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  1. robb

    2020 stash

    Teddy Bridgewater. Get him now if you can keep him. Replaces Breeze in NO if he retires or goes elsewhere to start! Only FA worth stashing IMO.
  2. robb

    2020 stash

    OK.....been about a month since the last post and this thread can become valuable as we go into the offseason. What about the Gronk? Lamar Miller? H. Butler, Justin Jackson, McKinnon, O. Foreman??
  3. robb

    Week 8 streaming TE options

    Yes, Smith to my way of thinking has much more upside this week. Hill could get zero looks, Smith will get 5-7 targets. Personal choice and just my 2 cents.
  4. robb

    Week 8 streaming TE options

    Same choices, but I rushed and picked up Smith, Ten. and haven't looked back!
  5. robb

    Week 8 streaming TE options

    I am liking Knox, but then again, I have for the last 3 weeks to little avail!
  6. robb

    Any 0-4 teams out there?

    Was excited when I drafted this team. Not sure what happened, bad management I guess! Wentz Brissett Connor Mixon Johnson,Det Williams,Darrel Singletary Guice Cooper Williams,LAC Robinson Gordon Watkins DK Metcalf Williams, Miami Johnson,K., Ariz Allison Hurd-IR all year Dissly Tucker Dallas
  7. robb

    Streaming defenses: Who ya got Week 5?

    Help me out folks. Why do many of you say that NO (and to some degree Carolina) have good schedules coming up? They both have Tampa Bay and as much as we make fun of TB......their offense is clicking now. It appears to me that Dallas has the best schedule for the next 3 weeks......or am I missing something altogether here??
  8. robb

    Week 3 lineups

    Is anyone doing a weekly breakdown/standings so we know where we stand?
  9. robb

    Week 1 streaming defenses?

    Philly vs Wash!! Cleveland for weeks 1 & 2 Dallas weeks 1, 2 & 3 These would be my choices.
  10. robb

    July 2019 Website

    Thank you for this!’
  11. 16.04 WR Golden Tate, Detroit if he is already taken, then 16.04 Def Denver Broncos
  12. robb

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2019 **

    15.09 RB Carlos Hyde, KCC
  13. robb

    ** Round 14 Selections - July Mock 2019 **

    14.04 TE Rob Gronkowski, NEP
  14. robb

    ** Round 13 Selections - July Mock 2019 **

    13.09 K Justin Tucker, BALT