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  1. Tuxedosam

    QB help

    Thanks again Weepaws!
  2. Tuxedosam

    QB help

    Lamar is out and I have White with a juicy matchup but will be playing through rib pain. Should I pick up someone here to be safe? Dalton NO vs ATL Heinicke WAS vs NYG
  3. Tuxedosam

    Week 15 - Start two: Chubb/Elliot/Dobbins

    I think id bench him too. I would roll with Elliot and Dobbins
  4. Tuxedosam

    RB2=Barkley or Pacheco; FLEX=Pacheco or Zay J?

    I'd still roll with Barkley and Flex Pacheco
  5. Tuxedosam

    Pick 3 WR's

    12 man league 1 PPR, Pick 3 WR's Waddle MIA vs BUF Godwin TB vs CIN Aiyuk SF vs SEA Pittman IND vs MIN Juju KC vs HOU Thinking of going with Waddle, Godwin and either Juju or Aiyuk at Flex tough matchup but deebo is out and Purdy is questionable Thanks guys, for your time!
  6. Tuxedosam

    Pick 2 RBs

    1 point PPR 12 man league, Pick 2 RB's Pacheco KC vs HOU Knight NYJ vs DET Walker SEA vs SF Cook MIN vs IND Murray DEN vs ARI So far going to roll with Cook and Pacheco
  7. Tuxedosam

    Need help on who to drop

    Thanks guys, yeah I won't play Watson unless Lamar got hurt but the ones on waiver right now are really bad.
  8. Tuxedosam

    Need help on who to drop

    I am 2nd place in a 12-man PPR league. I'm stacked with WR's and was thinking of dropping one to pick up D. Watson. What do you guys think? Am I Overthinking and I should just not do anything? My QB is Lamar but I wanted a backup just in case. Or I can drop someone else. My WR's are Waddle, Godwin, Aiyuk, Juju, Pittman and Slayton. RB's are Walker, Cook, Pacheco and Kyren. TE Kelce DEF NE and BAL Opinions? Thanks guys!
  9. Tuxedosam

    QB bye help

    The weather is pretty bad tonight for Mariota so they’ll most likely be running the ball more. Should I just play Brissett vs MIA or Daniel Jones??
  10. Tuxedosam

    Foreman or Patterson Tonight?

    Patterson is the goto guy. Plus it’s bad weather so they will most likely be running the ball
  11. Tuxedosam

    HELP...Herbert or Cousins this week ?

    Herbert all the way, I don't trust cousins
  12. Tuxedosam

    QB bye help

    Marcus Mariota ATL vs CAR or Daniel Jones NYG vs HOU
  13. Tuxedosam

    Drop Pittman?

    He's been a thorn in my back for a while now. 1PPR I have Waddle, Godwin, Juju and Aiyuk need room for byes and maybe a better RB. No one wants to trade for him either. My RB's are Cook, Walker, BRob, Dillon, D. Jackson as of now. Injuries killed my RB's Gonna have to start digging through waivers. Opinions? Will most likely drop BRob for sure
  14. Tuxedosam

    Trade help

    My RB’s are Cook, Walker, Dillon & BRob
  15. Tuxedosam

    Trade help

    Trade Juju for Foreman? Already have Waddle, Pittman and Godwin…Need a RB due to injuries 1pt PPR