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  1. worm


    I'm still in.
  2. worm

    2019 Free Agents

    I'm predicting Fitzmagic to the Dolphins.
  3. worm

    Monday night what do you need?

    One league: nothing *Champion!* Other league: Jared Cook to get 11 PPR points.
  4. worm

    Post them Championship bound rosters

    10-team 0.5 PPR QB: Mahomes, Rivers RB: McCaffrey, Conner/Samuels, Ware/Williams, Ingram WR: Evans, Tyreek, Tate, Sutton, Humphries, Reynolds TE: Ebron, Njoku K: Butker DEF: Chicago ---------- 12-team PPR (very lucky this season) QB: Brees RB: Mixon, Mack, Ware, Richard, Blount WR: A. Brown, Cooper, Fitzgerald, Tate, Godwin, Tre'quan TE: Cook, Burton K: Badgley DEF: Buffalo (streaming)
  5. worm

    Gambling week 8 - Early lines

    You're welcome. Go Beavs!
  6. worm

    EFF you

    I was seeing the O/U for that game at 56.5 too. Lots of bets decided right there.
  7. worm

    post your 7-0 teams

    10-team, Half PPR QB: Mahomes, Rivers RB: Hunt (keeper), Conner/Bell, McCaffrey, Ingram, Hyde WR: Evans, Tate, Crabtree, Sanu TE: Ebron, Njoku DST: Chicago K: Butker
  8. worm

    Gambling week 8 - Early lines

    I'd take Philly -3 (currently at -125 though from what I've seen) and NE -13.
  9. I'm in a similar situation, need those two to combine for less than 48, PPR scoring.
  10. worm

    Bell - Possible Trade To New NFL Team

    Trade him to Buffalo, that's what everyone else is doing. Edit: As a Bell owner, please don't do this.
  11. worm

    2018 Week 3 Gambling Thread

    I'm glad I don't put up real money.
  12. worm

    2018 Week 3 Gambling Thread

    I like: Chi -6.5 New Orleans Moneyline Cincinnati Moneyline
  13. Delanie owner here, and I picked him up for this reason. He saw 3 targets after Delanie was hurt. Granted they were in comeback mode, but still.
  14. Thanks for getting that taken care of guys!