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  1. frank

    Had a customer yesterday named Dikshita

    I thought you called all of your customers John.
  2. frank

    Browns / Steelers War ( madness )

    You just go and lay your hand On a Pittsburgh Steelers fan And I think you're gonna finally understand
  3. frank

    Browns / Steelers War ( madness )

    You may be right. I could watch it again. It was wrong either way, but I didn’t think he got a good grip. If he did, that would help explain why Garrett was so mad.
  4. frank

    Browns / Steelers War ( madness )

    Disclaimer: I’m a Steelers fan. I wonder what started and escalated this. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the tackle. I wondered if one or both of them said something during the tackle that made the other mad. Rudolph should not have been grabbing at the helmet, but he wiffed at it so badly, I’m not sure Garrett knew he was doing it. If he didn’t, I don’t know what he was mad about. Given the circumstances, I will forgive Pouncey for the punches, but not the kick. I say Garrett is gone for the rest of the year. Pouncey could get something less, maybe a few games, but I would be fine if they threw him out for the year too. The punk who knocked Rudolph down from behind should get suspended too. I don’t even know what he was doing.
  5. frank

    Brave Browser -Cryptocurrency

    I heard that had been released.
  6. frank

    Sling Blade is on Netflix

    Ain’t got no gas in it.
  7. We can just refer to it as the C word.
  8. frank

    Dow Jones finishes today 0.00%

    Misleading thread title. I already jumped out the win
  9. They should throw the case out (at third).
  10. frank

    New TOOL album

    That sounds like a mnemonic or a secret code phrase.
  11. frank

    Commercial during MNF

    I think it means one of them is going to have a baby.
  12. Who? Who doesn’t want to wear the poppy?
  13. frank

    New TOOL album

    Talking to you is like clapping with one hand.