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  1. Quite honestly it's a travesty how little they tell employees about how it all works. Soooo many of us are clueless and are sorta SOL when we reach retirement age because we hadn't been told enough to even plan. About 4 years ago I got pissed I lost money in the TSP and really didn't understand why. Since then I've made it my mission to figure it out. I've poured countless hours into researching the subject. I now teach/show as many of our folks as I can how it works. I really enjoy when the light comes on.... and people understand what they need to do. Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback, and I've actually considered it for for a "retirement" gig.
  2. 4.75 years... I'll keep you in mind bro.
  3. The "Three Legged Stool" they call it. Have to be under 37 to start as we mandatory retire 57 years old. You have to have at least 20 years and be 50 years old. 1st leg; We get a certain percentage of our high 3 years average salary. It's 1.7% per year up to 20 years and then you only get 1% a year after that. So... say you make 100k and started when you were 30, at 50 you have 20 years in, 34% of your high 3 of 100k = 34,000 a year. 2nd Leg: Social Security Kicker: As you retire early 50-57 you get a supplement for a certain percentage of what you would get @62 from Soc Sec. For instance our guy up top, 20 years on @ 100k when he retired, he'll get say 50% of the 1800 a month @ 62 from SS. So in this scenario he'd get 900 a month until he turns 62 and his regular SS kicks in. Then the supplement goes away and regular SS takes over. 3rd Leg: Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), the govs version of your 401k. The gov matches the first 5% you put in per pay period. Depending on what you've put in and how well you've done this can a be pretty big chunk. Say our guy up top got good advice and did well with it. He's got 700k in there. Well @ 50 he can withdraw from his TSP penalty free as he is fully retired. So he takes out $3,000 month. 1st Leg: $2,833 2nd Leg: $900 3rd Leg: $3,000 Roughly $6,733 a month for life from 50 on. As far as health insurance we can keep our health insurance as long as you have had it 5 years prior to retiring. The premium is what you would pay if you were still working. For instance I have BCBS Federal Family for about $600 a month. Also... @ 50 most guys go get another job. Say you make 50k a year doing something else. Well 50k/12= $4,167 a month. $4,167 + $6,733 (retirement) = $10,900 a month. There are a ton of different facets to it and I've simplified it for the sake of example, but that's roughly how it all works.
  4. Done @50... gonna do jack for a few months. Probably get bored and do backgrounds like my retired buddies.
  5. mmmmm...beer

    mmmbeer and HT - job opening

    ... well... fockem.
  6. mmmmm...beer

    Communism Test: Where do you rank?

  7. mmmmm...beer

    Any red wine loving geeks out there?

    Why don't you just wake me up in the desert with the light and heat of 1000 suns by smashing me in the face with a hammer until about an afternoon later. That's a redwine hangover for me. Fockoff...
  8. mmmmm...beer

    Recent Favorite Youtube Addiction

    My favorite new saying one of these Irish chicks threw out in one of the videos... she was "frothing at the gash".
  9. mmmmm...beer

    Recent Favorite Youtube Addiction

    Irish People Try.... That hot chick can driiiiiiink. "Oh that's lovely." That accent.... daaaaaaamn. I watch them all... love em. They just try all kinds of American foods and drinks. Alot of drinking too... Irish people make me laugh...
  10. mmmmm...beer

    Have any of you ever bought anything from an ad on tv?

    The Squatty Potty... we've discussed it before. Works... still use it.
  11. mmmmm...beer

    State of the Union

    She remind you of a governor from Alaska?
  12. mmmmm...beer

    Stoggies will kill you Limbaugh

    Yup... this is pretty true. Don't think you can say it's not with a straight face. Keyboard warriors on every side. Not enough folks have wver been subjected to a good sock in the mouf if they said something needing a good sock over.
  13. Wonder if this is going to lead to a crushering in November. People gettin sick of the waste? There enough seats coming up to lose the House for the Dems?
  14. Yup... I thought this exactly as I watched it.
  15. mmmmm...beer

    Happy groundhogs day!

    Loved the commerical yesterday. One of my favorite fun movies.