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Week 3 FA draft

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1 Grampahoo Willie Parker, RB, Pit

2 EWalmart Ran Carthon, RB, Ind

3 Poop Farmers Steve Heiden, TE, Cle

4 Not Just Any Backup QB Ladell Betts, RB, Was

5 Drunken Mimes Joe Jurevicius, WR, Sea

6 Call Me...Twitchy Matt Bryant, K, TB

7 The Champs skipped, can pick at any time

8 TUS Rob Bironas, K, Ten

9 Darn That Dragon Mark Brunell, QB, Was

10 Vegas Blitz Frisman Jackson, WR, Cle

11 Buffington's Ballbusters Jerald Sowell, RB, NYJ

12 JasperisOK Tim Rattay, QB, SF

13 Scooby Troy Brown, WR, NE

14 Wilzone Ernie Conwell, TE, NO

15 The Red Shirts Doug Gabriel, Wr, Oak

16 Rynos 497.12

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Hoo, per email, takes Willie Parker.

I guess he doesn't suck at this as bad as we thought. Either that or he just got lucky that he didn't see the e-mails before the Requiem picks were in so he could know who to take! :blink:

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