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  1. DonS

    Carbon offset fee/tax

    I can see an upcoming Democrat campaign platform: abortions to fight global warming!!!
  2. DonS

    Motley Crew..the dirt...netflix

    I feel like an idiot. I knew I had seen the actor that played Mick Mars in something but couldn't place it. Ended up checking IMDb. Duh, it's Ramsay Bolton from GoT!
  3. DonS

    Carbon offset fee/tax

    While in airport there were signs how for $2 you can offset your carbon footprint from your flight. Stupid question, but how exactly does paying money "offset" your carbon footprint? Where does your money go, and how can you trust it will be used appropriately?
  4. DonS

    Florida man Challenge

    https://www.nbc-2.com/story/39803166/florida-man-found-in-his-underwear-rolling-around-parking-lot-in-an-office-chair Florida man found in his underwear rolling around parking lot in an office chair
  5. Kudos to the dude for getting "legally" protected access to staring at naked chicks. Kids these days have it so easy. "Back in my day I'd be expelled or arrested for watching girls in the locker room. Now get off my lawn!"
  6. DonS

    SF tourism suggestions

    Holy focking sh1t. Show was excellent. The Masonic is an incredible venue. Now it's Guinness time.
  7. DonS

    Mike - Bring back the pictures

    LOL, yeah I was trying to think how to make mention of horsey sauce but couldn't think of anything.
  8. DonS

    Motley Crew..the dirt...netflix

    With all the t1ts shown, I was pleasantly surprised that they weren't all big fake ones. Really liked the recap of Tommy Lee's daily perspective when on tour.
  9. DonS

    SF tourism suggestions

    @Bier MeisterI wish I could post a pic of this for clarification, but when we were at the California Academy of Sciences I noticed this ginormous antenna looking structure on a hill that was just to the SE. What exactly is that thing?
  10. DonS

    SF tourism suggestions

    I told them fockers not to mess with me!!!
  11. DonS

    Motley Crew..the dirt...netflix

    Just finished watching it. Pretty good. Didn't know that Mick Mars had that degenerative back condition.
  12. DonS

    Mike - Bring back the pictures

    Dammit. Now I'm hungry for some Arby's.
  13. DonS

    Trump Won't Be Impeached Anytime Soon

    I would say this thread was on the moon, but sadly some cuunt deleted the previous one.
  14. DonS

    John Wick

    I recognize the title but no clue what it's about. Care to give a quickie non-spoiler synopsis? River's Edge that is.