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  1. I finally made a list.
  2. Whelp I hope she enjoys retirement.
  3. Cdub100


    Nope I'm sticking and adding to my core positions
  4. Cdub100


    I shut off all my mining rigs. Nothing is worth mining right now.
  5. I just don't think someone should get fired or suspended for having sex with a willing partner. If she feels like a slut maybe don't have sex with attached men. She gets no pass here. Just like he doesn't get a pass for being a dog.
  6. Cdub100

    leftist kills 18 year old for being republican (Biden's fault)

    Well since you don't know what's going on in the world it might alarm you that children are being taught how to pole dance, dance for dollars from grown men, taken to nightclubs for drag queens as a school trip, and exposed to hyper-sexualized people, being encouraged to change gender, parents and educators are encouraging children to take puberty blockers and hiding it from the parents, and yes genital mutilation. All of this is happening. Maybe you're okay with it or maybe you don't think it's widespread,, but yes it's a huge problem.
  7. I don't believe they were unwanted consider she banged him. No, she feels like a terrible person and is trying to become the victim.
  8. Cdub100

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Forcing women to wear black trash bags and cover their face is so empowering! #womenpower
  9. Cdub100

    leftist kills 18 year old for being republican (Biden's fault)

    Here is what I see. If a republican ran someone over on purpose. Admitted to doing so because the other person had a different political view. I think everyone would say that is wrong There's a teacher who wears a wig and huge plastic titties and made sure to have rock hard nipples poking through every shirt and the school district says stunning and brave! Gives the dude a raise. There is a real problem on the left, but a large amount of people celebrate it. High level officials believe it's okay to mutilate children's genitals and give them puberty blockers. I'm tired of pretending this is normal and the both sides are crazy because some wacko post on TikTok while the other are taking action
  10. Cdub100

    Trump is absolutely right about Sweden

    You didn't even bother to look though. You always ask for a link