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  1. supermike80

    Lipstick Prank

    Fakest, dumbest thing I have ever seen
  2. supermike80

    Jack the Ripper Identified with DNA

    Agreed...the mystery far outweighed the reveal
  3. With everything going on in the world, it just seems silly for these governments to pull this crap. How can you NOT consider there might be voting irregularities in these 3 states if the election in 2020 is close? They CLEARLY are against Trump, and couldn't be more obvious. Good god the 2020 election could linger on until 2022.
  4. I think so yes....To be oppressed, you have to stay oppressed.
  5. Because they're non-white. Please remember..White straight men are the enemy.
  6. Another mystery solved... https://www.freep.com/story/news/nation/2019/03/18/dna-evidence-reveals-identity-jack-ripper-scientists-claim/3206856002/
  7. supermike80

    Ed are you running a bracket?

  8. I agree.....really thought the LGBT community sat atop the oppression pyramid. This changes the game up a little bit
  9. supermike80

    Ed are you running a bracket?

    If not ed....anyone?
  10. supermike80

    MLB Rule changes

  11. supermike80

    New Zealand Shooting

    Read somewhere NZ has pretty lenient gun laws..1.2 million on that little island. Not a lot of gun murders though....Must be something in the water over there
  12. They seemed interested in Biden though..if he runs
  13. supermike80


    Dont forget Mother--some called it one of the worst movies of all time
  14. supermike80

    Need Info and assistance - Housing Crisis Genesis

    Meh...Even when I wrecked his contention that Bush was the main reason, he still blames republicans. I told him if he isn't willing to even acknowledge the Clinton's culpability in this, we cant continue to debate. He hit me with this: "Just because there are dry trees doesn't mean they had to light them on fire. Another republican disaster with no care for the common man." So I guess it somehow was the republicans fault people took on mortgages they couldn't pay. I didn't reply--I don't have any tolerance for blind loyalties and not at least being willing to see beyond what your biases tell you
  15. supermike80

    Need Info and assistance - Housing Crisis Genesis

    I was totally willing to concede that it was fueled by both sides. What frustrated me was that he wouldn't put any fault on the Clintons, just wanted to blame Bush. And that was wrong