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  1. Cruzer


    40 mysterious deaths to be exact, 33 of which did not die of natural causes. Maybe some did see it...............I'd love to read a transcript, or see film, on a single person claiming to have seen the driver shoot the Prez. Again, what was Greer's escape plan, what was his end game? They really planned on not being seen? They planned to just drive to the hospital and blend in with the mob? The plotters would have never allowed a shooter out in the open, risked being linked or allowed to live and talk - they would have killed him too.
  2. Cruzer


    This is right up there lodged in between the Loch Ness Monster and the Boogie Man.
  3. Cruzer

    If Biden Blacks Out, Who The Fawking Cares

    The Ubethcha dude is focking hilarious. So is his buddy who has own page.
  4. Cruzer


    I've said many times, I've no personal agenda against Greer being the shooter. All I've ever asked is to show me how - bcoz it makes no sense. The killing of JFK was the most elaborate, detailed, organized, planned, and coordinated murder in the history of civilization. Not only that, but it was pulled off in the middle of the day, with hundreds of witnesses, thousands and thousands of eyeballs and countless cameras and video cameras present - to be 2023 and not a single person have tangible evidence that the dude sitting arms reach from the Prez be the shooter makes zero sense. For arguments sake, let's say Greer did do it - he was wide ass out in the open, the plotters had to assume he would have been seen........... LHO was killed and was never even involved - do you really think the planners would have let Greer live? Hell no, absolutely not - he would have been killed probably even sooner than Oswald. Not only would he have obliterated the Lone Gunman theory, but he could also have possibly talked.......... Btw, William Greer lived a long full life, died at the age of 75.
  5. Cruzer


    Anything that starts with the official JFK autopsy at Andrews AFB has to be completely ignored - that was as bad as any Hollywood movie.
  6. Cruzer


    When discussing William Greer, I think all must understand the distinction between being in on the assassination and being a shooter. It's entirely possible Greer was in on the conspiracy. Roy Kelleman was the other rider in the front seat of the motorcade, and not by accident. Kellerman was the senior SS agent (and senior to Greer) assigned to protect the President. As soon as it was clear the motorcade was taking on fire, Kellerman yelled to Greer, "Let's get out of line, we've been hit!" - yet Greer slowed down, so maybe he was in on it... At no time did Kellerman ever mention (though) that Greer pulled a gun and fired a shot. So now you have Ms. Kennedy, Lady Bird and Roy Kellerman all in the motorcade - not a single one of them ever mentioning that a shot came from inside the vehicle. Which when a handgun is fired point blank, you're gonna know it. But there's one more, John Connally - he never mentioned it either. In every interview I've seen of his, he's consistent in the fact he was clearly conscious and heard the shot that took JFK's head off. Again, never once saying it came from an arm's reach away. I've run countless simulations in my head, never have I been able to conclude Greer fired a shot..... I go back to this: thousands lining the streets and, in the plaza, countless cameras and video recorders rolling tape, follow up cars full of SS agents trained to give their lives for the President and his family, and not a single person witnessed or recorded Greer pulling a gun and firing a shot... It's almost mathematically impossible for the thousands of eyeballs focused on the motorcade to not have seen something.... Then you have the plot - all the efforts to design a patsy, all the work to conceal the shooters - to have all that blown up by a shooter in the car exposing them all? What was Greer's escape plan? Did he plan to just keep driving and ditch? Was driving to Parkland and pretending like nothing happened part of the plan? Greer going undetected, by all the thousands and thousands of eyeballs, was part the conspirators plan - they figured he wouldn't be seen? That's a reach that's simply too outrageous to conceive. I'm also a bit still hung up on these supposed photos of Greer pulling the trigger... Since the day of the assassination thousands of investigators, researchers, authors, crime junkies, true crime enthusiasts, journalists - all have rabidly turned over every rock searching for even the slightest crumb of evidence to find the real killer(s). This mob has even gone so far as to sue organizations to release documents. If ever photos existed, these guys would have been all over them......yet they're buried in some obscure documentary.....ummm, another reach for me.
  7. Cruzer


