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  1. Yeah, this is bad but did you know some random restaurant employee calls black people Canadians?
  2. It's good to know when rude customers, who complain about everything and don't tip come in. Every single person who has worked in the service industry knows this. This is not a stereotype it's absolutely true. Just like we should provide black people training on how to act when dealing with police they should probably receive training on how to act at a restaurant. Oh well, diversity is our strength.
  3. It's shown over and over again liberals destroy everything they touch. This comes as no surprise. I only wish the losers stopped coming over here. Hopefully mike has turned of reporting because that's all these children do when they can't back up their faux hate crimes and made up muh Russia BS
  4. Didn't read it but let me guess Refused direction from police Made weird explosive movements towards the police. Fought back
  5. Cdub100

    Sayings that need to die

    Be safe.
  6. What does a good VP do and who was the last good one?
  7. I was watching a baseball documentary about South American players. They all thought money was found in the streets here in the US. That everyone was rich and nobody worked. That everything was free. That's why so many of these people come here and why they have the attitude in OPs article.
  8. Cdub100

    UK military sucks

    Rishi Sunak? Now that's a proper English name. You don't destroy powerful nations from the outside.
  9. Cdub100

    Pelosi home security cameras hacked

    Nancy's husband was getting pegged and when he was rimming the Canadian illegal alien the drugs really started to kick in and a fight happened.