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  1. Tuxedosam

    Patriots at Bills: MNF Discussion

    C'mon Knox! I just need 6 pts from him *nervous*
  2. Tuxedosam

    RB Help

    Thanks bro!! Henderson didn't practice today (Thursday) so just to play it safe, i'm benching him and playing Zeke tonight *Fingers crossed*
  3. Tuxedosam

    RB Help

    A quad strain but don't know how bad but they have Sony Michel ready to take his spot if he doesn't. Kinda weary playing Zeke cause of his time share with Pollard and they are kinda resting Zeke for the long haul and its a tough matchup and of course its a Thursday game which I dislike haha!
  4. Tuxedosam


    I have Pitts & Knox not sure why Pitts is rated so high and Knox lower but until Pitts can prove himself i'll be starting Knox regardless of matchup
  5. Tuxedosam

    RB Help

    Yeah hes hurt but still playing
  6. Tuxedosam

    RB Help

    1 PPR 12 man league Pick 2 Elliot DAL vs NO Barkley NYG vs MIA Henderson LAR vs JAX Patterson ATL vs TB Thinking of Patterson & Henderson
  7. Tuxedosam

    Hurts or Carr??

    Was over thinking this haha! Hurts just had a few more points than Carrlast week but now this week same dilemma. Hurts vs DEN or Carr vs KC? What do you guys think?
  8. Tuxedosam

    Hurts or Carr??

    Just going to roll with Hurts cause of his running ability and LAC are kind bad against the run so hopefully Hurts gets a a few rushing TD’s. We will see! Good luck guys and thanks!
  9. Tuxedosam

    Hurts or Carr??

    I know what you mean haha! Hurts gets more respect than Carr is mind boggling.
  10. Tuxedosam

    Hurts or Carr??

    Thanks Wee Paws! Yeah im barely leaning Carr but also I can stream Hill, Love or White on waivers
  11. Tuxedosam

    Hurts or Carr??

    Hurts has a tough matchup with LAC Should I roll Hurts still or Carr vs NYG?
  12. Tuxedosam

    RB Help Barkley hurt & BYE week

    I noticed K. Herbert from CHI is available too
  13. Tuxedosam

    RB Help Barkley hurt & BYE week

    Sorry Williams from CHI, thanks just corrected it
  14. Barkley hurt and byes this week need to pick up an RB replacement. Which one would you guys recommend on the wire? 1 PPR thanks guys! D'Enerst Johnson CLE James Connor ARI Kenyan Drake LV Damien Williams CHI
  15. Tuxedosam

    Which Williams? McLovn or BMW?

    Oops sorry haha! Darrel Williams. He looked good playing and the matchup isn’t too bad either