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  1. Filthy Fernadez

    Late June in Colorado..........snowing.

    True and they could also be taking that position because their funding is dependent on it. Why is their criticism always leveled at the U.S. and not countries like China and India?
  2. Filthy Fernadez

    Late June in Colorado..........snowing.

    "On record" Earth is 5+ billion years old....weather recorded for last 200 maybe. So we've recorded 1/25,000,000th of the Earth's climate buckwheat. Yeah, no doubt we can decisively say there's no focking way to know if we can affect the climate.
  3. Filthy Fernadez

    Late June in Colorado..........snowing.

    AOC blames the Philly refinery fire on Climate change.
  4. Elizabeth Warren "What better way to celebrate my birthday than right here at Planned Parenthood" So she celebrates surviving the grim reaper of Planned Parenthood? I though abortion was a good thing to liberals?
  5. Filthy Fernadez

    Late June in Colorado..........snowing.

    Al Gore.....paging Al Gore.
  6. Filthy Fernadez


    Can someone call Newbie an Uber? Ask for one with a bike rack.
  7. Filthy Fernadez

    Trump deporting millions of illegals next week

    https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/officials-accuse-dhs-chief-kevin-mcaleenan-of-leaking-ice-raids-plan-to-sabotage-operation Acting DHS Chief Kevin Mcaleelan leaked plans of the ICE raids to sabotage operation. This deep stater would have put lives in danger. Fire his a$$ and charge him with obstruction of justice.
  8. Filthy Fernadez

    Iran downs US drone

    *in between sets and hair frosting appointments.
  9. Filthy Fernadez

    Iran downs US drone

    When one speaks of Iran one also speaks of Hezbollah. One of their bagmen was just extradited to Miami to face money laundering charges. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article231810213.html
  10. Filthy Fernadez

    Iran downs US drone

    These people are sick.
  11. Filthy Fernadez

    New Hampshire crash: 7 bikers dead, 3 more injured.

    So he killed 7 and swung back around to pick up the spare?
  12. Filthy Fernadez

    Your truth

    Truth is absolute. And the truth is she should not be doing underwear ads.
  13. If the U.S. made all mental defective people have abortions, there'd be 3 geek bored members (two of which would be aliases).