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Grade Your Teams Draft - 2014

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#1 Mike Honcho

Mike Honcho

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Posted 02 April 2017 - 03:40 PM

2014 NFL Draft


Found this chart/article that details the chance a player sticks with a team by round. How long does the average draft pick stick around(Charted by round)?


2013 thread

3 years is a good amount of time to figure out if your team drafted well, or screwed the pooch.   So take a look back and give us your thoughts on your favorite team.  You are the professor, grade the team how ever you like.

#2 Mike Honcho

Mike Honcho

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Posted 02 April 2017 - 03:43 PM

Green Bay Packers

1.21 DB  Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix,  Alabama - Has locked down the safety position with Burnett.  Strong enough to play either position, but more of a free.  Greatly improved tackling since rookie season, above-average hands, picking off 6 last season.   Instinctual player who every now and then instincts go awry, giving up big play.
Grade B+


2.21 WR  Davante Adams,  Fresno State - Year 1, had decent stats for 3rd option on team and made a few heady plays for a rookie(fake spike vs Miami).  Year 2, Nelson goes down in the preseason and Adams/Cobb assume the #1 spot and neither can handle it, Adams regresses badly.  Year 3 with Nelson back on the field, just misses 1000 yards and catches 12 TD's.  Not overly fast, good hands, feet and smarts make him a solid #2WR. 
Grade B


3.21 DL  Khyri Thornton, Southern Mississippi - This is an F for Thompson and scouting.  He was projectsed to be a fifth round pick.  Did absolutely nothing in the preseason, got stashed on IR with a hamstring injury, then cut at the end of 2015 camp.  Playing as a backup in Detroit.
Grade F


3.34 TE  Richard Rodgers,  California - 4.9 40 speed, GREAT HANDS, terrible blocker.  Rodgers is a WR with 40 extra pounds---and except for his hands, isn't special.  IF he makes the team after signing of Bennett and Kendricks, he won't see much time unless one of them gets injured.  He's a nice safety valve on offense, that's it. 
Grade C----


4.21 LB  Carl Bradford, Arizona State - Every year, I tell this same story, Thomson and company find a productive, smallish DE who can only PLAY DE in a 4-3 and convince themselves this guy will be the outside LB to compliment Mathews.  Well, Bradford wasn't it.  They wasted a pick and 3 years of this kid's life trying to make him into something he was not.  Signed with 49ers in this off-season.
Grade F


5.21 OL  Corey Linsley,  Ohio State -  Thought he was slated to be a guard and backup center to Tretter.  Tretter went down though in his rookie preseason and he's just owned the center position.  Strong as a ox,only downside is that he's doesn't have that top flight athleticism to do much at the second level.  That's his biggest limitation, his biggest strength...he doesn't let anyone get near the franchise, #12.  Smart player, who know how to adjust the line and work with teammates. 
Grade A-


5.36 WR  Jared Abbrederis,  Wisconsin- Spent the majority of his career in Green Bay injured.  ACL and concussion.  Rodgers loved and bragged about his practice and preseason work, but never showed anything during the season.  
Grade F


6.21 DB  Demetri Goodson,  Baylor - 4 game suspension in 2016. Mostly has spent time playing special teams.   With depleted secondary in 2016 was getting more time on field, but blew out his knee.  Coaches seem to like him and with very thin secondary might have a shot for 4th year with team.
Grade C-


7.21 WR  Jeff Janis,  Saginaw Valley - Well, he's really really fast...when he's running in a straight line.  Strong for a WR as seen by his ability to fight on special teams and constantly beat double teams to get to returners, but as a WR, he doesn't look to have the ability to run good routes, at least not good enough for Rodgers to trust him on the field.  Guessing he sticks another year just for his Special teams ability.

