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  1. Ok Im glad they mentioned hes out!! Rolling Samuels! Was getting real nervous!!!
  2. My only option is J. Samuels vs NO and its a tough matchup. Debating to play Gurley
  3. Tuxedosam

    RB & WR help pick 1 each

    Sorry forgot to mention 1 point PPR
  4. Tuxedosam

    RB & WR help pick 1 each

    Pick one RB and one WR J. Williams GB vs NYJ J. Samuels PIT vs NO R. Anderson NYJ vs GB T. Lockett SEA vs KC Thank you!
  5. Tuxedosam

    John Kelly

    If Gurley does play would u still use him?
  6. Tuxedosam

    John Kelly

    Might have to play Samuels or Jamal Williams instead but which!?
  7. Tuxedosam

    Semi final defense pick one

    I have Chicago vs GB and Houston vs NYJ. Any suggestions? Leaning a bit on Houston but I guess I cant go wrong with either
  8. Tuxedosam

    Justin Jackson

    1 point PPR for flex Edelman or Jackson?
  9. Tuxedosam

    Pick 1 for flex

    Edelman NE vs MIN Ekeler LAC vs PIT Locket SEA vs SF
  10. Tuxedosam

    AJ Green "ready to play"

    AJ Green or Edelman??
  11. Tuxedosam

    Edelman owners -- start or wait?

    Should of just stayed with Golliday haha! The person I played has Brady too!
  12. Tuxedosam

    Edelman owners -- start or wait?

    Golliday or Edelman for flex?
  13. Tuxedosam

    Which WR for ROS?

    Sorry I totally forgot to mention it’s 1 point PPR. Thanks guys!
  14. Tuxedosam

    Which WR for ROS?

    I currently have AJ Green, Evans and Hilton but need another backup just in case. Who should I get off the wire for ROS? Thanks! K. Cole K. Golladay Q Enunwa D. Jackson C. Davis
  15. Tuxedosam

    Jerick McKinnon injury

    Well time to drop him. I have Brieda & Barber on the wire. Which should I grab?