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  1. Cruzer

    Sounds like Rodgers is retiring

    Not at all.. but you are being a blinded apologist. And course he's showing up. He might be a bat shiit/wacked diva, but he's not stupid - not turning his back on damn near $40m.
  2. Cruzer

    Spinoff: How would you get rid of a body.

    Ha, amateurs.
  3. Cruzer

    Can Lawry's Seasoned Salt go bad?

    Na. If using on BBQ, just do like they do in KC and Georgia - hide it in sauce.
  4. Cruzer

    Death Pool Update: Ron Popeil at 86...

    Wow, damn - he was QVC before it was even a thing.... RIP.
  5. Cruzer

    How often do you wear a baseball cap?

    Never, not even golfing.
  6. Cruzer

    Sounds like Rodgers is retiring

    “The organization looks at me and my job as just to play,” Rodgers said. He explained that, given his unique circumstances, he should have “a little more input.” He expressed frustration with the team’s failure to seek his opinion on matters such as players who will or won’t stay with the team. “At least to be in the conversation makes it feel like you’re important, you’re respected,” Rodgers said. * Ummm, you are an employee. You're paid to show up, paid to play. * Failure top seek his opinion... So he basically wants to be player/GM bcoz, well - he's a special kind of diva and feels entitled. * Sooo, signing the 2018 deal making Rog the highest paid player in NFL history (at the time) - didn't make him feel important and/or respected.....................really?
  7. Cruzer

    Sounds like Rodgers is retiring

    The Cap is fine. QBs are paid under the same umbrella as everyone else. They want to money grab and eat up the biggest chunk of the Cap, cool - deal with what's left. RBs get no sympathy either. Nobody made them do it - they chose to do it. The game has moved away from them, they aren't the end all they used to be. As such, they're pay is reflected.. Unless you have a dumbass owner like Jerry - and he gives them $90m.
  8. Cruzer

    Sounds like Rodgers is retiring

    Don't show up, don't get paid... That's not a no trade clause.
  9. Cruzer

    Sounds like Rodgers is retiring

    I also get a kick out of these QBs who cry about the lack of help around them. Mind you, they don't want to give up any of their money - they want al the $$$ they can get... Then cry when the team is too strapped to surround them with help.
  10. Cruzer

    Sounds like Rodgers is retiring

    The claim was Rodgers had no control over his destiny, could just be traded. Those with No Trade clauses have control over their destiny, least as far as being traded - don't have to worry about it. Rodgers is the topic at hand, but it could be anyone. Anyone who signs a deal and fails to live up to it - Fk'm.
  11. Cruzer

    Sounds like Rodgers is retiring

    Rodgers doesn't have a "No Trade" clause - who's fault is that? Far as the rest, it's the nature of the biz. He sure seemed fined with his destiny when he cashed that $60m signing bonus check.
  12. We're blessed here in the DFW area - have 2 fantastic local sports radio stations. I listen to them 90% of the time, news 5% of the time, music the other 5%.
  13. Cruzer

    Death pool watch: Bob Odenkirk

    Damn, he's a good - best wishes.
  14. Couples/doubles ping pong is insane. Like dropping 4 cats on a hot tin roof - everyone jumping all over the place.