Grade B-


Got 2.5 starters out of this draft(depends on the package with Davante), a special teams demon in Janis and a stop-gap TE.  Generally that would be enough for me to give a better than average grade, but I can't overlook 3 complete flops in Thornton, Bradford and Abbrederis, 2 in the first 4 rounds.  You want to be the draft/develop GM, you can't have 3 whiffs :doh:


Overall C-

#3 DankNuggs


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Posted 03 April 2017 - 07:19 AM

Pats - Garoppolo Stork J White Fleming

Potential franchise QB, SB standout RB. Solid starting C, depth OL. Rest were busts including Dominique Easley who was a risk based on injury


Bruins > Habs

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Posted 03 April 2017 - 07:56 AM

Tampa Bay Buccanners
1.07: Mike Evans - Stud.  (I think), one of the top 5 WR's in the league.  GRADE: A+
2.38: Austin Seferian-Jenkins - Total Bust.  GRADE: F
3.69: Charles Sims - Complimentary back who can't stay healthy.  GRADE: D+
5.143: Kadeem Edwards - Never made the team.  GRADE: F
5.149: Kevin Pamphile - Eventually (third year), made his way into the starting lineup.  While it's great to get a starter that leate in the draft, he's only "decent" and is likely to be replaced this year or next.  Highly unlikely to see a new contract.  GRADE: B
6.185: Robert Herron - Only played in 8 games rookie season.  Released that offseason.  GRADE: F
Overall, I give it a C.  While getting a stud is huge, the rest will see guys who were marginal at best.  After this season, it's likely that only Evans is around for the final year of his rookie contract.

#5 Bills04


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Posted 03 April 2017 - 12:56 PM

 Odell Beckham Jr. - STUD!  First NYG WR to have three consecutive 10-TD seasons.

 Weston Richburg - solid pick.  Starter for three seasons.

 Jason Bromley - eh; defensive line depth

 Andre Williams - BUST...  Now with San Diego.

 Nat Berhe - eh; secondary depth.

 Devon Kennard - good; part-time starter

 Bennett Jackson - BUST; waived


I'd say probably B.  First two pics were solid, with OBJ being a Top-5 player at his position. 

#6 CornKobb


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Posted 03 April 2017 - 03:33 PM

nice breakdown, geez I'm impressed

#7 CornKobb


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Posted 03 April 2017 - 03:50 PM

Dallas Cryboys


2014 1:16 Zach Martin......couldnt of been better. also stapled Jerrahs mouth shut and tied him in burlap to stop him from drafting Manziel


2:34 Demarcus Lawrence....traded up for him. Very disappointing besides having talent and making some plays here and there. Suspended to start 2016. Weed....and injured at end of season back injury. Once again the curse of the Cowboys second round pick. Escobar, Randy Gregory, Jalen Smith....so far. 


4:119 LB Anthony Hitchens....started all 16 games but nothing eye popping


5:146 WR Devin Street....yawn


7 Ben Gardner Practice squad? no team

7 Will Smith lb tech? no team

7 ahmad dixson cb baylor no team

7 ken bishop dt northern illinois no team

7 terrance mitchell cb oregon on KCity now


Ok so a stud pro bowl O lineman

A talented but disappointing defensive end

and a starting Linebacker


B...... maybe Bplus for stopping Jerrah from getting Manziel

#8 Mike Honcho

Mike Honcho

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Posted 03 April 2017 - 07:09 PM

Dallas Cryboys




B...... maybe Bplus for stopping Jerrah from getting Manziel



#9 CornKobb


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Posted 05 April 2017 - 08:50 AM



I pull for Dallas Cowboys but geez what a bummer since my college days in early mid 90s


Just two playoff wins since 1996.


Romo just retired and you would think he was Roger Staubach. Romo was 2-7 in win or go home games.


Danny White followed Staubach and went to 3 yes 3 straight NFC Championship games. Romo won 2 1st round playoff games and that was it in 14 years.


should of been just one if not for the no call on Brandon Pettigrew and the Lions on the obvious pass interference.


