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  1. Good grief, somebody get this dude a tissue and maybe a stuffed bear to hug. Nobody here has dogged their own team more than me. As a division rival, as one who's paid attention to what the Giants are doing ever since the 70's as a kid, as one who's talked about the Giants as much as any other team in the league other than my own - it's completely normal to ask about their current qb situation........... You should take a break from this place, you're gonna get to point you need therapy if anyone dares mention their name.
  2. I've got one, brand new - used once. Of all the cooking apparatuses I own (Weber Kettle grill, offset smoker, Treager, Char Broil gas grill and Blackstone gridle) my Sous Vides is the least desirable method to prepare food of the bunch. I'm trying to give mine away.
  3. When legit football talk triggers the sensitive Nancy out of a division rival...............sad.
  4. Danny Dimes is scheduled to count $47m against the cap in '24, $42m in '25 and $59m in 2026 - the dude all but untradable. Any chance DeVito is the real deal, NY's best qb? Wow, they better pray this is just a flash in the pan. If DeVito really is the best qb on the roster - that's gonna be one huge mess.
  5. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 14****

    One hell of a catch by Heath there..................................................But even more, gonna give the official some huge love here too. Getting knocked on his ass, tumbling like a bowling pin - the dude makes a hell of a call and gets the TD right.
  6. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 14****

    Yep - which is why we aren’t until we improve on some areas.
  7. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 14****

    Ha, turned out ok. I hope like hell Phi wins the #1 seed, I’ve no fear heading against them on the road… SF owns us, not sure we can beat them anywhere.
  8. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 14****

    Cowboys have gone into prevent football mode - that will get you beat against this Eagles team, they’re too good to lay down on.
  9. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 14****

    If Philly loses tonight, and wins out - they still win the division. we still have to go to Buffalo and Miami - we’re not winning out.
  10. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 14****

    And stop acting like it was 100 years ago and irrelevant.
  11. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 14****

    It was just a few weeks ago actually, nice try.
  12. Cruzer

    ***Happy Football Day Week 14****

    You must have slept thru the 1st meeting between these 2…. We had every opportunity to win, and lost. Didn’t say a word bcoz we choked away our chances. Early in the 4th it was 10 penalties against Dallas to 1 against Philly. In the rain, against this Dallas pass rush - not a single holding call and countless missed PIs - give me a break.
  13. Cruzer

    Saudi Golf Tour

    * LIV didn't kill the PGA Tour, tour leadership did. * I'm shocked more aging players (esp. those w/a major and/or are foreigners) haven't bolted yet. I expect guys like Jason Day to defect daily. * Rory's career is officially over...... He could run off 8 more majors, won't matter - they'll forever have an asterisk, deemed hollow now. Tiger in his prime (circa 2000) is about the only sure-fire force that could have weathered LIV....TW is almost 50, that's obviously not happening......... Now, a full merger is about the only thing (I can see) that can save the Tour.......................... Follow the sponsors - they will determine the final outcome of all of this. If/when they start pulling $$$, that's when shiit gets real.
  14. Cruzer

    Cheap meals you still enjoy

    Waffle House Beefaroni Jack'n Box tacos