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Found 10 results

  1. I get the need for him to take care of his health first. Should a high waiver pick be used on him? Beast Mode: “Take care of y’all chickens… take care of y’all mentals… “
  2. Bdemain

    Flex question

    Standard scoring: K. Allen, Sankey, Ridley or T. Williams — I will answer yours
  3. dpbuddha

    RB help. Pick one to start.

    Standard scoring. Pick one.
  4. Picked up Ridley off waivers. Thinking about starting him, but I also have Brady and Gronk. Is that too many starters from one team? 10 Team PPR League QB: Tom Brady WR: Jordy Nelson WR: Cordarelle Patterson RB: Jamal Charles RB: DeMarco Murray TE: Rob Gronkowski WR/TE: Andre Johnson DEF: New England K: BN: Toby Gerhart BN: Steven Ridley BN: Terrance West BN: Donald Brown BN: Golden Tate BN: Kelvin Benjamin BN Sammy Watkins
  5. Which QB should I start Week one? I drafted Griffin and Newton, but Wilson somehow made it through our draft undrafted, so I snagged him also....hoping to turn one of the three into a trade later. Wilson vs GB Newton at TB Griffin III at Houston Points are: Passing Every 25 passing yards (PY25): 1 Each Pass Completed (PC): 0.5 TD Pass (PTD): 6 40+ yard TD pass bonus (PTD40): 2 50+ yard TD pass bonus (PTD50): 3 Interceptions Thrown (INT): -2 2pt Passing Conversion (2PC): 2 300-399 yard passing game (P300): 3 400+ yard passing game (P400): 6 Sacked (SK): -1 On a similar note, which RB to start as my flex? Fred Jackson at Chicago Stevan Ridley at Miami Points are: Rushing Every 10 rushing yards (RY10): 1 Rushing Attempts (RA): 0.5 TD Rush (RTD): 6 40+ yard TD rush bonus (RTD40): 2 50+ yard TD rush bonus (RTD50): 3 2pt Rushing Conversion (2PR): 2 100-199 yard rushing game (RY100): 3 200+ yard rushing game (RY200): 6 Receiving Every 10 receiving yards (REY10): 1 Each reception (REC): 1 TD Reception (RETD): 6 40+ yard TD rec bonus (RETD40): 2 50+ yard TD rec bonus (RETD50): 3 2pt Receiving Conversion (2PRE): 2 100-199 yard receiving game (REY100): 3 200+ yard receiving game (REY200): 6
  6. 0.5 PPR Scoring, need to pick one of these 3: Stevan Ridley @ Carolina (Road game vs. top 2 NFL defense) Chris Ivory @ Buffalo (Has he solidified his role as the lead back in NY?) Andre Ellington @ Jacksonville (Amazing talent, but coach refuses to play him over flaming piece of dog sh*t Mendy) Who you guys got? Must win, down huge already having faced Chris Johnson and Adam Vinatieri tonight.
  7. dats007

    Trade: McCoy for Welker

    Moments ago, I was offered Steven Ridley, Terrance Williams and Wes Welker for LeSean McCoy, Marvin Jones, and Dwayne Bowe. Should I make this trade? My other WR's are Steve Smith, Keenan Allen, and Roddy White. I also have CJ2K and Giovanni Bernard as my RBs. Standard scoring (.1/yard).
  8. JBSteinle

    Stevan Ridley

    So a team in my league actually dropped Stevan Ridley this morning. Should I drop Ben Tate to pickup Ridley?
  9. I need two of the aforementioned. No PPR Decker Edelman Ridley Torry Smith Thanks yall
  10. I'm in a keeper league, and I can keep four players. My first three keepers are Rodgers, Amendola, and Gronk. We can start two RBs in this league, and I need to pick one RB as a keeper, and have to choose between Forte, Chris Johnson, and Stevan Ridley. Who would you pick? - I know FFToday tells me Forte. He's good, but has some really poor games sometimes. - Chris Johnson has a new offensive line and a coach who wants to give him the ball. He's healthy. I like this situation. - While I suspect Ridley will score a lot, I'm scared of Blount, and having too many Patriots on my team. (If they have a bad week, and Gronk and Amendola get shut down, I probably lose.) I will most likely draft the TD leech of whoever I keep (Bush, Greene, Blount).