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  1. Cruzer

    President's Cup

    Phenomenal final day - the US overcame a sluggish start, and Cheata Reed's cloud of distraction. Was also anincredible egg laying by the Intl's in Singles. Tiger was a force in play... And he deserves props for his Day 3 management. Don't think it's any coincidence the US made their move the same day Tiger was following his team, all day, as a Captain. Shame Royal Melbourne can't host a major - what a course.
  2. Cruzer

    President's Cup

    Only 2 pts back, but in reality - that margin is really bigger. The US needs 7.5 of the 12 to win - Els just 5.5..... doable, but uphill for sure. Not sure I understand Tiger's strategy. We're solidly down, he's back loading his lineup? Normally you want to send out your big guns early - build momentum.... Finau, Reed 2 &3..... Xander, Cantlay and JT in the middle/rear?
  3. Cruzer

    Soccer ball................size?

    Na - we'll never meet either.. These are kids nominated by others thru a local charitable organization. I adopt a family every year..... One of the kids asked Santa for a simple pillow, the other gift cards for food.
  4. Cruzer

    Soccer ball................size?

    Ha, we've never met.
  5. 2 of the kids on my list asked for soccer balls.......... just found out, they come in sizes? One is a 16 year old girl, the other is a 13 year old boy - any ideas what size ?
  6. This alone should have this song higher I think.
  7. Even as ridiculous as we looked/dressed back then, the 80's were great. I'm glad I was a teenager then and not today.
  8. Vaya con dios Cantone. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/danny-aiello-dead
  9. Cruzer

    President's Cup

    That was a huge tie by Fowler/Woodland to close out Day 2's play. The US is not out of it by any means - if they can even stay around 2 or 3 down - they will have a shot heading into singles.
  10. Cruzer

    President's Cup

    This is your take? SHOCKING!!
  11. Cruzer

    President's Cup

    Prez Cup came on at a good time, not much else going on - watching more than usual myself. Can make the argument it's the players who have to perform, but it certainly doesn't help validate the playing Captain strategy. When your Captain is seemingly more concerned about his own personal glory, and the rest of his team is getting drummed - it's a bad look. We have forever sucked in Foursomes - yesterday was the the real killer. We needed be ahead going into 2day.
  12. So a (tentative) $25m settlement agreement has been reached on behalf of Harvey and his studio. If approved by a judge: * H.W. will not have to pay anything personally. * H.W. will not have to admit any wrongdoing/guilt. So can we conclude: * In the end, this wasn't about punishing Weinstein or seeking justice? * In the end, this was about standing up to sexual harassment/abuse - fighting for a cause? * In the end "ME TOO" is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme front to cash in? https://www.npr.org/2019/12/11/787306873/harvey-weinstein-reaches-tentative-25-million-deal-to-settle-sex-claims