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  1. jgcrawfish

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    This was well put. AB has said that he's tired of being the one putting in all the effort. No better way to show it by not showing up and disappointing your teammates. Arians is right, he is a diva.
  2. As a Steelers fan, the hole in my heart was partially filled with the Ravens going out last week. The the remaining emptiness can only be nearly-filled (never completely filled) by a Patriots loss AND a Cowboys loss. If pressed, my rooting order would be as follows: Chargers - Rivers is overdue Saints - My favorite NFC team Colts - Luck's comeback is unbelievable Chiefs - Not ready to have Mahomes be annointed, but Reid might deserve one Rams - Meh Philly - Already lucked into one, history better not repeat. intentionally left blank intentionally left blank intentionally left blank intentionally left blank you get the picture... Cowboys or Pats
  3. jgcrawfish

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    I still think this gets resolved before next season and no trade ever happens. That being said, the Steelers have to get a handle on this. They cannot continue to have this kind of drama season after season. Tomlin has to come back next year with more backbone and less player's coach mentality.
  4. jgcrawfish

    Will you take mahomes #1 overall next year

    Again, this is dependent on everything remaining the same...which it won't. Hell, OC Eric Bienemy is interviewing with just about everybody and is likely to get a gig somewhere. Again, if i don't come out with 2 good RB's in the first 3 rounds it's a bad draft.
  5. jgcrawfish

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Don't forget Emmanuel Sanders...them Steelers are pretty good at finding WR.
  6. jgcrawfish

    Ezekiel Elliott stat correction...did it affect you?

    Man, I feel you. Nothing some diamond earrings can't fix though.
  7. jgcrawfish

    Will you take mahomes #1 overall next year

    You fockers are forgetting that Sirensong has TPS reports to do. No way he gets this done in the timeframe you are asking for it. It is my opinion, that Mahomes fell into the perfect situation this season. How often do you walk into a starting job with potentially the best WR, best TE and a top 5 RB? An injury to Hill or Kelce could change everything. While he was FAR and AWAY the best value this year, next year, at the draft price he will command, he may not be. Less important than drafting Mahomes next year is find next years Mahomes. Lest we forget, he wasn't technically a rookie this year (as some have mentioned). He was a 1st year starter who was in his 2nd year in the exact same system. If KC loses their OC, Reid retires or as mentioned one of those incredible weapons he has were to go down, what then? Being the guy who drafts 2 stud RB's and WR's then hits on Baker Mayfield (next years Mahomes?) is the route to a championship.
  8. jgcrawfish

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Brown wasn't always a diva, and by all accounts is the hardest worker on the team. But success and accolades have gone to his head. Apparently the team election of JuJu as their offensive MVP was the straw that broke the camels back in this case. Juju is a phenomenal talent, but he's great BECAUSE of AB. Not getting the shutdown corner and or safety help on every play means Juju has many more chances to succeed. It was pretty stupid of the team to elect Juju MVP, but it may also say a lot about how they feel about AB and his antics. AB left a game early and left teammates hanging, don't think for a minute they forget that. At the risk of being overly dramatic about it, Tomlin has created a lot of the damage in all this. At no point should you let your employees talk publicly about the money that other employees make. At no point should you let you employees criticize each other in a public forum. At no point should you allow rampant favoritism of one at the expense of several others. All this Tomlin has let happen. You never see Patriots players making the statements the Steelers players have. Two years ago it was James Harrison and the Alejandro Villanueva situation that tore at the team. This season it was Bell. Now in the offseason and leading into next season it's Brown. Every season it's playing down to the competition at various times when you can see the team entitlement and attitude of being better because they hear it all the time. The "players coach" is losing control every season. This is now the 3rd high profile player who is publicly admonishing Tomlin...what's the saying? First is luck, second is a coincidence, third is a trend?
  9. jgcrawfish

    Will you take mahomes #1 overall next year

    I'm in 3 leagues, won the championship in 2 and lost it in the other. I didn't go QB before 5th in any of them. In my 12 team competitive work league I drafted Russel Wilson (5th) and Jameis Winston (14th). I essentially streamed QB's the entire season with Wilson, Winston, Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mitch Trubisky and Josh Allen. My RB core of Barkley, McCaffrey, Mixon and Conner drove me the entire season. I've rarely picked a QB before the 5th round and every time I have it has ended badly. This isn't about drafting the top overall scoring player. It's about value. Drafting the biggest difference between the next player is a big thing, but things change so much from season to season there's no way to know. If I have a top 5 pick next year, there's still NO WAY I'm passing on a stud RB (Gurley, Elliott, Barkley, McCaffrey, etc) for a QB. Mahomes is a bit over 6 pts a game better than Roethlisberger, who was 2nd in my leagues. That's a big difference. But it's no so big that I give away a stud RB or stud WR for him when I can get Roethlisberger many rounds later. I might consider Mahomes late 2nd/early 3rd, but that's if EVERYTHING remains the same on his team and only if I know I can still have a top RB and WR.
  10. jgcrawfish

    "Funny business" on WW Finals Week ..

    This was not a joke... Much like cover cornerback coverage has to be taken into account when you're figuring starting WR's...no trade or waiver claim issue that involves a woman can be accurately analyzed without "CAN SIZE"? This is an immutable rule of FFToday and you risk the wrath of the FFToday Hampster if you do not comply.
  11. for customization RTSports and MFL are flat out better. RTSports was awesome in IDP Dynasty PPR league. In a 12x2 league on MFL and it does a nice job, it's just the site if flaky, it doesn't scale down well to a phone and you have to rely on 3rd party apps for functionality on your phone. CBS is a great site, love the league history, the content, etc. Of the free sites, ESPN is the best IMO. Can't stand NFL.com and Yahoo is trapped in 2005.
  12. jgcrawfish

    Merry Christmas FFToday

    Merry Christmas to the "Mikes" who keep this fine web establishment running. And Merry Christmas to all the people who have come to depend on it for all these years.
  13. jgcrawfish

    Bad trades

    there's two sides. the team that got all the good players was out of the playoffs before this. It was good enough to make it, but there's no way it would have been the #1 seed without those players. And likely wouldn't have made it out of the 2nd round. So getting $150 out of it shouldn't have happened. He definitely benefited a lot from it. I'm just glad I didn't have to listen to the jokes about the "super team" afterward.
  14. jgcrawfish

    The Official Week 16 FU Thread: Championship Edition

    It's hard to say FU to Melvin Gordon and James Conner when they carried me all season. But in a league where benches are short, where playoffs are 4 weeks long and rosters lock for the entirety of the playoffs, losing your two stud RB's for the playoffs sucks. Gordon came back but was a shell, and Chubb didn't fill well for Conner. So FU to James Conner, Melvin Gordon and Nick Chubb for costing me a solid chance to win a 'ship in the 3rd of my 3 championship games.
  15. jgcrawfish

    The "I started Rivers and still won the Ship" thread

    I benched Rivers but still had to play against him and lost anyway...does that count? 12x2 league...guy I played and I had very similar rosters. Unfortunately his RB's (Kamara and McCaffrey) and TE (Ertz) were a lot better than mine. So he was still able to overcome playing Rivers.