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Movie Questions

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The reboot of Tomb Raider, with Alicia vikander or whatever. Did that do anything? Anybody see it? I'm not even sure it got released.


Same question about the movie with Mila Kunis and the blond from Saturday Night Live. Where her boyfriend was a spy? Did that do anything? Has it even been released?

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These numbers pretty much proved my point that have made in other threads. These days, Hollywood is really making movies for non domestic markets.


If you think about Marigold Hotel and many other knock-offs and crazy Rich Asians, Hollywood realizes there's a huge Market overseas. Especially going head up against Bollywood.


In other films like the reboot of Red Dawn, North Korea was Made the bad guy. Even though it makes no sense realistically.


Why? Because no way in hell are they pissing off the Chinese market and the billion or so potential customers. True.

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