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    any mention of disturbed's sound of silence. for focks sake!!!!!
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    'Mini AOC' ends parody videos after receiving 'death threats,' 'harassment' from the left, family says https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/mini-aoc-ends-parody-videos-after-receiving-death-threats-harassment-from-left
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    Any dog owner/lover will tell you... hollleeee frick it's not cheap to board your dog. In our area for a decent kennel we're looking at $30-50 a night per dog. How hard would it be to start small... get a house with a couple acres. Either it already has a shop you can convert or you build small initially... say 10 runs with outdoor area etc. Just you and the family working it as a business. Ours are almost always full... so I'm betting depending on where you are... $$$. Even if you overbuild at first as it wouldn't be that much.. 20-30 runs... and you fill 10 of them a night... $300 a day...$9k a month. People bring their own food... we sell treats if you want one daily for your dog. Administration of medicine is extra. If you want daily "playtime" it's extra. Shoot... there are even "suites" that have real human beds to sleep on.. tv's.. and camer's so you can see/talk to Fido whenever you desire..... for a price $ $. Doggie daycare options... It seems to be danged near printing money! Yes.. at first you get no holidays... weekends are rough. But... you hire a high school or college kid or two. Hell.. you get big enough... you hire a manager....
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    I love the opportunity to NOT win another shark toof. Christian Yelich - 39
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    When superman is played by Kaitlyn Jenner? Or even maybe a bigger pvssy, Newbie.
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    Should be woman’s choice, I don’t care either way. More important things in life to worry about.
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    First they ruined Timberalnd, now this? What ever happened to FUBU? It was for them and by them.
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    My town hasn’t got KFC yet so I drove a half hour this morning to have one for breakfast. I ended up ordering the Cheetos Lovers box which also includes Cheetos Popcorn Nuggets, Mac and cheese and potato wedges with a fountain beverage. I chose Mountain Dew. Ordering the sandwich with extra mayo turned out to be a good idea. The Cheetos gave it a great crunch but it was so salty / cheesy that I got an additional side of mayo to break up the flavor and final put the Mac and cheese and potato wedges right on the sandwich too. The sandwich was terrific but very sloppy. By the time I finished I had Cheetos dust and bits of Mac and cheese all down the front of my shirt and smeared all over my face. I felt very ashamed of myself and sat there sobbing for a few minutes before I noticed a group of teenage girls watching me and laughing. One of them took my picture with her iPhone before they left.
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    Here are some fireworks fails for you. My all-time favorite starts at 1:37.
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    Left wingers: 1972 Censorship is bad. Freedom of Speech must be defended. Last few years: You said something or support someone who said something I disagree with. We shall harass you physically, verbally and monetarily until you relent and/or drop your support.
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    Liberals are truly sick these days. Threatening to kill a little girl because they don't like what she is saying? Sick.
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    People bltch and moan about the lack of new creativity in Hollywood, but there are only so many subjects to be written about or made into movies. I don't hear people complaining that books all write about similar subjects. You people act like the little Mermaid is some holy grail that must not be altered. It's a focking kids movie. They are going to make a ton of money off of a new release with a black lead. I don't blame them at all. I really do think people feel threatened very easily, and that's why they let things like this bother them.
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    I didn't find this funny AT ALL. I can't believe how many likes you got for this. This is about a young girl and this where your mind went? No one thinks this is inappropriate, just funny? Some of you are sick sad people. Ha, ha, ha, let's lynch some GINGERS for fun!
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    It was nothing like the original but it was well done and I liked it well enough to listen all the way through. If anything is to ban around here, it's praise for Colin Kaepernick. I simply cannot handle it. It makes my head explode. That said, my respect for, and support of, free speech overrides my derision of Kaepernick. I don't actually support banning anything.
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    Why? It's about the best cover of all time
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    Correct. Submit or you will be crushed....North Korea approves....
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    That little girl had her dead to rights. Poor lefties, can't handle the mockery of their own.
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    And I'm sure liberal politicians had their say in how the police are to stand down and not follow up on all the death threats. Trump should invite that whole family to the White House as a show of 'Fvck You' to the violent libs around the country.
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    Mantra of the left: Silence those who disagree with you.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the majority of people don't give a fock. What a dumb thing to be upset about.
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    Thought this thread was going to be about eagles fans
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    Here's What Tom Holland Thinks About the Possibility of a Gay Spider-Man https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/heres-tom-holland-thinks-possibility-134400566.html Where does it end?