Don't get me started.....the frustration with the Cryboys

#10 browns16-0


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Posted 05 April 2017 - 02:56 PM

Cleveland Browns


I don't even have to look this up.  I know they traded for Justin Gilbert in the 1st and took Johnny Manziel.  Neither are in the league.  They get an F, and that is generous.

#11 Mike Honcho

Mike Honcho

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Posted 05 April 2017 - 03:14 PM

Cleveland Browns


I don't even have to look this up.  I know they traded for Justin Gilbert in the 1st and took Johnny Manziel.  Neither are in the league.  They get an F, and that is generous.


Just read this right before I saw your post.  Grades for first round picks in 2014


2014 NFL draft was one of the best ever, unless you’re the Browns

#12 worm


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Posted 05 April 2017 - 05:47 PM

San Francisco 49ers
1.30: Jimmie Ward, DB - College safety converted to nickel corner. He's been pretty solid, but not outstanding.  GRADE: B

2.25: Carlos Hyde, RB - Good running back that has shown flashes of being really good, but can't quite stay healthy enough to get over that hump.  GRADE: B

3.06: Marcus Martin, C - Underwhelmed at center. Just waived this offseason.  GRADE: D

3.13: Chris Borland, LB - Looked like he would be the guy to fill Willis' spot when the time came, but ended up retiring after one season and became a poster boy for the growing concussion issue.  GRADE: D (hard to see that coming though)

3.36: Brandon Thomas, OL - BAALKE REDSHIRT PICK ALERT! Tore his acl before the draft, never played a snap. Traded for Jeremy Kerley.  GRADE: D (Kerley saves from F grade)

4.06: Bruce Ellington, WR - Labeled as a dynasty sleeper by some, he hasn't contributed much on offense. Solid returner.  GRADE: C

4.29: Dontae Johnson, DB - CB depth, hasn't panned out. GRADE: D

5.10: Aaron Lynch, LB - Actually a decent get in the later rounds, has shown the ability to rush the passer. GRADE: B-

5.30: Keith Reaser, DB - Not great. GRADE: D
6.04: Kenneth Acker, DB - Missed all of 2014, promising rookie year, couldn't keep it up. Traded away. GRADE: D-

7.28: Kaleb Ramsey, DL - PUP for 2014, waived before 2015 season. Retired last year. GRADE: F

7.30: Trey Millard, RB - Did nothing. GRADE: F
Overall: First couple picks were ok, then it went off the rails. Tough break with Borland, though. With so many picks you would expect a more out of a draft, but they only got a few real contibutors. C-
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#13 Quickolas1


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Posted 07 April 2017 - 08:57 AM


Just read this right before I saw your post.  Grades for first round picks in 2014


2014 NFL draft was one of the best ever, unless you’re the Browns


This link gives the Bills Sammy Watkins pick a B.

I give my Bills an F-.


You don't use a 1st, 1st, 4th on a WR.

And they wouldn't even have taken Aaron Donald or Odell Beckham or Taylor Lewan or Zach Martin had they not traded up...

...they admitted they would have taken Eric Ebron at the 8th pick.


The rest of the draft was equally horrible.

Somehow the same guy is still GM. (although it sounds like not for long... finally)

#14 titans&bucs&bearsohmy!


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Posted 07 April 2017 - 07:01 PM

Tennessee Titans

1.11 Taylor Lewan OT - A great pick. He'll be anchoring our line for years to come. Plays firey. Needs to keep his cool better.

2.54 Bishop Sankey RB - F horrible pick. Not even on the team anymore. Did absolutely nothing.

4.112 Daquan Jones - B after contributing nothing as a rookie, showed a bit of promise last year. All you can ask from a 4th.

The other three picks are all garbage. The linebacker is a backup. The QB and the safety are long gone. The QB in particular, Zach mettenburger, was horrible. But amusingly so. Oh well. It got us mariota.

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