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  1. Cruzer

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    I do too.. Mostly bcoz of Jerry's gigantic ego - he can't stand not hearing his name in the 1st round mix. Unless it's for a nasty DT of some kind - I hope they strap him to the chair.
  2. Cruzer

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    That ain't no shiit.
  3. Cruzer

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    The US Open movement I've not been happy about is the wide open, links style look. We had a stretch there of Chambers Bay, Oakmont, Erin Hills and Shinnecock. As much as I revere some of these, we already have an Open Championship - let's get back to traditional US type venues. I want to see Winged Foot, Olympic Club, Congressional, Merion, etc.. That dogshitt mess at Erin Hills and Chambers Bay was a joke. I hope they never go back there.
  4. Cruzer

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    One thing that the PGA move has done is that it's broken up the back-to-back scheduling of the Byron Nelson and Colonial. Two tournaments, 25 miles apart, are now forced to break up. So instead of flying into the same airport, staying at same hotel, players now have to leave DFW, go away, then come back. And with the Memorial the week following Colonial - they've all but killed any chance of top 10'ers coming to play. Romo better get his clubs ready - he might have to play.
  5. Cruzer

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    I love that the US Open is a torture chamber and that the PGA is (often) a shootout. Tiger/Bob May was some of the best golf I've ever seen - one of the most epic Sunday battles ever.
  6. Cruzer

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    As far as a winner. Hell unless Koepka shows up in a cast - give me him. He's on a Major Championship tear.
  7. Cruzer

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    Yea for sure, as well as Congressional... Surprising though - both have hosted PGAs in the past. I had forgotten that - seems odd. When I hear PGA I think of places like Kiawah Island, Valhalla, Medinah and Whistling Straits.
  8. James Byrd was beaten with a bat, face spray painted, throat cut, chained to the back of a pickup truck and dragged until his arm and head tore off. Enjoy hell you p.o.s. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/ringleader-texas-dragging-death-black-man-be-executed-n997966
  9. Cruzer

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    Still on the fence about moving the PGA to May.......only bcoz it's so radical. I'm guessing once we're up and under way I will come around and actually love it. Just looking at it, I do like the fact season's end isn't so cluttered anymore. Especially in Olympic years - August can be a real mess. In 2016 between the PGA, FedEx playoffs, and Rio - what a cluster fock. That being said, and as much as I love Bethpage - some courses were meant for one type of major. Would anyone ever dream of hosting a PGA at Winged Foot,. Pebble, or Shinnecock Hills? Absolutely not, nor do I see Bethpage Black as anything other than a phenomenal US Open venue. PGAs (generally) are shootouts - the setup and teeth will be completely different - anyone want to see Bethpage play that way? But I'm still excited to see how it all plays out - and glad we finally have a gap filler for April - June.
  10. Cruzer

    Spippery Slopes are real. Here is proof.

    The President with a Twitter account.
  11. Hard not to like this kid - even before this.
  12. Cruzer

    **Golf Talk** thread

    OMG, seriously? My ass would be inside, writing a check and drinking bourbon.
  13. My dad did the DNA ancestry thing. We have roots with the Maya and Apache Indians.
  14. My ancestors were the Indians.
  15. I have a friend that does too...