed your thoughts and the comments it solicits from the rest of the very knowledgeable posters on this site. It is extremely useful (and your subsequent updates) come FF leagues draft time and to follow the actual NFL draft this month. Thank you very much!
  2. robb

    NFL Draft Contest - 2021

    Thanks much Mike!
  3. Would it be Boone (free agent signing, formerly of Minnesota) or Freeman (been in Denver a long time)?
  4. robb

    UPDATE: Lions trade Matthew Stafford to Rams

    How about a trade where Stafford goes to Houston and Watson goes to Detroit with some additional compensation going to Houston?
  5. robb

    Smoke- hold?

    Is Brown playing in week 12, Bye this week?
  6. robb

    2 potential games cancelled for covid 19

    Thanks Mike for this bit of info!
  7. robb

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 2

    D Johnson vs. da Broncos and Slayton vs. da Bears are my choices.
  8. robb

    Doug Orth returning to Sirius XM today ...

    8 pm MDT......... so I will have to interrupt the Nuggets game to listen, but listen I will!!
  9. No takers yet, so I will just use different sites and their rankings of offenses to be able to use the program. JCrawfish used to swear by this tool!
  10. Every year I update a program developed by Mike Sweeney to better determine the best Defense By Committee (DBC) combination of 2 defenses for those of you who use a committee approach to defenses. The first thing I need is to rank the 32 teams in terms of their overall Offensive potential. I do this for each team ranking each team on a scale of 10-1 with "10" being the strongest offensive unit and "1" being the worst offensive team. This is where I would request your help folks. If you send me your rankings from 10-1 (ideally alphabetically starting with Arizona, etc.) for each team's offensive prowess, I will use your responses to get a cumulative scoring. Keep in mind, you should do this on a "BELL CURVE" basis, i.e. only 1-2 teams get a 10 or a 1, 2-3 teams get a 9/8 or 2/3 with a majority of teams scored in the 7-6-5-4 range! Please send your responses to: robbaustin@gmail.com by August 13th and let me know if you would like a copy of the DTBC in return. Stay safe out there everyone!
  11. robb

    Best Fantasy Football Sites

    This is my #1 site for knowledge, rankings and Mike, Mike & Guru! What other Dynasty sites are best tho?
  12. robb

    ** Round 16 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    16.03 TE Eric Ebron, Pittsburg Steelers
  13. DeSean is perfect for Best Ball. He should have some weeks where he scores very high and some weeks where he disappears. I had 2 other WRs I was considering, but as my WR6 in Best Ball......I'll take the Jackson!
  14. robb

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    15.10 WR DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles
  15. I am picking a WR and I too am certain Guru won’t be picking that either. I may pick, but I’ll defer to Doug if he wanted who I selected.