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In Topic: Fornette out today

Yesterday, 08:32 AM

I reached for him. It was between him and Gordon, knowing Gordon was the safer pick. I expected things like this to happen which is why I am still fine at rb. I see this as the best buy low there is besides DJ. When Fournette is playing, he will be good.


I did the same... Hopefully Fournette can stay healthy ROS, Jags are being careful sitting him out 2 weeks to be fully healthy.

In Topic: LeVeon Bell - Just Drop Him

Yesterday, 08:29 AM

This is another reason why all leagues need IR spots.

I would not drop Bell, As a conner owner Bell has value. 

In Topic: Any love for Sony Michel tomorrow?

Yesterday, 08:24 AM

I might be playing him based on Fournette out..

I think the game scheme will suit him.

other options Dede, Royce, Boyd, waiver dart.

In Topic: Fournette out today (Yeldon or Smith?)

Yesterday, 08:16 AM

Im probably going Sony.

In Topic: Fournette out today (Yeldon or Smith?)

Yesterday, 08:13 AM

Brew - I play smith, nothing else on waivers ? also no flex spot? 

rrmcquire - I would play Morris and hope he falls in the end zone.

Mark - play locket


I have the same situation.

Royce, Sony, Westbrook, Boyd are my options or someone off waivers OJ Howard, Dissley, Ted Ginn, Snead, Garcon, Pettis, Ridley. AWWwwww