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  1. The heavy board traffic here says otherwise....
  2. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 7***

    Bye week for Dallas - fell a perfect time. Dak is nursing a calf strain, L. Collins and M. Gallup due to return, Tank Lawrence possibly 2 weeks away from returning as well.
  3. Lee Trevino David Feherety Vin Scully Neil deGrasse Tyson Sofia Vergara Phil Collins (has the largest privately owned Alamo collection) Jerry Jones edjr
  4. Yea Altuve got the bomb to tie it up, and then it took off from there. But the real star of this game was the Stros bullpen. With dead bodies and arms all up and down that roster, they stepped up and gave the bats (and HOU) life.
  5. I stopped there.... But I agree, you are. I also agree it's easy to seem reserved when you're riding the coattails of back-to-back HOF qbs.
  6. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 6***

    That call was 100% influenced by D. Henry. The Bills realized they weren't stopping him - did not want to risk losing the toss and have Henry run it down their throats for a td win.
  7. Cruzer

    Hooters girls upset over new thong uniform.

    Hooters is hardly too revealing, least compared to many other places. Anyone ever been to Twin Peaks during lingerie week? Those girls are literally walking around in bras and panties - I honestly dont' know how they get away with it...... Not that I'm complaining.
  8. Dallas has it's share of dellusional bandwagon fans for sure. Are they any less ridiculous than many GB fans? No. This current Dallas team looks good, really good at times.. But they have holes just like GB and several other Division leading teams. They aren't anymore, any less, a SB contender than everyone else playing well at this point.
  9. Lol I've learned to love GB Packers fans.
  10. Cruzer

    Death pool: Colin powell

    RIP sir, thank you for your service as well.
  11. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 6***

    Not a great game, but great win by Dallas. Great bcoz these are the kinds of games those Jason Garrett Cowboys never found ways to win. We were sloppy, but credit to BB - his genius does that to good teams. Brady barely escaped with a win earlier there, not ever even throwing a single td. From a defensive front, our run defense was exposed (again). We've got to find run stuffing DTs or we will continue to get drilled up the middle.
  12. Cruzer

    Cancel Terry Bradshaw ????

    She's overrated.
  13. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 6***

    BB held Brady to no tds and gave the Bucs all they wanted. Even outgunned, I fully expect NE to make this a game, be there in the 4th.
  14. Not me, just going by what I read here - you have a short memory. You made no excuses for the stimulus folks, at least be consistent. Those that walk out, they can find multiple jobs to live as they were.
  15. They can afford to quit. For years they've been making great money..... If those chose to live above their means, not invest/save - that's their fault.... Stop with the excptions, it makes you look ridiculous...... Give them applictions, they can work multiple jobs to get by like everyone else this board said can do.