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  1. mmmmm...beer

    Hello From Sober Geek Bunnysbastards

    Hola Bunny!
  2. mmmmm...beer

    I have Cancer :/

    Praying for you and for my buddy going through the same. You were first and he was asking a lot of questions about your diagnosis and treatment etc. He got his from the pusschewing HPV's I think.
  3. So what's "on the road alot"? I'm a fed and over the years made a ton of draft picks or full drafts themselves while traveling around the country? Just curious as to where you're going that doesn't have cell service in this United States of America.
  4. mmmmm...beer

    Books you are reading

    You know man I really think I should. I hate forgetting half the subplots.
  5. mmmmm...beer

    Books you are reading

    Out and I have it loaded up on my Kindle... Wish I could remember wtf is going on. Sorta wish he'd give us a snapshot of "series to date".
  6. mmmmm...beer

    What do you anticipate you will be doing today in 10 years

    Retired 6 years... Living wherever the kids end up. No second job other than maybe training old dudes to lift. Traveling out of country a few times a year hopefully.
  7. mmmmm...beer

    I have the Moderna flu

    2nd Moderna day after I felt like I got hit with a truck. Achey all over... Got a wicked bad headache starting at noon and lasted until about 8pm. Nothing would touch it... light & noise sensitive. Suuuuuuuucked....
  8. mmmmm...beer

    2021 League Page?

    Do we have one yet?
  9. mmmmm...beer

    Bathroom Remodel... GC or? ***UPDATED***

    Thanks guys... We're really happy how it turned out. I was a giant ball of stress the whole time trying to work with these craftsman's timelines. We really dig the results though.
  10. mmmmm...beer

    Books you are reading

    For my fantasy/scifi guys who liked the LitRpg types... The Dark Herbalist is a good little series. Decent ending after 4 books. Free in Kindle Unlimited. Video Game Plotline Tester (The Dark Herbalist Book #1) LitRPG series https://www.amazon.com/Video-Plotline-Tester-Herbalist-LitRPG-ebook/dp/B01M9F1AM7
  11. mmmmm...beer

    Bathroom Remodel... GC or? ***UPDATED***

    I just got it at Lumber Liquidators... It's middle of the road stuff. You can use several different transitions. I'm waiting on an order to get mine for that room. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Au8LbRN8WNawmChg_8pPDiTwJem9 Now if you are look for THE sh!t.. in our kitchen/front room we put in Shaw Titan LVP... I LOVE that floor. Here's the transition from the LVP into the living room. That's a really deep 90 oz carpet. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Au8LbRN8WNawmCnZEE_GftNXdtMP My Dad has a flooring store. He put that Shaw Titan in his house.... Says everyone absolutely loves it. High end stuff. You could dump a glass of water on the floor and just leave it there... It does nothing.
  12. mmmmm...beer

    Sh!t to Do Before You Are Too Old List...

    Wow that's pretty ironic. Yesterday Mrs...beer and I bought an IKEA dresser from a guy who was selling everything in his apartment, so he could leave and go 'hike the whole Appalachian Trail?
  13. mmmmm...beer

    Bathroom Remodel... GC or? ***UPDATED***

    LVP (luxery vinyl plank)... Waterproof.
  14. mmmmm...beer

    Sh!t to Do Before You Are Too Old List...

    Preaching to the choir my man... I get ya.. just hope it'll last.
  15. mmmmm...beer

    Sh!t to Do Before You Are Too Old List...

    Oh I won't try too... But physically... I'm not the same dude ai was in my 20's... I doubt my 70 year old self will be my 50 year old self... Etc..