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  1. "I was taking an inorganic chemistry test and realized that I didn't know how to balance an equation or what Avagadro's number is use for. I must have been too busy fantacisng about police brutality rather than pay attention in class that day. Anyway, I decided to bail out of the test and blame white supremacy. Also, chemistry is racist."
  2. Arizona Senators are in the habit of pissing off their own party, as McCain and Flake did before she came on the scene.
  3. Voltaire

    Ever been in an ErfQuake?

    The 8.0 that hit Sichuan in 2008, followed by the ensuing ~4000 or so aftershocks such that my living room felt like a boat rocking for two weeks.
  4. Voltaire

    Slowly normalizing pedophilia

    So incredibly true.
  5. I agree with Ilhan. I also want to see what happens if/when Minneapolis and Portland abolish their police force. I'm curious to see if it'll be a comedy version of Lord of the Flies or more like Mad Max. It should be highly entertaining either way and half the country is in desperate need of a vivid remedial lesson in urban policy.
  6. ^^ This. The place is better with HT and worms around. Bring on the welching. I mean I wouldn't welch, but that's in part because I would never make such a dumbass bet either.
  7. Voltaire

    How much interest do you have for Braves/Asstros ??

    The rule changed while I was in diapers and since I grew up as a Tigers fan in the American League, I don't mind it as it's all I've ever known. But if they are set on changing it to have uniformity between the two leagues, I agree with you, it ought to be scrapped and revert back to how it was with both not having a DH, as that requires a heck of a lot more strategy/work for the managers and, in turn, more intrigue in the game.
  8. Voltaire

    How much interest do you have for Braves/Asstros ??

    Ah, that's too bad. Although I was never a National League fan, I always respected the enormous rules twist with the added flavor and differing pitching substitution strategies between the AL and NL in regards to the designated hitter.
  9. Voltaire

    How much interest do you have for Braves/Asstros ??

    Assuming Justin Verlander still plays for the Astros, them.
  10. Voltaire

    Death pool: Colin powell

    He was the one adult in the room making sense during the Bushtard administration, although allowing them to use his integrity and credibility to fron their Iraq war sullied him. I obviousloy disagree with him on Trump/ Biden but whatever. He pulled quite the trick, coming across as one of the few decent, non-hacks in the globalist insider community.
  11. Voltaire

    WNBA FInals

    About 8-10 years ago, Detroit’s WNBA team won a few championships. Karl Malone’s daughter was on the team. Then they relocated somewhere down south and I’ve no idea what happened since.
  12. Voltaire

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Count me in that large majority. I loathe the left. When I eventually return to the US, it’ll be to the reddest part of a deep red state.
  13. Voltaire

    I have Cancer :/

    How do you feel phyiscally compared to pre-cancer? What I'm getting at specifically, when I saw you mention golfing, I statred wondering if you are still capable of doing the hiking and the judo at similar levels as you were doing before or has this drained some amount of energy from you that makes it hard?
  14. Voltaire

    Zodiac killer identified

    Poste or posty?