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It's on in New York

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On 11/25/2020 at 5:28 PM, Rusty Syringes said:

We run a non-profit group that rescues, fosters and adopts out cats. We've adopted out like 250 in the past couple of years. COVID shot down one of our businesses, which also served as a place for the fosters. We took in a bunch of them while our new headquarters is being built. It recently opened, so we've been gradually populating it with ones we had at the house, mainly in a climate-controlled garage. We keep the shy and semi-feral ones awhile because they can be nurtured into great cats. 

We just rescued one from a shelter a few hours ago. Cute, sweet little thing that would have been euthanized because she's got a minor mouf infection.

Cat piss everywhere. 

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“Rescue”.  Lol.  You gotta be a complete loser/dik to use that term. Do those people not know they are being laughed at? 

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12 hours ago, Utilit99 said:

Is there any way you can turn them into vats of cat stew to feed the number of homeless people in the streets of San Francisco? Or do you care more for the cats than all the homeless living under nancy pelosi's watch? Or even take the money you are spending on health care to save the feral cats and get some beef and veggies for the homeless that pelosi is lording over while she puts out videos of herself in front of her $30,000 fridge eating from the stock of her favorite ice creams? 

In your world where you want socialism, you want the money spent to go to cats, and not the needy when it comes to food and health care? 

I forgot, Cat Lives Matter. My bad.

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