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  1. What monuments would the right tear down? The right is at peace with history and historical figures. Woodrow Wilson was a notorious bigot so he can get caught up in what the left is doing. Even Woodrow Wilson, I doubt most on the right would support tearing his statue down. They could go overseas and start some regime change wars, I guess.
  2. Voltaire

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    No funds but Governor Walz and Mayor Frey should both be sent a free copy of this helpful book: https://www.nfpa.org/~/media/images/public-education/resources/learn-not-to-burn/preschool/lntbpreschoolcover.jpg?as=1&iar=1
  3. Watching now. How old is this video? Asking to see if he's recovered from his illness or something from years back.
  4. Voltaire

    Joe Biden said what?

    With all my heart I hope this is the case. Every election is billed as "the most important election of our time." I honestly believe this November really is. It's the Battle of Evermore. It's America as we know and love it vs Post-America. It truly feels as if everything we hold dear is on the line.
  5. The last I saw of him, he was denying that Chaz even existed.
  6. Voltaire

    Joe Biden said what?

    Biden, like Askren before him, will get to demonstrate his months of training for this moment.
  7. Voltaire

    Crap. It's July 1st and it's raining.

    2020, the shIttiest year of our lifetime, is half over.
  8. She is the mob. Full on crazy. It's Mayor Dirtcan who's "on their side."
  9. You're probaby right. I still like my narriative better. One notable thing from that encounter yesterday is that we know that Chaz nationalists know where she lives, hopefully we get to see "New Chaz" appear soon centered on her house in the wealthy residential area. DonS can sell Mayor Dirtcan's panties on eBay.
  10. This happened because Chaz security forces engaged in police brutality against two unarmed black teens.
  11. Voltaire

    Defund the police

    There were original issues? I must have missed those. I do assume there's a list of horrors the NYPD is guilty of sitting in Al Sharpton's office that runs as long as his imagination does. He can pull it out at a moment's notice and tell us how awful they are or just make it up as he goes. Same difference.