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  1. jgcrawfish

    ***Official Titans @ Patriots Thread***

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YEAH! Let's hope this is the end of the Patriots. Cheatin sumbitches!!!
  2. I won a two-week championship that finished in week 17. In week 6 I put up 172 pts and won with a lineup of: L Jackson, J Conner, D Cook, M Evans, T Hill, G Kittle, Damien Williams. (made some good trades early in the season to get a loaded lineup) in Week 17 I won the championship with: R Tannehill, R Mostert, D Washington, T Hill, B Perriman, G Kittle and AJ Brown. I had to dump Evan (injury), Conner (injury), Lamar Jackson (sit) and Dalvin (sit/inj)...basically the crux of the roster that got me there. Hate Week 17.
  3. jgcrawfish

    NFL screws over Pittsburgh/Oakland

    This has changed. You might want to adjust accordingly...
  4. jgcrawfish

    NFL screws over Pittsburgh/Oakland

    I'm a lifelong Steelers fan, and this is completely correct. Don't lose to the Jets and you don't have to worry about who's playing when. The NFL only has so many games slots at each time, and tickets are issued with a date/time LONG before the gameday.
  5. Thanks WP, happy holidays!
  6. Ended up winning one of the two leagues. Hard to lose starting Jackson, McCaffrey and Kittle with a base. Harboring a bit of disappointment, I was 5 pts away from a perfect season. But oh well, $ in the bank is better than record book anyway. Congrats to all who brought home the hardware!
  7. jgcrawfish

    Thank you for not coaching

    Oh, there were coaching blunders a plenty in that game. First, remember that any call that Tomlin challenges is an automatic loss. He's incapable of winning a challenge. Beyond that, Steelers get the ball back with like 3 minutes and he proceeds to run Samuels right into a stacked line, putting them in 2nd & 9 with the clock ticking on the rookie QB? The play calling he lets Fictner get away is absurd.
  8. jgcrawfish

    Texans at Buccaneers: In-Game Discussion

    Jameis is going to destroy the record books this season...good and bad.
  9. jgcrawfish

    bal def this week

    A few things here: The bigger concern, to me, is if Baltimore locks up the stop spot. With NE playing the Bills on Saturday, it's conceivable that the Bills win and guarantee Baltimore the top spot in the AFC. If that's the case, I expect the Ravens to play some, but the motivation is gone and protection from injury becomes a concern. As for San Fran, that defense has been very beatable the last few weeks in the passing game, in fact, they've been among the worst. Unfortunately, with them playing on Saturday, you have to make a decision about them AND the Ravens defense way ahead of normal timeframe. And playing against a Rams team that got EMBARRASSED by Dallas needs wins, they are a risky proposition in my opinion. As for NE, this game vs the Bills is huge, and they have to play to win. In fact, if they lose, they actually fall to 2nd in the division and NE, KC, Buffalo and even Houston could all be play for that spot. So I expect NE to go balls out.
  10. jgcrawfish

    Questions? I have right answers (hopefully)

    I was thinking the same at WR, but had Ekeler and Mixon in a coin toss. They are projected for nearly same output, and both have good matchups. It's a good problem to have, my 8 starters scored 177 pts in that league and my 5 bench players (only 1 QB, Brees, no sandbagging) scored 115 or so. Still mulling it over, but thanks for the input WP. I
  11. jgcrawfish

    Questions? I have right answers (hopefully)

    what, you think just because you write articles for a fantasy football website that it qualifies you as an expert or sumthin? need 2 WR and 1 FLEX in full PPR from: WRs: K. Allen, T Lockett, C Kupp, AJ Brown RBs: A Ekeler, J Mixon, R Mostert
  12. jgcrawfish

    Thank you for not coaching

    He was, until this past game where he really dented his chances. Letting Fichtner call the offensive game he did is a huge failure on Tomlin's part. Putting your UFA rookie QB playing in a playoff-type atmosphere vs a very good defense and tilting your office to 70%+ passing calls resulting in 4 INTs? C'mon...
  13. Going in two leagues: League 1: 12 Teamer, start 8: (1QB/1RB/2WR/1TE/1FLEX/1K/1DST) QB: L. Jackson, D. Brees RB: C. McCaffrey, A. Eckler, J. Mixon, R. Mostert WR: K. Allen, C. Kupp, T. Lockett, A.J. Brown TE: G. Kittle K: R Gould DST: Steelers Spoken with a tear in my eye, this team is hands down the best team I've ever had. 12-1 regular season, highest scoring team by almost 280 pts 40 pt average margin of victory. The one loss was by 5 pts (although I did win one earlier in the season by 0.46). At 10-0, nine of 13 players on the roster were drafted by me. Jackson, Brees, McCaffrey, Eckler, Allen, Kupp, Locket and Kittle were all my picks. Steelers were a pick of mine as well but I bailed on them early and streamed before coming back a few weeks ago. If this team loses in the 'ship i will be heartbroken because it's one of the best times I've ever seen in a competitive 12 team league. League 2 - 10 Teamer (1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1FLEX/1K/DST) Starters: L. Jackson, D. Cook, R. Mostert, T. Hill, E. Sanders, G. Kittle, AJ Brown, Steelers, Gould Bench: J. Conner, J. White, P. Laird, R. Tannehill, D. Parker, DJ Chark, S. Shepard
  14. jgcrawfish

    Thank you for not coaching

    I'd like to, again, bring up the combo of Randy Fichtner and Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh. Facing Buffalo, who is 3rd against the pass and sporting one of the two best corners in the game right now, the Steelers braintrust opts to have their rookie UFA Duck Hodges throw the ball 38 times, and only runs 15 times the entire game despite having back last years Pro Bowl running back James Conner. 4 INTs later and a loss of a winnable game, now the playoff hopes are on the ropes. Hey Tomlin, RUN THE FVCKING BALL YOU IDIOT! that is all...
  15. jgcrawfish

    What the Kupp?

    The garbage man can deliver...waited until way late in the game to score a TD. I should have started Lockett.