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  1. im a lifelong diehard patriots fan..i hate the steelers...but i friggin love this guy
  2. ya....i mean...we knew gurley was banged up...but this juju thing was unexpected.....worst time obviously like i said...i grabbed washington...i have washington and reynolds i can plug in if both dont go.......gonna really suck if gurley goes because ill be forced to make a tough decision.....because i can see him playing and being on a count...or even starting and then not feeling right and being pulled...im almost considering just scratching him....but thats such a hard decision to make....theres alot of money on the line tomorrow
  3. yeah jon ritchie and tom rathman
  4. sidenote...i just dropped yeldon for james washington minutes ago.....may be a worthless move....but i think hes in a decent position if juju is out plus having gurley and juju going at 4 oclock it gives me reynolds and washington i can plug in emergency
  5. ha no.... and i usually only carry 1....but i picked up badgley for tuckers bye week and decided i liked the situation so i hung on to him...also having a hard time deciding between those two today
  6. ill give you the rundown on my league....we start 1qb 2rbs 4wr(no mando TE as they are mixed with receivers) 1 flex 1 K 1 Def this is my roster qb-ryan, goff rb-gurley, mixon, chubb, yeldon, freeman wr-juju, ebron, d hamilton, r foster, j reynolds, t burton, c samuel k- badgely, tucker def-tenn as you can see i would normally start gurley, mixon and chubb and piece together a 4 man wr corps with juju leading the way and as you can also see...juju was really my only reliable and consistent WR....in fact most of the rest of my corps is made up from WW guys sans ebron and burton whom i drafted...... i may have to go mixon and chubb and piece together a 5 man wr corps.....something like ebron, hamilton, foster and reynolds.....with the possibility of picking up james washington? if juju is out? how are you guys handling this....if you arent facing this how would you handle this?
  7. bobby heenan

    The Todd Gurley Category 5 Defcon 1 truly nightmare scenario

    Have you watched the Rams the last couple of times out? Lol I hear u...but I think they are being cautious and warning u that if he doesnt feel good Sunday when he goes out for early warmups they will probably hold him out....I think they are being a bit up front about that....I think u have to cross your fingers and hope he feels fine and the game is somewhat close...at any point he could go and then feel discomfort too.....which is what I also think they are telling u....it sucks for us gurley guys in position to win...but it's gonna be a dice roll and I'm not even sure if I want to roll with him at this point....I also have chubb and mixon and can pull gurley for a Josh Reynolds or something
  8. bobby heenan

    The Todd Gurley Category 5 Defcon 1 truly nightmare scenario

    What do you expect them to say though? Of course they are going to proceed with caution....wouldn't holding him out of practice all week fall under that umbrella? I don't expect them to come out and say "hey ya we need this game...we will run our franchise back 30x intonthe ground if we have to"
  9. bobby heenan

    Fantasy Football isn't all luck they say?

    show me your league lineup requrements....and your roster requirements.....and your roster...and ill tell you if you have a legit gripe
  10. bobby heenan

    Any sleeper WR for this week?

    im fairly certain newtons shoulder has been an issue...and samuel has been very involved the last 3 weeks....plus hes a different kind of guy...he can get alot of short catches and turn them into something...and if he gets by you it will probably be enough that cam doesnt have to be perfect.....and samuel is always a threat to take a carry or two and do something with it
  11. bobby heenan

    Okay what about your LVP (Least) for the year?

    i have the 2nd highest scoring team in my 12 team ppr high stakes league....we start 2 backs and 4wr and a flex...with TEs not mando they count as receivers i actually could easily have the highest scoring team in the league by far if i hadnt made about 3-4 lineup mistakes with the last guy i left out blowing up or outscoring my last guy in.....but heres the part that kills me....im in 3rd...i still have a shot to win it(we dont do playoffs...we play through week 16 with the last two weeks being position weeks).... i took freeman in the 3rd after getting gurley and mixon( i have guys like juju, ebron, chubb, goff, ryan)....and if i had taken theilen like any smart person would have...ive looked back and inserted him in my lineup...its a double W/L league...id be something 24-4....which is absurd and never happens in this league...im an idiot..i fell for the hype...and my wr corps suffered and thus has dragged my team down...ive had weeks where i got 0 points from trequan with ebron on my bench doing well....games ive lost where reynolds caught a 2nd td(against KC) but his toe was on the line and i lost by less than 5 points.....same thing last week...took a h2h loss when goff had reyonlds open and blew a pretty short throw.....ive had miserable luck with my receiver lineup always leaving points on the bench...if i had taken theilen id basically have this thing sewn up by now
  12. bobby heenan

    doyle done for year

    hopefully more snaps for ebronics! tough break for doyle
  13. bobby heenan

    Why is Tre'Quan Smith ranked so high this week?

    smith might go off today...but im rolling with agholor as my 5th receiver(yeah we start 4 plus a flex ...no mando TE as they are just receivers)
  14. bobby heenan

    Dez Bryant - Signs with New Orleans

    I don't think it's a knock on smith at all....they run 3-4 wrs sets quite frequently...and Carr and Meredith arent cutting it
  15. bobby heenan

    The Official Week 9 FU Thread

    lol@guys hating on njoku...4 catches for 53 on 5 targets....its not horrible....its not like he was out there dropping balls....dont blame him....thats the same stat line oj howard had minus the 2 tds.......did u think njoku was going to turn into ertz or kelce?