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  1. Beyond Chaos

    Tennessee at New England: Divisional Playoff Game Thread

    No, they saw it.
  2. Beyond Chaos

    Playing against Gurley owner.

    Faced both Gurley and Ingram 1st week of the playoffs (last week) in 2 leagues. Combined 6 TDs. At least you made it to the finals before you faced him.
  3. Beyond Chaos

    *SPOILERS*. Why I think last Jedi sucked

    Luke would have used a jedi mind trick to convince the refs that the ruling on the field should stand. On another note, I agree the plot of the movie was half-@$$ed for many of the reasons Mung stated.
  4. Beyond Chaos

    Have u guys dropped Demarco Murray yet?

    In one league which I snuck into the playoffs, it's between him, Davis, and Peterson for the start. My other RB is Alf (and Elliot) who I am starting. Right now I'm leaning towards starting him b/c of the matchup. Although San Fran's D has played a little better with Garappolo in maybe because the D gets more of a rest. I think JStew is on the wire and I like his matchup against GB, but I'm not really confident in him either. I would probably start Peterson if he were healthy but I doubt he's even going to play.
  5. Beyond Chaos

    So what do we do with our dog?

    Your dog's addicted to painkillers. He knows that all he has to do is eat a pacifier and you'll take him to get his fix.
  6. Beyond Chaos

    RB help please

    I'd stick with Fournette and start Gio (if no Mixon) or Morris.
  7. I'd play Ingram and Freeman.
  8. Beyond Chaos

    Need 1 WR, 1 Flex

    I like what you have. I don't like that Mckinnon splits carries.
  9. Beyond Chaos

    QB help!

    Ryan Cousins
  10. Beyond Chaos

    Enough upside for Crabtree?

    I'd go with your gut.
  11. Scratch that, Diggs for Gordon and Mckinnon for either L. Murray or Burkehead.
  12. Beyond Chaos

    Flex - Burkhead, Ty Hill, Funchess or Diggs

    I'd probably go with Hill here, too.