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  1. paulinstl


    Yeah, never saw him. I saw George so long ago he still had Ravi Shankar on tour with him. I was a young kid, my oldest brother took me because his buddy cancelled last minute.
  2. paulinstl


    As long as Brian May is still alive, they will be great. I saw them around then too. Lambert does a great job.
  3. paulinstl


    The Connally Bullet (kennedysandking.com)
  4. paulinstl


    1. First Concert - Jethro Tull 2. Last Concert - Ringo Starr And His All-Star Band 3. Worst Concert - Nirvana in a small club in Cincy before they had a record deal, we walked out after an hour. 4. Loudest Concert - The Who with Keith Moon 5. Best Concert - Litle Feat opened for Van Morrison on a Paddlewheel boat in New Orleans* 6. Seen The Most - The Grateful Dead 7. Most Surprising - Tie between Bob Seger and Supertramp, didn't care a lot for them but both kicked ass live. 8. Happy Got To See - Led Zeppelin, three of The Beatles, Stones, Santana, SRV, Roy Buchannan, Rory Gallagher, Allman Bros 9. Wish I Could Have Seen - Hendrix, The Band** 10. Seeing Next - Carlos, haven't seen him play in a while. *Van played the whole show with his back to the crowd ** I was at their concert but have no memory of that night after two 714's.
  5. paulinstl

    Any guitar geeks here?

    1963 Fender Strat is the only electric I still own. I sold my cherry red 1959 Gibson ES 335 several years ago, and I'm still kicking myself. It was a rare one, dot neck with a Bigsby bridge. Also, second the suggestion of trying a capo.
  6. paulinstl

    Trump INDICTED

    Are you HT? If so, yes or no. If not stfu.
  7. paulinstl

    Trump INDICTED

    So, a simple yes or no please. Do you think the number of votes you claim that Biden didn't legitimately get were the difference between him winning for real or do you think Trump really won? It is a simple question, do you think Trump actually won that election? Yes or no?
  8. paulinstl

    Hunter Biden indicted on federal gun charges

    Maybe it is just that Biden keeps his crimes in the dark and Trump's are out there on tape and film and phone calls and texts. :dunno:
  9. Referring specifically to comments made about a Special Counsel appointment.
  10. How many people in one thread can be so wrong? I guarantee not one poster in this thread that was certain this would be slow walked will admit they were wrong.
  11. paulinstl

    *** Official*** Biden Impeachment Thread

    Say what? I read this three times and still have no idea what you're saying.
  12. paulinstl

    *** Official*** Biden Impeachment Thread

    Kevin McCarthy on the impeachment of Trump. Clown.
  13. paulinstl

    Trump INDICTED

    The point being some people see things only through their political ideology. It doesn't matter if it's a President or a spouse of a party leader. Do you think there's a difference? Do you think there are degrees of relevance? You commented on how some people here acted when the Trump golden shower story came out. Is that any different than how some people here acted when the Pelosi attack story happened?
  14. paulinstl

    Trump INDICTED

    Example number one. Well played, you just outed yourself.
  15. paulinstl

    Trump INDICTED

    I remember when the Paul Pelosi attack happened and some MAGAs here were claiming it was a gay lovers' dispute and coming all over themselves. Some people are just idiots with a life view so narrowly limited by their politics that any hope of anything worth disussion is not possible.