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  1. Cruzer

    Dechamblow shows true colors

    Calling out? He called him sir for Gawd sakes. And no - Tiger only slammed clubs into the ground, tore up tee boxes, unleashed numerous F and GD bombs, treated reporters like shiit ... Yea, a real Byron Nelson gentleman clone he was.
  2. Cruzer

    Dechamblow shows true colors

    I don't know BD - maybe he is a priick, who knows...... But I think this episode is being way overblown. He didn't berate, curse or dress down the cameraman - he was frustrated, had moment. Hell I remember Andy Bean back in the late 70's. He whacked this tree with his club, flipped it off and said "FU" after his ball hit it and bounced sideways... Only difference - he didn't have a camera up his ass.
  3. Thank Gawd! Fox's coverage was abysmal, and with Joe Buck in the booth - almost unwatchable. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/nbc-reacquires-broadcast-rights-usgas-full-slate-championships
  4. Cruzer

    Who belongs to a private club?

    For sure, totally different circumstances... For a family? Great investment, the family will love it.
  5. Cruzer

    Who belongs to a private club?

    Yes sir.
  6. Cruzer

    Who belongs to a private club?

    Belonged to a club for 5 years, dropped membership in 2019....... $2,000 initiation, $490 monthly dues. 1st few years were great. Even at a club, weekends are crazy busy. But it's fantastic having a course to yourself - midweek, late afternoons... But after a while, it started to become a grind. Playing the same track, over and over and over and over became boring AF. It's one thing if you live in BFE, and options are limited. But I live here, the Metroplex is blessed with fantastic courses all over the place. Then you realize the $490 just gets you in the door. 2 MGA events a month, each $70 a pop, beer/food - by the time you look up you're staring at quite a bill... I woke up one day and realized I was shelling out $600-$700 a month and not enjoying it - it wasn't for me.
  7. The George Floyd officer? You bet - throw the book at him, 25 years is fine by me. But this? Good grief, what a joke. I applaud this officer for doing his job and protecting the public from a scumbag - clean shoot.
  8. Cruzer

    Aunt Jemima - cancelled

    The looney ultra left is setting their party back decades, erasing all the good done up till now. Clinton and Obama ruled the land for 16 years combined - where were thes stupid focks then? Were Aunt Jemima and Confederate statues not around - they're just now all the sudden offensive?? Focking quacks.
  9. I'm not 75 years old, diabetic nor do I have pre existing conditions. I'm 95% sure I had the Corona back in February. Outside of losing my sense of taste/smell for 4 days - I was fine. If you feel it's a big deal, stay home. I'll be at the bars, restaurants, golf courses, stores and anywhere else that's open.
  10. Cruzer

    Zeke tests positive for Coronavirus

    Here's to hoping there's a Corona clause in Zeke's new deal - so Dallas can get out his ridiculous, stupid sss contract!
  11. And as always, thanks to WW for the awesome score updates.
  12. I picked the winner. And not much else. Congrats AD - that was an ass whoopin.
  13. I did the math - if all 3 of my guys shoot 63 tomorrow, I've got a chance!
  14. Moving day my ass. My team played in cement today - focking turds.
  15. Cruzer

    Your List. Top Five 80’s TV Show.

    Dallas - my all time fav show period. Cheers Night Court Dukes Of Hazzard Knots Landing