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  1. frank

    Anyone been playing Video Games lately?

    Maybe eat less and exercise.
  2. frank

    Drive In Movies.

    Don’t call it a comeback.
  3. frank

    On a scale of 1-10, How worried are you?

    I think it is an Australian trumpet.
  4. frank

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    I think it gets much better starting with season 2. After season one, I was willing to keep giving it a chance. Soon into season 2, we were hooked.
  5. frank

    2020 - The year that never was

    You don’t like Mad Dog 2020?
  6. frank

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    Brockmire is awesome. The new season is kinda weird though. I am almost finished rewatching Weeds. We we are trying Altered Carbon. So far it is ok. I had never seen The Wire until this year. It is great.
  7. frank

    MLB Just put a grenade under the entire season

    No football, no peace.
  8. frank

    Favorite Album - Aerosmith

    I gots skills. However,
  9. frank

    Favorite Album - Aerosmith

    I won’t cassette of Permanent Vacation in a dance contest. I just thought you guys needed to know that.
  10. frank

    Favorite Album - Metallica

    I quit paying attention after Load. I voted AJFA, but any of the first four would be a great choice. I like Load better than Black. If Enter Sandman is your favorite Metallica song, you probably like Dave Matthews.
  11. frank

    Favorite Album - Bush

    Besides everything zen? I don’t think so.