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Man, my team kicks ass.



Almost without exception you have gone to the FBG rankings. Boring. :P


Nice team

Do you guys prefer the projections from here or from there :ph34r:

It depends on whether you're talking about comedy or real fantasy football.



As far as the boards are concerned this is very true. I kinda like the comedy here though. :D


I can't comment on the subscriber content at FBG other than I'm sure it's thorough. Still the free content here is enough for anyone who actually gives a fock. I get the feeling few people ever access the main page here though. This site is all about the boards-- which are a joke.


If you're a diehard, there is plenty of excellent info here. Dr. J's SoS is as good as it gets. Waldman is a wildman with the stat crunching. Krueger has more than proved himself with rankings and by schooling Bryant or Dobbs or whatever fodder FBG sends his way in the SOFA leagues.


FFToday :first:



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Thanks to Zap for taking Warner...I wanted him but he has the same bye week as McNabb and had he been there this last pick, it'd would have been hard for me not to take him...

No problem.


If Warner still has the goods, very debateable, he should have a great year. Excellent talent, a coach with a history of putting up big numbers with vet Qbs, a great schedule for passing, a questionable running game, the probability of playing for cheap TDs late in games. I'll be starting him over Plummer. :ph34r:


Hell, he'll outproduce McNabb. :first:



I think people are vastly underestimating Warner this year. Fitzgerald and Boldin are both strong young receivers. The offensive line was strengthened over the offseason. And games against the 49ers and his old team, and really the only top quality teams they face all year are Philly and Indy.


I think he'll end up in the top half.

Looking at ADPs at MFL Ants and xperts I would agree, but those are generated by geeky but still regular folks. Looking a little deeper at some serious "expert" leagues and Warner is getting alot more respect than you might think. Phenoms leagues have him going in the 9th about four to six slots ahead of other ADPs, and those turkeys are junkies playing for big money in many cases.


Fitzgerald is for real, and Boldin is possibly better. Warner has reportedly developed a great connection with BJohnson. It's Holt Bruce and Hakim all over again!! Keep Warner under center and the numbers should be there. My bigger concern isn't injury though. He may have lost it. He may really be rattled mentally from the pounding. Put a red jersey on him and let him sling it to those guys untouched and the camp reports are great. Put him under some real pressure and he may fumble six times in a half to protect himself. :lol:

He actually hung in there pretty well with a pitiful O line last year, and somehow got them 5 wins. It seems like forever since he was at the top of his game, but he really lost two seasons with his hand being messed up. Last year he had the touch but you could see he was rusty in game situations. He got better as the year went on, but then they made the switch to Manning.


Warner's a classic bargain pick, which is probably why the sharks are picking him a touch early. Everybody knows there's potential there.

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I'm all done and ready to kick some ass. :bench:

I'll quote your beloved prezboy and say "Bring it on :banana: "

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I'm all done and ready to kick some ass.  <_<

I'll quote your beloved prezboy and say "Bring it on :rolleyes: "

I can't wait to hang my Championship Accomplished banner come October when I'm in first place!

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