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  1. ric0


    Fock Ingram. Hoping for a Kamara injury.
  2. ric0

    Fvck Doug Baldwin

    He's about to break the century mark. 🤫
  3. ric0

    Week 6 FU Thread

    Another Amari decoy day😒
  4. ric0

    FU Week 6

    Focks our to Ertz and OBJ. 0 points combined.
  5. ric0

    Can I get a FU?

    Fock Amari. Without fail, you dude me Everytime I start you. And blow up on the bench. Fock your inconsistency.
  6. Although Westbrook has been coming on as of late, Bortles and the Jags have a favorable match up against the Chiefs. Alternatively, Seattle will likely be playing catch up against the Rams. With the return of Baldwin, is Lockett serviceable? Let me know if you'd go K Cole or Lockett and why. Leave a link and I'll respond.
  7. ric0

    Week 4 FU Thread

    Fock Godwin. 0 pts.
  8. ric0

    FU Week 3

    Fock LeVeon & Vikings D against the Bills.
  9. ric0

    2018 week 1 FU thread

    Fock Amari. With Crabtree gone, another focking decoy for J Cook.
  10. ric0

    2018 week 1 FU thread

    Fock Marquise Goodwin. Is he dead?
  11. Fock this defensive battle in Seattle. Put up some points!
  12. Bunches of Focks for Funchess. Thx for the goose egg.