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  1. I used to but it just kept getting worse. I remember clearly when I lost interest. The host of the afternoon drive time made fun of breaking down plays. Instead of really going over what happened during the game it was all locker room BS and which players where happy or mad. I listen to audiobooks mostly.
  2. Cdub100

    Who has a tattoo of what and why?

    I have a bio mechanical tattoo on my leg. I got it done after completing my first ironman.
  3. Cdub100

    NBA Draft

    But... diversity is our strength?
  4. Cdub100

    Your Top 5 HBO Original Shows

    Got S1-5 The wire Sopranos Flight of the Conchords Tales from the crypt
  5. Cdub100

    Bernie Madoff Jr

    Yeah but can he smoke crack and paint?
  6. https://audio.nationalvanguard.com/swarm.mp4
  7. Cdub100

    IRA question

    Really good traders
  8. Cdub100

    Naomi Osaka — now with Simone Biles!!

    Tell me it's the year 2021 without telling me the year
  9. Cdub100

    Legit - Rob a Bank - How would you do it?

    1. First start working at the bank 2. Go there every day and do the work 3. They deposit the money into my bank account. They won't even know they are being robbed 4. 30 years later I walk out the door like nothing ever happen It's the perfect crime.
  10. Oh no did their 6 pack not last them as long as they thought? Jesus, this is focking disgusting.
  11. Cdub100

    Obesity is a much larger issue than Covid

    That is very very few people. I would argue less than 1% of the population actually has this issue. My opinion. Our diets are focked. The government food pyramid is not good for our bodies. We eat far too many carbs and processed foods are making us fat. You know what else? We snack way too much. Back in the 70s 80s and before people didn't snack. I walk around the office and people are eating all the time. We don't move as much any more. I see kids on electric scooters and bikes. Hell even house hood chores are easier. Dishwashers, robot vacuums, etc... All of these things added to together plus a few others have led to this huge problem You wanna see the light turn on in a fatties head. Ask them to tell you a food that would equal the calories burned durning a 30 minute run. They will probably say something like a full meal. The answer is one Snickers candy bar.