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  1. Cruzer

    New All in the Family and Jefferson's tonight

    Some things should be left alone.
  2. Cruzer

    I hate Drake

    I have been saying forever....... I don't get Drake. All his songs sound the SAME.
  3. Cruzer

    New Cowboys play: Zeke cuff 23

    Stephen and Will McClay have definitely asserted more decision making power.......but some things Jerry still pulls rank on. Russell Wilson set the new bar - and in Jerry's mind, Dak is at least as good as he.. With Cousins getting $28m per, Dak will get at least $30m - bank it.
  4. Cruzer

    Just watched The Sopranos

    Oh yea, no doubt. Felt like punching him in the face many times.
  5. Cruzer

    Chips on sandwiches

    Ha, damn - didn't mean to start a hot dog ji-had. Ironically enuff, I do like ketchup on fried Spam...... On my hot dog, give me - mustard, relish, onion, Seranos and grated cheese.
  6. Cruzer

    Just watched The Sopranos

    * Great show, but I think most have it overrated. * Could of seen more (college years) naked Meadow. * Janis was annoying AF. * Not only did the ending suck, but left way too many unanswered questions.
  7. Cruzer

    New Cowboys play: Zeke cuff 23

    Jerry is all about Division titles. He thinks you win those, you control your destiny......... As such, he's enamored with Dak's NFC East record - which is 13-5. Jerry will pay him, reports suggest around $32m per................and we will continue to watch February football at home.
  8. Cruzer

    New Cowboys play: Zeke cuff 23

    Jerry is on the verge of majorly focking this team for years............which isn't new for him. Only 1 team in the entire NFL is paying top 10 position money to QB, RB and WR - Atlanta...........and we all see how well that plan is working out.
  9. Regardless if he showed up to help, at the end of the day - he's still my brother... And Gawd bless him, even if he's a jerk - he's going thru all kinds of hell and misery with a divorce. I'd give it back to him, all of it.
  10. Cruzer

    Chips on sandwiches

    I just gave reason why I don't do it - it taste like shiit. If you like it, knock yourself out.
  11. Cruzer

    Chips on sandwiches

    Not to hijack this thread, but this is a good video on it.
  12. Cruzer

    Chips on sandwiches

    Na - the Nickelback pizzies are the ones who 1) only buy organic and 2) think they can tell the difference between a $100 bottle of wine and one from the grocery store.
  13. Cruzer

    Chips on sandwiches

    No, for the same reason I don't put ketchup on hot dogs - bcoz I'm not 10.
  14. Cruzer

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    Yea Molinari, Poulter and Finau all drowned it there and made Double. But only Koepka Eagled the next hole and went to make another birdie after that to finish 1 shot back.
  15. Cruzer

    New Cowboys play: Zeke cuff 23

    You don't pay RBs in today's game - especially ones with the amount of touches Zeke will of had by the time that comes... If Dallas is stupid enuff to back the truck up and give him big money, it won't matter how he acts - taking that approach, this team will be sunk anyways.