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  1. Voltaire

    Where's Wiffle Been?

    When shotsup escaped from Zed and Maynard, he freed wiffleball too.
  2. Voltaire

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    She should visit Wuhan I double dog dare you.
  3. Hey, why is vudu wearing a SWAT uniform? Did mmm.... beeer lend it to him?
  4. Voltaire

    Hillary rips Bernie

    Wow. This is the first person I've seen in this entire campaign season who seems genuinely enthused by Joe Biden.
  5. Voltaire

    Delonte West

    I stumbled across this person seven years ago by accident. https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/430437-confirmed-sasquatch-sighting-in-china/?tab=comments#comment-5176346
  6. Voltaire

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    The House did subpoena them to come, but they turned down the offer claiming executive privilege. At that point the House could have gone to the courts to force them to testify but for whatever reason decided not to. That's not the only thing, look at the laundry list of requests/demands they're asking McConnell and the Senate to do. Much of the stuff they are trying to force the Senate to do are things Trump stymied them on. They could have taken to court first when Trump refused to comply with their demands. It seems to me they'd have a better chance getting their testimony requests followed that way, but they never perused the angle. Who knows/cares what they were thinking or why. I'm glad to see the Senate tell them to go fock themselves over and over again with all these votes.
  7. Voltaire

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    That's a good idea, that way when this one flops, they can have another one ready to roll come February.
  8. Voltaire

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Shockingly, this hasn't happened but a smidgeon. McConnell has the whole caucus together to include Romney and Collins.
  9. Voltaire

    Gettnhuge and the Muppet

    Don't sell yourself short. You had your share of over-the-top exchanges with Nikki yourself.
  10. Voltaire

    Gettnhuge and the Muppet

    Dead was one rumor. I was holding out hoping that you were incarcerated, ideally for excessive jaywalking or parking violations. Anyway, nobody guessed rehab. I guess that makes more sense now.
  11. Voltaire

    Geeks who’ve been to China

    It's rather scary. I only found out about it yesterday. We're riding it out since it's centered to the northeast, three provinces away. My wife doesn't want to go to travel this Spring Festival Holiday, I'm thinking to agree seeing as I'm ony 50/50 myself and understand her concern, even though we'd not intended to go anwhere near Wuhan but rather the opposite direction, into Yunnan.
  12. Voltaire

    Geeks who’ve been to China

    JiaoZhi and baodzhi are the popular ones here, both similar concepts. Jooazhi is dumplings with spiced meat and/or vegetable inside. Baodzhi is a fist-sized or smaller rice bread bun stuffed with similar.
  13. That goes for every monarch. Or president. Elizabeth the same. The ground work was set and the talent was identified and allowed to rise to the top, oftentimes reaching past more connected people to get there.
  14. Margret Thatcher could have been in charge of the largest military in the world and it would have been fine. 450 years ago, Queen Elizabeth I was in charge when England supplanted Spain as the top military in the world, and she was one of best monarchs in world history, not just British. Depends on the woman.
  15. If I were French, I'd crawl over a mile of broken glass to vote for the woman. If I were British, I'd have missed out on the greatest prime minster of my lifetime, greatest since Churchill, had I avoided voting for a woman. Italy has a woman, Giorgia Meloni, worth considering if Salvini's antics are bothersome.