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  1. Tannehill had 40 combined passing + rushing TDs last year with AJ Brown not being particularly healthy. I think he could do it again.
  2. t.j

    Tim Tebow

    Honoring kickers Andrew Fritze and Greg Taussig, no doubt 2007 Football Roster - Florida Gators
  3. t.j

    Tim Tebow

    Thanks for that clarification. I wasn't sure there for a second!
  4. t.j

    Week 14 bye weeks

    We decided on this, for week 1. Kind of looking forward to it, makes every player relevant to your team for the kick off to the season. Thanks nobes!
  5. t.j

    Week 14 bye weeks

    Not an option because it's a dynasty league. I would not have been keen on having to find another owner anyway.
  6. t.j

    Week 14 bye weeks

    Do not want. We would end up with some teams having byes when none of their players are on a bye, and other teams having byes with lots of their players are on a bye.
  7. t.j

    Week 14 bye weeks

    Correct. This is precisely why we were looking for a better solution, even if it's a more complicated one.
  8. t.j

    Week 14 bye weeks

    I'm using myfantasyleague.com. Turns out they have some useful options that I didn't know about in Weekly Schedule Setup (can assign any matchup including assigning any individual team a bye or a matchup against the weekly average) and Adjust Standings (so I could manually change the W/L result to be based on top half of scores of the week instead of weekly average).
  9. t.j

    Week 14 bye weeks

    For what it's worth, it's a dynasty league, so drafting according to bye weeks isn't realistic. I may have to petition the site to support something like you and nobody were talking about (top 7 teams in week 1 get a W).
  10. t.j

    Week 14 bye weeks

    FWIW here's an article on the topic: Week 14 Bye Weeks And The Fantasy Football Schedule: Potential Solutions | Wolf Sports Their option 2 is the same as option B above. Options C and D above are variations of their Option 1.
  11. t.j

    Week 14 bye weeks

    Fellow fantasy football afficionados, I come seeking fantasy scheduling advice. As most of you have probably noticed, now that the NFL has added an extra game to the regular season, they have also, in their infinite wisdom, scheduled 4 teams to have their bye in week 14. That's a problem for my league because we have 14 teams and have always played a 13 game round-robin regular season (an aspect we quite enjoy), followed by an 8 team playoff. Obviously, having teams playing playoff games with potentially key players on a bye week is not desirable. So far we haven't come up with any ideas to deal with this that we really like. Some ideas we've considered, roughly in order that we like them best so far, to least: A. Have week 14 be play-in games between the 7-10 seeds, and the 1-6 seeds get a bye. B. Skip week 1 and play the 13 regular season games between weeks 2 and 14 (not sure if this is even possible on our site). C. Have week 14 (or week 1) not have any head-to-head matchups, but have the games count toward the points scored tiebreaker. (Again, not sure if this is possible.) D. Manually schedule week 14 for head to head regular season games between teams with adjacent records, e.g. 7 seed vs 8 seed, 9 seed vs 10 seed, etc... Any other bright ideas?
  12. t.j

    Books you are reading

    The Wire: All The Pieces Matter, by Jonathan Abrams
  13. t.j

    Think about the eeny meeny miny mo jingle

    And if I'm doing this with 3 or more people and I want to eliminate all but 1, I change it to "and you are it"
  14. t.j

    Cam Newton signs with Patriots

    That's not starter money. And if he ends up not playing much, it's not outrageous money for a backup either. And I think he will be much more ready to play this year than he was last year.