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Filthy Fernadez

Jet Skis - Any geek have them?

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I would love to see an animated series of bunny stories. Like a drunken cartoon rabbit wandering around doing crazy sh!t. Would be funny.


Its in the works. The imaginary girl I fingered at a Metallica concert. Edie Breckel at a crawfish boil. The chick who took a sh!t on my car. The hood of my fawking car. All the fat chicks I made tell the truth. I love them all.


I love telling stories. I'm going to miss doing them. Had a lot of fun with you guys.

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Was it an accident or was it














Or on porpise? Hit That fawking thing on accident. He knew. Or she. Was scared to death. It knew it.


I waited for death. Came up to me and circled my drunk ass. Jet skee was yards away. I stareted laughing. Fawker was bitting my legs. Started swimming back to shore. He let me live.


Got back.

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