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Found 10 results

  1. Dropped Hurns to pick up Jordan Reed last week to cover a bye week. Think I want to pick Hurns back up (if I can get him) on the waiver wire but need t0 drop someone... Options are Jordan Reed Martellus Bennett Matthew Stafford Charcandrick West My team is in my sig....what do you think?
  2. All pretty close but would like other opinions! Roethlisberger PIT vs ATL Stafford DET vs MIN Romo DAL vs PHI
  3. Kelvarr

    Trading for Martavis Bryant

    So I picked up Roethlisberger a couple of weeks ago to replace the turd that is Cam Newton. I meant to pick up Bryant a week later, but got busy with work and forgot. Someone else got him gameday morning, about 2 hours in front of me. My WR: Calvin Sanu Beckham Jr. Matthews I was thinking of offering up Sanu or Beckham straight up for him. What do you think? Markus Wheaton is also a free agent if I need to. Scoring is standard 10yd/pt, 6pt/TD, PPR On a similar note, my other QB is Russell Wilson. I was thinking about seeing if the Matthew Stafford owner would do a straight up trade. That would let me get the basket scoring for Stafford/Johnson. Scoring is standard for QB, 6 pt/TD, and 0.5 pt/completion.
  4. Tuxedosam

    QB woes! Stafford or Kaepernck

    Both haven't been too stellar who would you play in week 10? Stafford DET (Home) vs MIA or Kapernick SF (Away) vs NO Also Sanchez, Palmer and Tannehill are available on Wire. Should I grab one of them instead?? Thanks!
  5. Stafford has been a real disappointment and with the a lot of team injuries makes it even worse. I like his matchup this week against NO but still not sold cause he has had good matchups before and still did not produce much. Should I pick up Palmer ARI vs OAK or Hoyer CLE vs JAX for week 7?? Opinions?? Cam and Flacco still on wavier as well! Thanks! Leave yours!
  6. Tuxedosam

    Week 6 which QB to start!?

    I have 2 QB with good match ups. Stafford been off and on and DET lost more to injury including Megatron so I'm leaning more on Kaepernick instead! Foles and Eli is also on the wire. Should I pick one up?? And who would be good for ROS??
  7. jschleter

    QB - Am I crazy?

    Am I crazy to think that I should start Jake Locker over Matthew Stafford today? PPR League Stafford VS Bears (given up 8th fewest points to QB all season) Lockers VS Jaguars (Jacksonville has given up the 2nd most fantasy points to Quarterbacks this season and 9th most in last 5 weeks)
  8. No pts for yardage until 250 (5 pt bonus). 1pt/10 yards after 250 has been reached. 6 pt short TDs up to 18 pt for very long TDs. Do you start Stafford or Brady, and what if Gronk or Megatron aren't playing? Also, if Gronk is in and Mega is out...or Mega is in and Gronk is out...any way you play the handicapped QB? Leave a link to yours.
  9. sdc90291

    Auction Keeper League Help

    We can keep up to 6 guys in an auction keeper league (total salary is $200, 12 teams). I'm definitely keeping the following: Charles - $30 Ridley - $15 Cruz - $22 Bowe - $15 My remaining guys are: Stafford - $41 Bradshaw - $22 Decker - $22 Gresham -$2 Gostkowski - $1 Now, near as I can tell, at least 8 of the teams will keep their QBs, if not 10. I'm debating about NOT keeping Stafford, figuring that I'm only bidding against 2-3 other guys. The other available QBs will be Kaepernick, Romo, Manning, Roethlisberger, Vick, etc. Thinking that I can probably drop him and pick him up for less than the $41 I spent on him last season. Obviously I run the risk of either spending more or losing him and settling for someone else. Keeping him is the safe play, but there are a bunch of RBs and WRs that I like this year who I have a better shot at getting if I free up some cap spare. What do you think? Worth the risk or not? And if you've got a post, leave your link and I'd be happy to answer for you. Much Thanks!
  10. jim481120

    Keeper Konundrum

    What's up FFballers, I am part of a 14 team/ppr/keeper league. We're allowed to keep 2 players, 1 from rounds 1-3 and another from round 4 on. My options this year are Mccoy 1st round, Stafford rnd 6 and Spiller rnd 7. I am leaning on keeping Spiller and Stafford based on value and projections and that I will have picks 14 & 15 if I drop Mccoy and I can do a little damage there. I'll list pros and cons for each potential keeper so you can see my mindset on these guys. Stafford Pros: 1. Lions throw a ton, led the league in pass attempts the last 2 years, no reason to believe this changes 2. Throws to one of the most dominant WRs in the league 3. Good value for a round 6 pick. 4. Reggie Bush comes to town for another viable passing option that Stafford hasn't had since Jahvid Best. Cons: 1. O-line and the hits he's been taking, not much else for cons. Spiller Pros: 1. 6.0 ypc last year 2. Good passing option for whoever ends up QB 3. Big play ability Cons: 1. durability, not sure if this is really an issue 2. Fred Jax, he may be old but I believe he can still make a case for playing time so ther is a possibility of RBBC (running back by committee) 3. Marrone says goal line back role not yet established, Jax could take TD's away Mccoy Pros: 1. True baller, versatile, quick, shady 2. Maclin out, should increase his touches 3. Can score TDs in the red zone, unfortunately, Andy Reid liked to use other options last year. Thankfully he's gone 4. Don't see a RBBC situation here so he's a single lead back which seems to be a rarity nowadays. Cons: 1. Not a great value for a rnd 1 pick 2. Suffered first bad concussion we know about and given his postion, he could become damaged goods 3. Not sure Chip Kelly's offense translates to success in the NFL (could say the same for Marrone/Spiller I guess) 4. QB situation - Vick and Shady have some chemistry, teams less likely to stack the box with Vick in but most certainly would against Foles which I believe would negatively affect Mccoy's stats.