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  1. I actually thought he looked pretty good. Ran hard. It just didn’t materialize. He’s talented and I’m holding.
  2. cdogge

    NFL Week 3 Picks: Moneyball Rant!

    Youre right.. the Cards werent AS bad in week 2 when compared to week 1. They were worse. Stick to the CFL
  3. cdogge

    NFL Week 3 Picks: Moneyball Rant!

    You’d have to be high to pick Arizona. They’re on par with the bills until proven otherwise.
  4. cdogge

    Latavius Murray-- who U starting him over?

    I would also until they show signs of life on offense.
  5. cdogge

    Trade Help!

    Yeah I tried that... this is his best offer @Bobjay
  6. cdogge

    Trade: Breida and Hunt for Elliott

    I think Id probably take Tate. Guaranteed targets in the most pass happy team in the League thru first 2 weeks. Please see mine http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=480480&p=6314164
  7. cdogge

    Kelce or Tevin Coleman in my flex?

    I’d say Coleman as well. Please see mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=480480&p=6314164
  8. cdogge

    Trade Help!

    Ok, Ive been offered Kareem Hunt for my Marshawn Allen Robinson Austin Ekeler Im 2-0. Heres my team: Do I stay the course or make this trade? QB- Brees WR1- TY Hilton WR2- Golden Tate RB1- Todd Gurley RB2- Marshawn or Breida TE- Gronk Flex- Allen Robinson or Breida Bench and/or Flex Tarik Cohen Ekeler Sony Michel Quency Enunwa Geronimo Allison TreQuan Smith
  9. cdogge

    Gordon to Pats...

    Not sure of the size of your league... but if he was available in my league I would have used the #1 for him. 12-person
  10. cdogge

    Josh Adams....gold or fools

    Who else might be in the running for early down work?
  11. cdogge

    Matt Breida- Useless or nah?

    I agree.. the dude is an elite athlete. Don't think he could ever be an every-down back but I do think he could handle a couple more touches per game. He's certainly trending towards my flex spot.
  12. cdogge

    Sony Michel

    I think he's their guy going forward... Burkhead will get his here and there and it's anybody's guess when/where but Sony is their best back. He looked pretty good considering who they were playing
  13. cdogge

    Last Man Standing / knockout pool 2018 thread

    Gonna save Minn for a tougher opponent
  14. cdogge

    Matt Breida- Useless or nah?

    Once the real Bucs show up and fitz comes back down to earth I think they'll have to look a little harder at it. When you're 2-0 it's not a huge rush. That'll change