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  1. frank

    Favorite Movie Clips

    1. Moving in Stereo 2. The Gambler - John Goodman speech
  2. frank

    Indy 500 - tragedy narrowly averted

    500? Really? How old is Harrison Ford?
  3. frank

    Any Tool fans here?

    It’s not like he killed someone.
  4. frank

    Best All Time Game Show ?

    The Running Man
  5. frank

    Would you

    If I would, could you?
  6. frank

    Could You Pass Army Physical Requirements?

    For the sake of our country, I certainly hope not.
  7. frank

    Could You Pass Army Physical Requirements?

    They would probably still make you do the pull-ups.
  8. frank

    I Found One Injurd in My Backyard Last Week

  9. frank

    Never been to Sonic

  10. frank

    Cancel Bud Light!

    I was maybe 10. Coke had a thing where people could show up at a local mall and use bottle caps to buy stuff. I think it was an auction. I showed up with probably 100 bottle caps or something like that. People were there with many thousands. I remember one guy had a wheelbarrow full. I was like oh .
  11. He also told them Lord loves a workin’ man and see a doctor and get rid of it.
  12. Beetlejuice? Beetlejuice? Beetleju…