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  1. If Justin'n Charge didn't predict it, it's not happening.
  2. Cruzer

    Oh Mets

    Talk about a Texas Rangers textbook move - paying an aged, often injured, former pitching star a shiitload of $$$ to pacify the homers. I know, I know - IF this and IF that and MAYBE this and HOPEFULLY that..............fock almighty, this organization never changes.
  3. Cruzer

    Upgrading my grill

    Gas grills are a dime a dozen, can get a decent one for cheap. Best bet - get a $250 gas grill........then also buy a Weber Kettle and a Blackstone Griddle.
  4. Cruzer

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Keep in mind also, Pollard is a UFA after this season................... you wanna pay him or Zeke?
  5. Cruzer

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Zeke's on the books for almost $17m next year. No way in hell can Dallas pay the 2nd best back on the team that kind of jack. I think Dallas goes to Zeke and gives him the option - redo his deal and take less, or take the $11m hit and cut bait.
  6. Don't know anything about soccer...............but the 2 goals the Neo-turds scored, our guys were just standing around with their fingers in their ass.
  7. Cruzer

    30 Cents Off Gas Or Free Ham ?

    Maybe just me, but hams are not a big player down here in Texas. I actually crave deli ham more than honey baked ham - strange I know.
  8. I'm not FBI profiler...........but the "stalker" angle doesn't jive with me. Stalkers, to my understanding, are singular. For them to lash out and kill 3 others completely unrelated doesn't wash.
  9. Cruzer

    Death Pool Update - Christine McVie

    Damn, that really sux... RIP to a great one.
  10. Cruzer

    30 Cents Off Gas Or Free Ham ?

    To be honest, the hams I smoke are just as good if not better than any expensive ones I've had.
  11. Cruzer

    30 Cents Off Gas Or Free Ham ?

    Taking the gas discount, not even a question.
  12. Cruzer

    So Am I The Only One Watching Rudolph ?

    Never get tired of watching it.
  13. Cruzer

    What's your favorite charity you donate to?

    SPCA, Pug Rescue, Battered Women's Shelter, Food Bank
  14. Cruzer

    Preferred delivery pizza

    That's too bad.