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  1. Cdub100

    Congress Issues Subpoenas!!

    Is this finally the end of Drumph?
  2. Dude said he didn't want it a thousand times. So I agree that was a good ending for him.
  3. Cdub100

    Explain Sudoku to me

    Each row has the numbers 1-9 in it. Each column has the numbers 1-9 in it. Each square has the numbers 1-9 in it. You have to figure out what numbers go in each box without breaking the rules.
  4. Good point. Watching Gray Wurms hatred for Snow I was thinking I can't wait to see that fight.
  5. That whole scene where they are voting Bran as king and idiot Sansa is like yeah sure, but the north isn't part of the 7 kingdoms and I'm going to queen of the north... And everyone else is like that's cool. Dorne has a longer history of being free, don't they want to rule themselves? The Iron Islands negotiated with Danny for freedom and they are like "long live king bran" So focking dumb. Sansa demanding a free north should have sparked everyone else wanting to be free.
  6. Sansa is the absolute worst. Also Bran the Broken as King is focking stupid.
  7. Keep fighting that's what he should have done
  8. He was a coward for stepping down after the vote.
  9. Cdub100

    Avengers: End Game w/SPOILERS

    Those are some cool toys
  10. Cdub100


    I'm not blaming him at all. I blame the enemy of the people who push their propaganda 24/7. It's like when mmm beer (I think) post the thread about the MAGA smirking teen. The enemy of the people got him all worked up and when the truth came out, he had to walk it back. For the most part I'm still surprised people trust the media at all.
  11. Cdub100


    Hey Volty what disinformation is the enemy of the people blasting now?
  12. Cdub100

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    I have two daughters. The oldest is into girly stuff like unicorns, my little pony, barbie etc... My problem with this garbage is the writers think in order to lift someone up they have to put someone else down e.g. Batman a man. You don't see Batman running around saying things like this is a mans job. I don't want no weak woman getting credit for it. The message goes both ways. We are teacher our girls to be strong, but you have to make sure you take a man down. That's the message to the boys watching this. You're not prefect, a woman in the bat costume is perfect. This is why people already hate batwoman. As a man why should I like her when clearly she hates me. secondly why would a straight woman like her? She clearly hates men and lives a completely different life style.
  13. Cdub100

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    The HERo we need.