    The assassination of JFK is the most infamous murder mystery in the history of America. Hundreds and thousands of books, articles, videos, documentaries and podcasts have been produced speculating on the turn of events and who actually did it..........and there's supposedly photos of the driver shooting the Prez, and nobody knows about it, nobody has seen them, they're buried in a select few obscure documentaries or books? Again, that doesn't make any sense. If a pic of a Bigfoot emerged tomorrow it would be plastered over media outlets all over the country - yet we can't get the pics of the guy shooting JFK? And I go back to again.. If you believe (as I do) that LHO was not only innocent but set up as a patsy from day 1, then you absolutely cannot have a 2nd shooter sitting in the car visible to thousands in the plaza, visible to SS agents in the follow up cars and gosh knows how many cameras and video recorders rolling tape. The mere sighting of the driver pulling the trigger completely destroys the Lone Gunman theory - which M. Wallace or whomever took painstaking strides, and months of work to create. All the work gone into making LHO the patsy and take the fall is blown out the water.
  8. Cruzer

    2023 MLB Playoffs

    And tip of the hat to the Diamondbacks. That is one gritty team and first-class organization, especially Lovullo.
  9. Cruzer

    RIP Bobby Knight

    A true legend, will never be another like him....... And you ever want to laugh you ass off, watch this.
  10. Cruzer

    2023 MLB Playoffs

    I'm just able to compose myself and put down some thoughts...... My grandpa started taking me to games in the middle 70's, back then it was Turnpike Stadium, later Arlington Stadium. All the years of suffering, all the years of disappointment, I can't believe we did it. Soon as that 3rd strike was called I grabbed my grandpa's pic and ran outside, looked up and said, "We did it grandpa!", bawling all the way. Nobody is ever going to confuse this team with one of the all-time greats. But to do what they did, 12 straight wins on the road - we will forever be part of history... Man, I still can't believe it - I'm numb.
  11. Cruzer


    It was the CIA who actually held the ZF from that Sunday thru Monday the next day.. Time Life purchased the film on Nov. 25. As far as the Men Who Killed Kennedy, I've watched it 50 times, recently in fact - those alleged photos are not in there, nor is there ever any suggestion of such.
  12. Cruzer


    Can you site these documentaries with said photos? Something as explosive as those seem conspicuously elusive. To have the actual shooter captured in photos, and nowhere but a couple exclusive documentaries to have them? Just doens't make any sense. Another thing that doesn't make any sense is to have the killer be in the car... Wallace and/or whomever planned this went to extensive trouble to hide the shooters; warehouse/high rise windows, grassy knolls, bridges - all that work to conceal the shooters.....and then a shooter in the car? Whomever planned this could not risk the shooter being seen or caught - if they were, they could be interrogated and linked up the chain of command. Thousands in the streets, in the plaza - they'd risk all of them not seeing the driver turn and pop a cap in his head? Just doesn't make any sense.
  13. Cruzer


    We also agree that the LHO theory is hogwash...... On the photos, w/out some kind of production, they're just rumor mill... I've no personal vandetta against the driver or anyone else - I'd love to see anything tangible to convince me, I just don't see it......... I hope we get an absolute answer before I croak, but I fear that won't happen.
  14. Cruzer


    I am the one who believes JB was an inside job. You're one of the one's who believes in the foreign faction/intruder theory? As far ss the shot, there must be 2 different Zapruder films - because I see no such thing. Nor has apparently anyone else bcoz if they had it would have been blown up and plastered all over the net just like the actual Zapruder film itself..... Yes, we will have to disagree.
  15. Cruzer


    Going back to the shot. You claim you see the driver turn and point a gun (I contend Connolly’s head is what we actually see), yet you never see a muzzle flash or puffs of smoke… That makes no sense at all - the driver never fired a shot.