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I built a tool that creates a Website with stats like All Time Standings , H2H and more for your Fantasy Leagues

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The way it works is that I will pull all the data from ESPN and Sleeper and create a site that I will host by default, if you wish to have a vanity url (www.yourowndomain.com) linked to the site send me a DM.

DEMO: https://fantasy-franchise.com/demo/

IMPORTANT To get the 2019 Data for ESPN I need the league to be Public

The site won't update automatically.

If you're interested fill this FORM.


Head to Head stats (Wins, Streak, Game logs)

All time Standings (Regular Season , Playoffs or Both)

Team stats like highest score, lowest score, biggest margin win, lowest margin loss, regular champion, playoffs wins/lose, playoffs appearances, championships, championship appearances, best placing, biggest streak, current streak etc.

Single game stats like Top score, Lowest Score, Highest Victory Margins, Lowest Victory Margins, Most Combined Points, Fewest Combined Points, Highest Score in a Loss, Lowest Score in a Win.

Working on adding more features: Season long Records, Player Records, Full Game logs, Draft Recap, Compatibility with other Fantasy Providers and other stats.

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Is this not allowed ? If not I'll delete the post then... 

If people are worried about sharing personal information you could just send me your league id through a DM and I will create the site. 

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Per the rules of the forums - Advertisements and solicitations are inappropriate on these message boards. Any such messages will be removed at the discretion of either a forum moderator or administrator.

Muslito - I understand you wanting to promote your site and tool but we don't allow these types of posts, as it can be a slippery slope leading the forums being flooded with these kinds promotions.

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