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In Topic: Lamar Jackson named starter

Today, 02:01 PM

I’m thinking about starting him over Rivers.

In Topic: Carson Wentz to miss Week 15

Today, 02:01 PM

Did he miss playes during his last game?

In Topic: weepaws (okay, anybody), you there?

Today, 01:59 PM

I would pick Jackson if Ekeler is out, Jones if not
At WR, Hill if he's healthy of course, if not then Robinson and I would say Moore, some teams it's okay to start two WRs from the same team but the Panthers aren't one of them, Cam it looks like he is hurting and the team is in a nose dive, I would avoid playing their WRs if I could

Agree with polecatt.

In Topic: defense (yeah DEFENSE) help week 15

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In Topic: Flex help

Today, 01:56 PM