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  1. supermike80

    Quoting Ann Coulter today of all people

    Losing Ann ain't good
  2. supermike80

    Amazon not coming to NY

    I was fairly disgusted with how so many cities(Detroit included) donned gold plated knee pads to blow Amazon in an effort to bring their HQ here. It was reported almost everyday in the news for a while. really was a sickening game Amazon was playing with these cities.....they knew it was all a big game.
  3. supermike80

    Anyone cook with an Air Fryer

    What is all this jibber jabber??? My onion rings come in a bag from the grocery store already done........
  4. supermike80

    Amazon not coming to NY

    I have a general rule to almost never ever trust the reviews of hourly employees on Glassdoor.
  5. supermike80

    Anyone cook with an Air Fryer

    Just got one this week. Excited to use it. Tonight I am going for panko crusted mustard sage fried chicken tenders with onion rings. Hope it turns out
  6. supermike80

    Amazon not coming to NY

    I think this is a little overblown...I've spent a fair amount of time in a couple Amazon's warehouses. What I saw was a company that really wanted every minute they were paying you to be productive. For many these days, that translates into slavery or something. You are being paid, work. Means no chatting, no goofing off, no cell phones, texting etc. Work. If you're a picker in the warehouse, you are expected to pick at a certain pace daily--and you will be paid for it. Lots of talk about the breakroom policies. For instance, your break starts at 2:15....Not at 2:30 when you reach the breakroom. I've seen the reason for this at the one I was at. Multiple break rooms, but Joe lazy ass would want to walk to the one ALL THE WAY on the other side of the facility, effectively trying to extend his break to 45 minutes from 15. Nope.
  7. supermike80

    Does your wife do this too?

    No but your Mom does BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!!!
  8. supermike80

    Trump has $50k golf simulator installed in WH

    Absolutely no issue with this. Good for him. And I didn't know the WH had a bowling alley--also cool.
  9. supermike80

    stock talk

    You bought it at 61 and it's now at 62? Inmean yeah...that's an increase. Cant deny that
  10. supermike80

    Matt Kuchar stiffs caddie

    This is one board standard that will always be funny to me.
  11. Oh please..of course someone got paid. That's how it works. Feinstein's hubby is a huge construction entity in California. I acknowledged that they wasted far too much $$ on this project. What else do you want?
  12. This is absolutely horrible...Not lying..California should be ashamed of themselves. I applaud them fro the attempt, because if we don't try then we have nothing. But $77 billion? Thats just foolish.
  13. supermike80

    Evo No 6

    Swoon. ❤️