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  1. Voltaire

    Don Cherry gets canned for telling it like it is.

    I could have hurt myself clicking "like" that fast. Well said.
  2. Voltaire

    Hey fellow Vets... good deal.

    Uh... thanks I guess but I'm a luddite who doesn't know what Amazon Prime is/does.
  3. Voltaire

    Pick'em and Survival League??

    I'm sure the service bots at Yahoo are impressed. Certainly nobody who reads this thread is. You haven't won beans; shove that "sorry" up your ass and show some class. Nobody is impressed in the slightest (yet). I have a timestamp and a dozen witnesses in this thread that saw I called Cleveland over NYJ before kickoff in the Week two MNF game. Another thing I also have is a fake trophy of my own in my Yahoo profile which I never brag about it. It's a pick 'em 'win' from eight years or so ago that by all rights belonged to shotsup. After week 17, he was in the lead, but I went ahead and submitted entries for playoffs week one and he didn't. So I passed him and he never caught up. Fake trophy. You know what I also have in my yahoo profile? A perfect season of all seventeen weeks picks trophy, and that run went all the way to the fourth week of the Super Bowl. They modify the trophy if you run the table. That year Baltimore was a seven point underdog in the AFC Championship and I took them anyway on the road over Denver, then took SF in the Super Bowl and finally lost. Why don't you try for one of those? I know I've been trying to get there every year ever since As it stands, your trophy is based on a pair of data entry glitches and is meaningless until you or I are eliminated.
  4. Voltaire

    What QBs do you think we've seen the last of?

    Not Luke Falk. He'll be back....back... to sell hotdogs in section 43B
  5. Voltaire

    I Wore A Butt Plug For 5 Days

    Is it really an alias when we all know who it is?
  6. Voltaire

    Pick'em and Survival League??

    It's hard enough as is now. We barely get 1/3 of us past week four as is. I've only ran the table with seventeen wins in the year of the Baltimore/San Francisco Super Bowl although every year we do this, I'm always back to trying to re-scale that mountain. I tell you what though. the early weeks are tougher. if you make it this far, it gets a lot easier. By the time you're a quarter, now halfway in, it's clear who's good and who's bad. You get the sense the Jets, Dolphins, Redskins, and Bengals are only capable of beating each other and maybe pull an upset on low hanging fruit like Denver, Tampa, or the Giants. Going into week one, you don't know who to pick against. For example, at the start of the year, I'd have thought that Oakland and Arizona were going to be crap all year. Here at midseason, I wouldn't want anything to do with them anymore. I now recognize Oak and AZ as ~.500 teams that are capable of biting anyone in the ass on any given week.
  7. Voltaire

    Pick'em and Survival League??

    Week One - Philadelphia Eagles (Washington) Week Two - Cleveland Browns (@NY Jets) Week Three - Dallas Cowboys (Miami) Week Four - Los Angeles Chargers (Miami) Week Five - New England Patriots (@Washington) Week Six - Baltimore Ravens (Cincinnati) Week Seven - San Francisco 49ers (@Washington) Week Eight - Minnesota Vikings (Washington) Week Nine - Buffalo Bills (Washington) -------------- Week Ten - Indianapolis Colts (Miami) (halfway to the goal)
  8. Voltaire

    Pick'em and Survival League??

    Miami sucks but so do Wahington and the Jets. You caught a break taking Washington on the road at Miami but couldn't catch ligtning twice.
  9. Voltaire

    Pick'em and Survival League??

    You're a yo-yo.
  10. Voltaire

    Happy Football Day Week 9

    It's not your fault just now, but you made me feel like an ass. Let me explain. So you say "Personally I'm even rolling the dice with Ty Johnson in my flex.Huge disappointment last week but with Carson hitting IR and the Lions adding no one of note I'm giving the kid another shot on hopes of volume alone." So I panic.WHAT?!?!? NO!! I never heard this! Then I quickly check the news... I find out that Chris Carson of the Seahawks isn't on IR it's Tra Carson of the Lions, and then the light bulb turns on and I realize you were talking about the Lions the whole time. So I feel great relief. It's at this point that the brain circuits in my head start misfiring all over the place and I get mad at myself for feeling relived at learning that my home team's running back was placed on IR. Data entry error. This situation should never occur.
  11. Voltaire

    Bill Maher nails the wokes again.,

    What's embarrassing about being white hasn't got anything our ancestors. It's because of these douchebags who hate themselves.
  12. Voltaire

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    I haven't watched it yet, just dug it up, but this looks like it'll work.
  13. Voltaire

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    Agreed. I'll try to find a clean version.
  14. Voltaire

    Bye Beto

    He'd been in Congress out of the El Paso area but gave up running for reelection to it in order to run for Senate.