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  1. sderk

    AOC is an actress...Brains behind her inside....

    That chick is a dog. I would bet she stinks bad down in her naughty bits.
  2. Private health insurance. Keep the federal government out of it. Better plan. Black people kill other people at an alarming rate. Democrats are socialists and preach mob mentality. So what is your point here?
  3. Let's see what it looks like. Go ahead, change exactly 3 words, don't remove any others, and state that it describes Trump.
  4. If voters ignore states like California, then let's just remove it from the polls.
  5. He preached identity politics, hatred for the police, hatred towards the white man. He didn't acknowledge the distance between the slave days and current day and told white people who were never racist that they owe restitution. He was not American. He put muslims before Christians. His wife was never proud of America until her husband was voted in. His preacher was a well known America hater. He never did anything in his life except politics and he wasn't good at them in the end. He was only voted in because of the color of his skin. He came from the most politically corrupt state/city in the country. And he's a socialist. This is what tears a country apart as we have already seen happen.
  6. I didn't vote for Trump because of his financials and tax status. I just voted for him on what he campaigned on. And that he wouldn't tear this country apart like obama did.
  7. Yeah. She did. He didn't deserve to have her continually having her jump into his face when he tried walking away from her. And that "kick", was more like a push with his foot. That chick had every single opportunity to just get on the elevator and leave and stop getting in someone's face about whatever she was going on about for like a half an hour. Maybe longer.
  8. The left haven't gone to schools that teach what that is. Currently they want about 4 major cities to decide who is president of the whole country. Simply because a few of their "leaders" want power, and because the rest are just plain stupid and unable to understand such a crazy topic.
  9. If it comes out he is guilty. Put him in prison. I'm all for it. For what happened in that hotel? The chick was just as guilty of simply acting like a stupid college kid. Embarrassing more than anything else.
  10. So he wasn't imprisoned for that?
  11. sderk

    Tyreek in trouble

    I don't look to the NFL for any answers, other than the obvious game stuff. I look to the criminal justice folks for what concerns them and why, and I look to the people involved in making stupid decisions in life to handle their lives. If they keep going back for more, for whatever reason, then they get what they get.
  12. I have no idea if he is changed. But plenty of players have done worse than what he did who didn't even come close to to at least pretending to act like they care. And I am sure there are a lot guys out there that come across nice in front of the camera but are jerks off the camera. Just like actors, I don't care to know anything about their personal lives. Half the time it ruins the entertainment. I just want criminals prosecuted if they are criminals.
  13. sderk

    Group of Libs stab teen 13 times...

    They all have to go through the registration process to come here. Otherwise, you can't partake. Noone is sneaking in from what I know.
  14. sderk

    Tyreek in trouble

    I'm not really disagreeing. If he is found out to have hurt his wife and kid, again from what I understand, get rid of the guy. But I would hope more that he would end up in prison if he did those things. I care more about criminal justice than entertainment industry justice.