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  1. Filthy Fernadez

    Assange arrested...........will he be extradited to U.S.?

    Let's take stock of who Mueller DIDN'T interview in regard to the Russia investigation. 1. Julian Assange - the guy who received the emails shopped by 'Russians' yet no Russian appeared to produce them. 2. Nataliya V a.k.a. the Russian lawyer from the Trump Tower meeting - no mention either she was working with and met with Fusion GPS the day before and the day after. Why did the Obama D.O.J. give her a pass just in time for that meetingng? 3. Joseph Mifsud - one of the supposed 'Russians' meeting with Papadopolis. Guy happens to be a CIA/FBI asset and now gone to ground somewhere in Italy. 4. Stephen Halper - Another CIA/FBI asset in touch with Carter Page. Arranged dinner with Flynn and some female Russian professor just to put them in the same room to allege affair. 5. Glenn Simpson/Fusion GPS - Part of the nexus behind the entire Russia narrative. He ran all the information from Nellie Ohr and doesn't get interviewed? 6. Crowdstrike - the framework for all the Russian cyber efforts is the supposed hack of the DNC servers. Crowdstrike hired by DNC/HRC to write a report that's treated like gospel these days. The reason he didn't interview those folks? Because there was no Russia investigation. It was all about obstruction and perjury traps. The only foreigners meddling with 2016 were ones the FBI/CIA sent in there.
  2. Filthy Fernadez

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    Link? Evidence? Did Mueller provide any evidence of that? Nope. All the midnight raids Mueller did, strong arm tactics, etc....and yet he never questions Crowdstrike, Glenn Simpson, ANYONE at the DNC, and never inspected the servers. All we have is the report by Crowdstrike paid for by the DNC which Hillary controlled at the time. Hell, Crowdstrike was likely one of the contractors abusing the NSA database with 702 queries. It's a lie repeated over and over until it becomes the truth.
  3. Filthy Fernadez

    Thank God that ocasio-cortez is on the job

    The Dems embraced ANYONE willing to bash Trump and are surprised they can't control these psychopaths. Own it. All those in the Democratic party who ignored facts in favor of hating Trump, an innocent man are responsible for their demise.
  4. Filthy Fernadez

    Tis a shame

    I'd ask you this...... What presidential candidate from 2016 to present could have withstood the coup and attacks that Trump has for the last 3 years and still not quit let alone succeed? Or come out of that investigation with zero evidence of criminality? No one. He isn't polished but make no mistake; Trump's what this nation needs.
  5. Filthy Fernadez

    Tis a shame

    The Dems have embraced the loony left and are on a suicidal ride toward 2020. Akin to if the Repubs embraced the focktards on the corner with a baby doll with a noose on it protesting abortion or the religious nutjobs.
  6. Filthy Fernadez

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    YES OR NO.....Do you accept the A.G. AND D.A.G. conclusion?
  7. Filthy Fernadez

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    Counterpoint: Rod appointed Mueller and Rod with Barr cleared Trump of Obstruction as well as agreeing with Mueller that no collusion was present. So wiff, you trust Rod R. then you should trust him now clearing Trump 100%
  8. Filthy Fernadez

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    You can't obstruct unless there's an underlying crime. Period..... That was Rosenstein and Barr's assertion based on their knowledge of the law.
  9. Filthy Fernadez

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    The report is a political smear job based on a political smear job. Those who recognize that never expected the report to say "Trump is exonerated". Barr knows the law, knows there was no predicate to investigate Trump and his summary indicates that (particularly on obstructionn).
  10. Filthy Fernadez

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    Try popping a couple xanax and wrap a hot towel around your head wiff. Oh and put a heating pad on yer poosay.
  11. 2.5 years with the unlimited resources of the world's most thorough intelligence agencies and they came up empty handed. Congratulations America, you elected the most honest man to ever run for office.
  12. This report was written for this very purpose....to prolong the speculation there was something there. This was done for a couple reasons. 1. Give Congress a place to go, as they're desperately trying to damage Trump's presidency. 2. Legitimize (or attempt to) the entire illegal investigation/surveillance that occurred PRIOR to the appointment of the S.C. Note they fail to mention Carter Page just a couple years before was an FBI asset. Or that Russian lawyer worked with Fusion GPS who worked for Hillary. This whole report is a focking sham so why validate it?
  13. Filthy Fernadez

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    2.5 years with the unlimited resources of the world's most thorough intelligence agencies and they came up empty handed. Congratulations America, you elected the most honest man to ever run for office.
  14. Filthy Fernadez

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    So you rejoice that an innocent man faced unwarranted persecution? Stunning since you rail against #metoo for that very reason. Right now, his "sweat" laden balls are slapping against your party's chin.