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  1. mmmmm...beer

    Cocktail of Choice?

    Alrighty.. so normally... an " Old Fashioned" how I like them are as follows: 2 oz. Bullit Rye Whiskey https://www.bulleit.com/whiskeys/ 2 dashes Angostura Aeromatic Bitters 2 dashes Angostura Orange bitters http://angosturabitters.com/ 1 squirt Splenda Zero liquid Stevia https://shop.splenda.com/products/splenda-zero-liquid-stevia-sweetener Ice ball or cubes *garnish with an orange rind around the rim into the glass and a cherry if desired Now that being said.... double the recipe... and two of those... essentially 8 oz.... feelin no pain.. but now sleepy.. 🥴
  2. mmmmm...beer

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    June 22nd at the MGM Park in Vegas - Aerosmith.... finally.
  3. mmmmm...beer

    Cocktail of Choice?

    Haha... I have 6 ice ball molds.. Death Stars. https://www.amazon.com/WllRun-Packs-Silicone-Chocolate-Drinks/dp/B074MQWJQV The boy got a big 20 sided die.... ie D & D style ice mould for me. Hahah. https://www.etsy.com/listing/553357828/icosahedron-plastic-mold-dice-mold-bath
  4. mmmmm...beer

    Cocktail of Choice?

    I haden't heard brandy... almost always rye. Interesting. Check out the videos about the first old fashioneds.. i think it was always rye. Brandy would make it overly sweet no?
  5. mmmmm...beer

    Cocktail of Choice?

    Old fashioned is: rye whiskey, bitters, simple syrup or a sugar cube... not to much sweet.. just a small cut... ice.. it's essentially the first cocktail. Pretty simple.
  6. mmmmm...beer

    Morning puss....

    Got up this morning at 6:30... talked the woman into morning puss, schmashed it, and headed into work. Other than the nooner... there's not much better than morning puss on a work day. Have you ever had a bad day after morning puss? I doubt it... it makes the rest of the day.. meh.. that would have probably been a suck day if it hadn't started out so well... so...
  7. mmmmm...beer

    Cocktail of Choice?

    So... lately I've gotten away from Chardonay, beer, vodka, and gin.... I've been getting into burbons and rye whiskey. Been getting after "Old Fashioned's", alot. Tried them with a several different bourbons and ryes, but I've found recently I like them with Bullit Rye whiskey the best this far. To keep the sugar down I use a splenda stevia syrup... Dig it....
  8. mmmmm...beer


    Iran so far awaaayy...
  9. mmmmm...beer


    10-4 mine capitan!
  10. mmmmm...beer

    2019 DNDL site

    Sooooo... I can't recall. Do we just open up rosters now for trading, dropping etc? I think we're currently locked for any roster moves. I was gonna move a few guys off IR and drop some chaff to get a lay of the land so to speak.
  11. mmmmm...beer

    2019 DNDL site

    Cool... it's up. Need to migrate rosters.
  12. mmmmm...beer

    Did Your Direct Ancestors Help Kill Off the Indians?

    Wife and I are enrolled tribal members of the Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe so not so much. Though my dad's side of the fam were off the boat from Germany in the 30's.
  13. mmmmm...beer

    Road Rage

    Maybe... but meh... I think cool was gone she was in primal brain mode. Screaming in terror... grabbed the gun though... stopped the bad guy. Her reptile brain remembered her training and grabbed it... being that close. 99% boredom... and all that.
  14. mmmmm...beer

    Road Rage

    Ya.. re-read your origional post... you were complimenting her.. or giving her the benefit of a doubt. Apologies... I think you're wrong though. I think she was scared as fock. As far as me being an internet toughguy... You got me... totally.
  15. mmmmm...beer

    Road Rage

    Haha... you know zero about me. I have been in her shoes. You really don't know until it happens to you. She grabbed his gun... stopped from getting shot. I think she screamed cause she was in fear for her life. She was scared out of her goard. Bad guy got shot in the face... seems like a win to me. I'd love to see your moves in that situation Hollywood.