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  1. I'll admit - I'm the one that reported drobeski. He said something funny, and we can't allow something like that to proliferate here...
  2. Jetdoc

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    I wrote in his wife's name. While peeing in the snow. And it was in her handwriting. TRABEK!!#!@!@
  3. Jetdoc

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    I believe Biden will wind up being one of the greatest presidents of all time. He will lead us through the conquering of one of the worst pandemics that America has faced. He will be known for saving the Earth from climate change through the changes he enacts over the next four years. He will heal many of the cultural divides in the country and bring equality to all, regardless of sex, race, nationality or sexual orientation. And he will accomplish all of this in just four years, ready to hand the baton to Kamala Harris for another eight years.
  4. I literally fell out of my chair laughing at this post.
  5. Not just A Christmas movie, it's one of the best Christmas movies ever made.
  6. Jetdoc

    Exxon write downs & layoffs

    Yep, still trudging along in this pipeline company.
  7. Jetdoc

    Entry level smoker

    Do you get those by printing off pages of the Geek Bored and throwing them into the fire?
  8. Jetdoc

    Exxon write downs & layoffs

    I have some friends that work in that office and they said that they only allow the higher performers to transfer into that office.
  9. Yeah, it's kind of like we're in a Time Warp.
  10. I guess that makes gutter groundskeeper.
  11. Jetdoc

    Entry level smoker

    I was amused by his perfect neckbeard way back when...just kept it as my avatar since then.
  12. Jetdoc


    She's about to be appointed to the most powerful currency-related position in the world...
  13. Jetdoc

    Entry level smoker

    For some reason this made me really horny.