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  1. Voltaire

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    So close, Julian. So close you could taste it. The trade rumors were there but unfortunately, Julian Edelman never did suit up as a Lion.
  2. Voltaire

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Three sentences in two posts. When Rusty first came back, I merged sentences one and three: "What happened to Rusty? He's one of the Best Posters on this site!" I remembered him from fifteen years ago and reassured all the people who hadn't here that back in the day, that this guy's return was great, he was and will beo one of our top posters. But even then, something was clearly wrong with this new version, he was some bizzaro Rusty simulacrum. Just like Newbie never recovered his former greatness, the luster of Rusty 1.0 is seemingly gone. What was he banned for? Likely for being Rusty 2.0 What an insufferable douche.
  3. Voltaire

    where are the board's woke?

    Woke spelled backwards is ekow. :facepalm:
  4. Voltaire

    Woke Culture in Schools

    China has a seriously generous affirmative action type deal for foreigners who can speak Chinese and want to attend Chinese universities. There's a prestige factor to having foreign students, and cultivating foreigners who are truly bilingual in Chinese are in China's best interest. Then, since so few foreigners are actually fluent enough in the Chinese language, they make it easy for foreigners to get into top schools here. So, while the competition for Chinese citizen students to get into these top schools is insanely intense, kids like mine have a far, far easier time. So, what happens with these moms is they show up in the US, give birth, return to China with the kid, and put their kids through the Chinese school system. Then when the kids are of college age, they use the affirmative action admissions so their US citizen kids can flow into the top schools. But China's government hates these people for multiple reasons. Their attitude is like "Fock You, fock your kid" It's not a bad policy and in all honesty, there's either zero, or at most one, degree of separation from what these parents are wanting to do and what I'm wanting to do, only the Chinese aren't pissed off at me. The difference between those parents and me is that my kids don't look Chinese, they speak English fluently with a Michigan accent, culturally they're a mix if Chinese and American, and the circumstances of my children's birth was not a national embarrassment for nor a rebuking of China. We didn't use an enraging technicality in another country's laws to rig the system. Is China's affirmative action policy for foreigners fair? I dunno. I didn't set the policy. But China throws up roadblocks like these for the tourist visa birth mommas. Anyway, if my kids want to go to a top Chinese school, it'd be pretty easy. If they want to go to school in the US, we have no money for that, they'll have to do the Army/Reserve/National Guard method like I did. Frankly I'd prefer Chinese schools, which are prestigeous and which we can afford, to US ones that that we can't afford and we would bypass Woke indoctrination entirely (in favor of Chinese indoctrination but whatever). When the time comes they'll be eighteen and the schooling would be my kids' choice. Until they are adults, I'd like to keep them as far away from Woke American culture as possible and hopefully if they do chose the US, they'll be smart enough to reject it. I wouldn't mind trade school, I'd taken too long going to the military and college and mentioned in another thrad todayh how I had wasted my 20s going nowhere in life. But their mother would blow a brain circuit and when she has a brain meltdown, look out, the only other person that can potentially match her is Bruce Banner. If Sam Kinnison knew about my wife, he would ask for her autograph.
  5. What a punk-ass POS. I feel a lot better knowing that Daunte really was a scumball in need of arrest and jailing for what he did. Not killing, but the charges do multiply when you resist arrest. Apparently ,the cop pulled her gun when she wanted her taser in which case she's going to get a sever punishment, but we'll see what investigation turns up. In contrast, Floyd is a bit more sympathetic. He was a drug addict who got stiffed with a fake $20; who then unsuccessfully tried to pass it off on somebody else. I can't say that's a crime that rankles me too much. Now, his armed robbery of the pregnant lady does. It means "fock this guy," but he'd already served his sentence for that. Once they let you out, even though he didn't serve enough time, there's a feeling of "OK, the system forgives you, do better this time" such that he deserved to be treated decently and a chance to get on with his life.
  6. Voltaire

    Woke Culture in Schools

    We all see articles about how deeply entrenched woke cancer has infested the US schools in major urban areas. Every so often, some particularly absurd nonsense out of a place like SF or NYC finds it's way into a thread. What I'm wondering how deeply the woke cancer has spread locally to public schools where you live, and how you are deal with it to protect your kids. It's hard for me to figure out the depth of the problem. From here, it looks awful but I may just be blowing things out of proportion. Is it as bad as it seems where you live? When I had first put my eldest child into the Chinese school system there was always this nagging doubt and concern over whether I was doing the right thing by her or not. In fact, it was the only time since I had moved over here when I seriously considered leaving China. Now, seeing the rotten cancerous state of US public schools, I'm thrilled that I did so. As I have told you, China was just supposed to be an easy place to make a living, or avoid a debt fueled collapse I suspected would happen at some point min my lifetime, (I was 29 then, 49 now) not to serve as a haven from Woke indoctrination. I was caught totally unaware and just lucked into that. Even so, in our case, we're not going to get away so cleanly as it may seem. Families like ours are caught up in an incredibly inconvenient education law that China drew up because they're p*ssed off about all these pregnant Chinese moms flying to the US to give birth to well, not quite 'anchor babies' since the parents generally don't stay, but to US citizens. Essentially, what this law means for us is that my kids aren't going to finish their schooling in China. As foreigners, they have to spend two years outside of China and graduate from a non-Chinese High School. The easiest and most straight forward way to meet this requirement is to send them to my mom and sister for the junior and senior year of High School. They're happy to accommodate. Until last year, having my kids spend two years with my sister wouldn't have bothered me, but after 2020 happened, I realized how omni-present and dangerous the woke rot is becoming in the US public school system. At this point, the thought of putting my kids in any public school in the US, charter or no, just churns my stomach. With that said fortunately, I do have some options. Michigan has school of choice and charter schools laws thanks in large part to all the work that Betsy DeVos put in statewide before President Trump scooped her up to the national level to become his Secretary of Education. Now, I like researching things and I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it. But it's really hard to figure out what's going on locally and whose opinions to trust. In that regard, I also have an ace up my sleeve, Cdub100 lives about 5-10 miles away from my sister and mom in Macomb County, we've already exchanged some PMs on this, he's been doing some homework for me, so whatever options my kids would have if they spend time living with my sister and mom, his kids would have those same options although the default home school districts are different. It's 3+ years off yet before the first one goes, and she'll be fully warned about what to look for and avoid and will be sixteen, but still, the thought of SJWs in their lairs wrapping their tentacles around my kids, with me not around to de-program them, just troubles me to no end.
  7. Voltaire

