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  1. 2.14 - Hector Neris, RP, PHL
  2. Well , traveling tomorrow and not sure if I'll be in cell range, 2 years ago it wasn't where I'll be. F'n slackers!
  3. 1.14 - Aaron Bummer, RP, CWS
  4. gratefulted

    2019 Season Discussion

    Here, should be 10 mins or so
  5. Time for time limits? I'm going off grid tomorrow night
  6. gratefulted

    Anyone got less from their top 6 picks than this?

    I have way less, possibly the worst ever Manny Machado, average but not his usual self Alex Wood, who? Brandon Morrow, who? Matt Kemp, Are you kidding me! Joe Kelly, after being a total flop he has been getting a little better his last few appearances Russell Martin, just a back up with very little output. Thank goodness my exclusives have come through
  7. gratefulted

    2019 Season Discussion

    If I only started Kike and Barnes I would've had 3 more
  8. gratefulted

    2019 Season Discussion

    I was late on a supp. pick at the all-star break by 2 days and was denied to make a pick a few years back
  9. gratefulted

    2019 Season Discussion

    Looks like an Angel for life, I like it!
  10. gratefulted

    Rounds 27 & 28 Supplemental: DONE

    28.04 - José Berríos , SP, MIN
  11. gratefulted

    2019 Season Discussion

    I was all set to take Madbum here!!!
  12. gratefulted

    Rounds 27 & 28 Supplemental: DONE

    Proxy for Chad 28.03 - Jameson Taillon, SP, Pit
  13. gratefulted

    2019 Season Discussion

    I agree with Paxtons greatness but he needs to keep himself off the DL
  14. gratefulted

    2019 Season Discussion

    Hate that when it happens!
  15. gratefulted

    2019 Season Discussion

    Quite often, I do leave my PC on while snoozing