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Trade Najee for Diggs?

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I am WR needy in a Half PPR 12-team redraft league. 

My WRs are ARob, Woods, and Golliday. I might have potential value on IR with Bateman, Jeudy and Michael Thomas. 

I’ve been offered Diggs for my Najee Harris, by a RB needy team. 

Diggs would give me that stud WR with a very good floor who can hammer opponents on any week. 

My RBs are AJones, Latavius, Damien Harris, AJDillon, McKissic, Alex Collins and Najee. 

I know I would be left with weak depth behind AJones, but RBs emerge from virtually nowhere every year.  


w h i r

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No I wouldn’t.  Diggs isn’t producing anywhere near what he did last season,, I think Buffalo as a lot more balance this season.  I would keep Harris. 

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