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  1. jgcrawfish

    Where is JuJu?

    Tomlin...and this isn't completely unexpected. JuJu wasn't necessarily ready to assume the #1WR role with AB going bat--crazy and all. That being said, Tomlin is going to do what he can to protect the very young and very raw QB's he has. If that means 5 yrd passes, whacky wild-cat formations and an RB heavy game, that's what he'll do. It's hard to imagine that a 2-4 team is three VERY LATE losses from being 5-1 (against the Seahawks, 49ers and Ravens). Their 4 losses are to teams that are a combined 20-3 and three of those came right at the end. So the reality is that they are beyond competitive and I don't think Tomlin is going to change the formula, other than very slowly letting loose the reins.
  2. jgcrawfish

    Keenan Allen. Time to be concerned.

    So here's the scoop: This past weekend against the Steelers was something you maybe should have expected. Last year the Steelers got RAVAGED by Keenan, to the tune of 14 catches for 173 or something. They set about in the offseason to rebuild their defense into something better built to stop Keenan and WR's like him. The final piece of that was the addition of Fitzpatrick. Even missing a couple of starters (and losing Tuitt, which hurts) that Steelers defense is nastier than people realize. Statistics are warped by a slow start to the season and particularly an offense that is, well, inept most of the time. I actually picked up and played the Steelers D this weekend in one league where better options/matchups were available. They get sacks, create turnovers and are WAY better in coverage than they were a year ago. They specifically targeted stopping Keenan this game which is why Hunter Henry had a good week. Next big thing is the Chargers offensive line is shambles. They were missing at least 2, maybe 3 starters this past weekend. Rivers was under duress the entire game. Steelers used help on Keenan and shadowed the backs out wide, which left Mike Williams singled and Hunter Henry working the middle. Add to it a lopsided Time of Possession and Keenan was a forgotten man. He'll probably squeak this week and get grease against a not very good Titans team this week.
  3. jgcrawfish

    Where is JuJu?

    JuJu has at least done something, Baker hasn't. When your QB throws for a whopping 132 yrds, and lots of it was to RB's, there just isn't a lot of love to make it's way to JuJu. Interesting question will be who starts after the Steelers bye week. Rudolph practiced this past week and was deemed out (correct move Steelers), but I have to believe he comes back in 2 weeks. Before he got hurt he said he was going to make a concerted effort to get JuJu the ball more. If I could pry Juju loose from another team for another asset I might try but only as a WR3 (at best) for my team.
  4. jgcrawfish

    Kareem Hunt

    I just see this as a further muddying of the waters in Cleveland. Truth is they have TOO many weapons. Hunt will help Baker but hurt Chubb and even OBJ. That offensive line is bad, and having a great outlet like Hunt has to hurt his value. Sad because they have a killer closing schedule.
  5. jgcrawfish

    Lions at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    Defenders at the line of scrimmage are allowed to grab. It's why o-linemen are taught to push and get the defenders hands away from them. It rarely gets called. A bigger issue is the nature of "automatic first down" penalties on 5 yard infractions. If I recall at least one of those was on 3rd and 15 scenario and resulted in instant first down. That's BS. Call the penalty, walk off 5 yrds, make 'em earn it. I have no dog in this fight, neither a Packers nor a Lions fan...but the Lions got HOSED in this one. They played a hell of a game, lots of intensity, and the "other team" (the ones is stripes) gave the game to the Pack.
  6. jgcrawfish

    Tyreek - the wait is almost over

    Yeah, the NFL has ingrained me into Jacksonville always playing the games in England that I got myself confused. All worked out, started Hill, sat Chark.
  7. jgcrawfish

    Future Stud Alert

    Yeah, because the depleted UT secondary in a conference noted for traditionally playing poor defense is they way to just NFL success.
  8. jgcrawfish

    Play the QB of the opponent WR(s)

    Wait, is this our first cancel-out theory topic of this year? Here is the bottom line: PLAY THE PLAYERS YOU BELIEVE WILL SCORE THE MOST POINTS! You cannot control what your opponent does. You are borderline voluntarily benching what may be a superior option to because you want to match your opponent?
  9. jgcrawfish

    AB wants to return

  10. jgcrawfish

    Tyreek - the wait is almost over

    This sucks, I really only have Chark and would have to make a decision really early that I can't take back.
  11. jgcrawfish

    AJ Green

    it brings up an interesting question, with rumors of AJ Green and potentially OBJ on the move. Green's recovery is taking FOREVER and OBJ hasn't done except for one big play. But in different situations both could turn it around.
  12. jgcrawfish


    They have been without their #1 RB who just came back. Without their all-world WR in HIll and even lost Watkins early last week. Colts displayed the formula for beating the Chiefs last week, but that won't work when Williams, Hill and Watkins are back. It's a hiccup, he will get back on track.
  13. jgcrawfish

    Minshew or Stafford ROS

    i still believe defenses are going to catch up to Minshew and Chark, soon. That being said, as long as Fournette is running the way he is, and catching passes, it may not matter. If Minshew keeps them in the division hunt, i don't think Foles get the job back. I think I'd prefer Stafford over Minshew rest of year....but that's just me.
  14. jgcrawfish

    Browns at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    i'm not quite buying the 49ers yet. Beating up on bad teams doesn't prove much. Opponents are 7-13 at this point. I"m not doubting, but not a believer yet.
  15. jgcrawfish

    Mason Rudolph Out Cold

    Thanks for rubbing it in. At least the 2nd round pick they still have would be better too.