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  1. jgcrawfish

    Cowboys at Bears: In-Game Discussion

    Tribs looked outstanding. The Cowboys are, um, overrated (especially the defense), the NFC East is a hot mess. That is all.
  2. jgcrawfish

    Odell Beckham

    Three targets is one thing, the production is another. I will contend that Landry has been significantly better with almost the same # of balls being thrown his way.
  3. jgcrawfish

    Odell Beckham

    This is leftovers of the NY media bias. OBJ got way too much coverage last year because he was in NYC and he retains an inflated value because of it. Now, on a team where he isn't the primary weapon, he looks average at best.
  4. jgcrawfish

    Knowing Your Enemy

    This ONLY works if you dump your entire bench and get every QB out there with a good matchup.
  5. jgcrawfish

    Do you know who David Blough is?

    He's the UFA rookie QB I wish the Steelers were starting?
  6. I was all over the Jets this week until they announced Andy might play, now I'm not as sure of them. As for the 49ers, I think the best thing you can do is look at weeks 9-11, Cardinals, Seahawks, Cardinals. Although the 49ers give up on average 11 or so pts per game to the QB position, that 3 week period vs "mobile" QB's was 24.7 pts per game average for Kyler Murray and Russel Wilson. Gave up an average of 51 rushing yrd per game vs those guys , and Jackson is a different beast. To be honest, he may run for around 100 yrds today, but even at the avg of 50 something that's a good floor. He's a better passer and runner than Murray, and at minimum a WAY better runner than Wilson. I don't expect Baltimore to hit their scoring average, but do expect them to dent that defense. Vegas has this as 45.5-46.5 over/under with Baltimore being a 5.5 favorite across the big books. Implies the a Ravens 26-20 (or so) win. Vegas is right way more than it's wrong.
  7. jgcrawfish

    Terrell Pryor - what you guys think about him?

    I think it sounds like he's lucky to be alive after messing with the wrong girl...
  8. jgcrawfish

    James Connor

    I would, as a Steelers fan and Conner owner, prefer to see the Steelers sit him this weekend and have him more healthy for subsequent weeks. This "he's healthy enough to go...ooops...he aggravated it again" thing isn't good for the Conner, the team or fantasy managers. That being said, a few weeks ago his schedule looked good, but Cleveland, Buffalo and NYJ all look much improved. RB2 for fantasy playoffs is my opinion, only if he's healthy.
  9. jgcrawfish

    Bills at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    This is patently wrong. The Bills and Jets have both had the luxery of being in the top spot for draft picks multiple times now, where the Giants are two years in. Both those teams have had advantage of a "full" rebuild for years now. At point the stats of Daniel Jones are comparable to anything that Allen/Darnold have done. They are just much farther behind the rebuild curve. That being said, I called this much earlier this season, I believe on this board right around week 4. The Cowboys were a fraud, a sham. They look great against horrible teams, but can't beat anybody that is a balanced team. They surprising hung with the Pats last week, better than I expected. I love seeing them spiral into another 8-8 season with nothing to blame as they have been reasonably healthy. I also look forward to the day where Jerry fires Garrett then hires the hot college name, or some other even bigger puppet, and the team regresses even more. Every season is like the Titanic setting out, with their fans honestly believing they are "unsinkable", only to have the same result each time. Awesome.
  10. jgcrawfish

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    At this point, I would take him AND his Kunta Kinte sleeveless shirt at the QB spot for the Steelers and gladly live with the ass-whip he'll give their ownership.
  11. jgcrawfish

    I'm Calling It: CIN defeats PIT Today

    All this does is prove that the Steelers are just slightly better than the SH!TTIEST team in recent memory.
  12. jgcrawfish

    Thanks raters, Lockett not even playing

    this one killed me as well...but i really had no other options. I had zero other WR's available and nobody I could really drop. The 4.8 he did actually get has me in the lead by 4.22 pts. So, I guess I gotta be thankful for what I got.
  13. I saw that and instantly thought of this thread. Strange game we play...
  14. I will say some of the answer to this depends on AJ Green. If he comes back and is healthy then I think it changes the outlook of the entire Bengals offense. I'll be honest, I don't think the Steelers beat them yesterday if the bring Dalton in at half. It's not a good offense in general, but it's putrid with the rookie back there.
  15. I've changed my mind, he should definitely bench Ryan so Julio and Calvin don't get a chance to score.