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  1. robb

    Lions looking to trade Matthew Stafford

    How about a trade where Stafford goes to Houston and Watson goes to Detroit with some additional compensation going to Houston?
  2. robb

    Smoke- hold?

    Is Brown playing in week 12, Bye this week?
  3. robb

    2 potential games cancelled for covid 19

    Thanks Mike for this bit of info!
  4. robb

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 2

    D Johnson vs. da Broncos and Slayton vs. da Bears are my choices.
  5. robb

    Doug Orth returning to Sirius XM today ...

    8 pm MDT......... so I will have to interrupt the Nuggets game to listen, but listen I will!!
  6. No takers yet, so I will just use different sites and their rankings of offenses to be able to use the program. JCrawfish used to swear by this tool!
  7. Every year I update a program developed by Mike Sweeney to better determine the best Defense By Committee (DBC) combination of 2 defenses for those of you who use a committee approach to defenses. The first thing I need is to rank the 32 teams in terms of their overall Offensive potential. I do this for each team ranking each team on a scale of 10-1 with "10" being the strongest offensive unit and "1" being the worst offensive team. This is where I would request your help folks. If you send me your rankings from 10-1 (ideally alphabetically starting with Arizona, etc.) for each team's offensive prowess, I will use your responses to get a cumulative scoring. Keep in mind, you should do this on a "BELL CURVE" basis, i.e. only 1-2 teams get a 10 or a 1, 2-3 teams get a 9/8 or 2/3 with a majority of teams scored in the 7-6-5-4 range! Please send your responses to: robbaustin@gmail.com by August 13th and let me know if you would like a copy of the DTBC in return. Stay safe out there everyone!
  8. robb

    Best Fantasy Football Sites

    This is my #1 site for knowledge, rankings and Mike, Mike & Guru! What other Dynasty sites are best tho?
  9. robb

    ** Round 16 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    16.03 TE Eric Ebron, Pittsburg Steelers
  10. DeSean is perfect for Best Ball. He should have some weeks where he scores very high and some weeks where he disappears. I had 2 other WRs I was considering, but as my WR6 in Best Ball......I'll take the Jackson!
  11. robb

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    15.10 WR DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles
  12. I am picking a WR and I too am certain Guru won’t be picking that either. I may pick, but I’ll defer to Doug if he wanted who I selected.
  13. Guru: you changing your pick?
  14. Really up to Mike. I draft, as I read the Rules, to get a kicker and defense since one can not pick them up later, per the Rules. We’ve had this discussion in the past as I remember, so it should have been decided already.
  15. In fact, I will wait to pick until you and all mockers change your/their selection.