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  1. frank

    30 Coins

    Wow. Tell him I said hi.
  2. frank

    Bills @ Chiefs

    I think Andy Reid is wearing a feed bag instead of a mask.
  3. frank

    .9 % for 84 months...wtf

    I saw a car repo guy today. His t-shirt said “Repo Man. I help people get back on their feet.”
  4. frank

    Life/College advice for teens

    I wanna rock.
  5. frank

    Life/College advice for teens

    It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.
  6. frank

    Life/College advice for teens

    “This song is very good advice for the adolescent of today. Stay out of jail.”
  7. frank

    Music that makes you want to murder

    It’s hip to be square.
  8. frank

    Where is the civil war?

    Here it is, just before the deadline.
  9. Guess what? The waiter doesn’t need to know your name.
  10. I think this thread prevented the civil war.