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Ray Lewis's Limo Driver

Living While Black

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Corey Lewis, a black man, was leaving a Subway in Marietta, Georgia, on Sunday with the two white kids he was babysitting when a white woman approached him. She asked if the kids were okay.

“Why wouldn’t they be okay?” Lewis responded, according to an interview with NBC News.

The woman didn’t relent, Lewis said. She followed him to his home — which Lewis recorded on Facebook Live — and, afterward, called the police on him.





What.....the....fock....can they charge this lady with falsely reporting or something? I mean, this is ridiculous. :mad:



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Were the kids okay?




j/k. Looking at the photo in the article, one of the kids is an adolescent girl. Was it wrong for the woman to assume the girl(s) were in trouble? Yes. There have been situations where an adult actually intervened and saved a kid though.

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