    Shameless child brag

    Congrats Beir Meister. What I learned from Donald Trump is that when a man comments on his daughter's looks, he get crucified for it. What I learned from Beir Miester is that when a man comments on his daughter in any way at all, the jackals come out for that too.
  8. Voltaire

    Teachers quitting

    It's their rich/upper middle class privilege speaking. A$$holes. The colleges and universities were being hijacked even before i started there but now they just churn out mindless, woke zombies, taking non-challenging classes in barely academic fields. We're sold a bill of goods about the effectiveness of a college degree. I know I sure was. School came easily to me, up through High School, I always got good grades without working very hard and was never challenged. My SAT and ACT scores were really high. Teachers would always encourage me 'You're really smart, you should go to college. It's an escalator to a better life." So I had this ego thing going on, "yeah, I'm one of the smart ones, everyone is stupid except for me." I was poor but had been a big fish in a ...er... sub-par school system. From there, I'd spent most of my 20s either attending, or figuring out how to pay for, college. Young people can earn a lot of money and sooner, in the trades and at a far more reasonable price tag. All my life, even now, I'd always had one foot in that blue collar world I grew up in, with the other in the white collar world of college, and I never did fit in either. I still don't, really, truth be told. Anyway, both China and the US have the exact same problem for the exact same reason. These countries are both flooded with a bunch of young people with worthless college degrees working jobs way below their skill set. The US ones are worse off because they are saddled with lots of debt on top of it. Meanwhile good paying jobs in the trades are plentiful, but there aren't enough people trained to do them. And that's because both countries look down on the trades. I personally, almost got sucked into that category of worthless college degree working way below my skill set world but barely, by the skin of my ass, escaped that trap by keeping my wits about me. I loved college, don't get me wrong, I appreciate the critical thinking skills and the writing skills that I honed and fine tuned there, but I know full well that I'd have been better off had I just learned a trade right out of High School, rather than go into the Army and then National Guard, and go to college, and some other really bonehead choices I made, such that I found myself at 29 living with my mother, substitute teaching, spinning my wheels in life, and being depressed. Getting on that plane for China was the best/smartest thing I ever did. In the end, I landed on my feet. I shudder to think what might have happened if I'd not done so.
  9. Really now? The green jacket wouldn't have been a tipoff? I barely pay attention to golf but do I know a Japanese guy won. Japanese guy + Atlanta airport + Masters just ending + green jacket = the guy who just won the Masters
  10. Voltaire

    Minny at it again. Black man shot at traffic stop

    That's something you and I have in common. Sadly, most other posters here have involuntarily banished themselves to an authoritarian state.
  11. You'd think one of the very few, if only singular, upside of having this witch as governor is that she would have figured out by now which shampoo to use when talking to former Vice President Biden.
  12. Voltaire

    BLM Co-Founder Buys 1.4 Million Dollar Home...

    Oh, that goes without saying. i'd be there now, giving speeches to get everyone riled up and frothing at the mouth and ready to explode. Then, in my free time, going store to store, figuring out where the good stores are and setting up a looting plan of action. I'd want to be the first person in the bank or jewelry or electronics store. If you're the 500th person in the dollar store, you're doing this all wrong. And wear a wig, so if I somehow get caught/identified, I can go to women's prison. Set up a Go Fund Me account for my legal bills, demand Joe Biden* pardon me or I advocate to burn donw the White House with him inside.. But hopefully it won't come to that and i get away with it. I'd rather take my loot to my BLM-donation funded mansions in Hollywood and the Hamptons than go to female prison.
  13. Rich, self-hating, stupid white liberals can most easily be guilted into reaching for their wallets when a white cop kills a black person. Race grifters have much less luck raising funds from black-on-black crime.
  14. Automation taking away low skill jobs sucks. If I were a teenager, I'd steal the pizzas on principle.
  15. Voltaire

    AWK News / And We Know

    Yes. Fock all, nothing. It's less an embarrassment and more like a badge of honor at this point.