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  1. Ekeler, Aaron Jones or Chandler?? Pick 2 1pt PPR
  2. Tuxedosam

    Which QB for finals

    I have Goff and dropped Howell for Flacco and he saved me last week but this week he kind of hurt me, but I barely won by 2pts. Leaning Flacco even with a tough matchup but just by a little
  3. Tuxedosam

    Pick one QB

    Richardson ended up on IR. I got lucky and picked up Howell from someone who just dropped him. Really iffy starting Goff on the road. Should I roll with Howell WAS vs ATL or Goff DET vs TB?? Thanks again!
  4. Tuxedosam

    Who to start? Pick 3

    Agreed first 3 for sure
  5. Tuxedosam

    Who would you drop/keep?

    Neither of these. Just a normal 12 man PPR league. Had a lot of injuries that I had to pickup replacements. Just hoping they do something good to use other than flex options. Weeks 2-5 was rough for me with my top 2 RBs Ekeler and Jones out & Sanders not playing well and my top WR St Brown out as well as one of my QB Richardson out as well. Thanks everyone for your input!
  6. Tuxedosam

    Brown or foreman?

    Foreman is the last man standing
  7. Tuxedosam

    Fields or Tua Wk 6 Full PPR

    I like Tua this week l
  8. Tuxedosam

    Who would you drop/keep?

    Demercado, Spears, McLaughlin, Roschon Johnson, Sanders my main RBs are Ekeler & Jones
  9. Tuxedosam

    Cinco de FU (Week 5)

    Ok add Richardson to this list for me as well
  10. Tuxedosam

    Cinco de FU (Week 5)

    Since week 2 Aaron Jones, Ekeler, and now St. Brown But DJ Moore might save me this week....I hope!
  11. Tuxedosam

    Better rb bench stash

  12. Tuxedosam

    Fields or Richardson

    He got hurt somehow and left to the locker room
  13. Tuxedosam

    Fields or Richardson

    Leaning towards Richardson this week
  14. Tuxedosam

    What rb to start

    Same Walker & Etienne for sure
  15. Tuxedosam

    Week 2 help

    PPR 12 man league Pick 1 QB - Goff LAR vs SEA OR Richardson IND vs HOU Pick 1 For Flex Pittman IND vs HOU R. Shaheed NO vs CAR Dotson WAS vs DEN Dreading this week cause I have 3 RBs that are out Ekler, Gainwell and most likely Jones as well. And all I have left is Miles Sanders & Roschon Johnson *Crosses Fingers*